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Velocity Ventures invests in CarbonClick that makes carbon offset simple for businesses

Singapore-based hospitality & travel-focused VC firm Velocity Ventures has invested an undisclosed amount in New Zealand’s enviro-tech company CarbonClick.

The startup will use the funds to boost its expansion into Asia, with a regional office in Singapore scheduled to open in 2023.

Founded in 2017, CarbonClick aims to make carbon offset simple for businesses and their customers. It provides the full details of the offset by ensuring a receipt is emailed to each customer, showing where and how their contributions have been used with a “track and trace” feature.

The startup has made inroads into the aviation, travel, and airport sectors and works with over 1,000 brands. The firm works with companies such as Etihad, Amadeus, and London Stansted Airport.

In Southeast Asia, CarbonClick currently supports Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, a project in Indonesia’s Central Kalimantan which protects 65,000 hectares of peat swamp, avoiding more than 130 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

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Infront acquires Israeli sportstech startup Pico

Switzerland-based sports marketing company Infront has acquired Israeli startup Pico Get Personal, a sports technology company that helps rightsholders to gather, manage and own zero- and first-party audience data to customize marketing.
Pico pairs content with fun activations, capturing first-party data and individual preferences. Brands or rightsholders can then use those insights to create personalized marketing.
Pico, founded in 2014 by Asaf Nevo, Aviv Paz, and Roi Mozer, has raised $5 million to date and all 12 of its employees will be joining Infront.

“Beyond the joy of joining the biggest organization in our sector, one of the most important things for us was to ensure that every one of our employees would be able to come with us,” said Nevo. “We have been working with Infront for many years now, making this new chapter a very natural step in our growth. The sports industry has made a push in recent years into tech and data, with Pico playing a major part in that. By joining one of the biggest players in this market we will be able to provide our services at a much bigger scale.”

Vue Storefront wins best e-Commerce and retail startup at The Europas Tech Startup Awards 2022

Vue Storefront, a technology company that develops software for businesses to create fast, modern and high-performing online storefronts, was crowned a winner at The Europas Tech Startup Awards 2022, picking up the prize for hottest e-Commerce and Retail tech startup.

One of the most high-profile technology awards in Europe, The Europas recognize the continent’s most ambitious and successful startups. Already in its fourteenth year, previous winners include Spotify, wise, SoundCloud, Deliveroo and Starling.

Patrick Friday, CEO, Vue Storefront: “We’re honored to receive this award and take our place among such illustrious previous winners. It’s testament to the hard work of our talented team and shows that, as a company, we’re moving in the right direction. Thanks to our investors for believing in our vision, to our customers and partners for trusting in our product, and to our huge global community of developers, who have been with us since day one – driving us to continually improve our technology.”

Borys Musielak, Partner, SMOK Ventures: “As Vue Storefront’s first institutional investor, it’s thrilling to witness its growth and the successes of the founding team. That it has been named the best e-Commerce startup in Europe is no surprise at all. This is a company that will help define digital commerce in the coming years and its potential for growth is unlimited.”

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Parcel Perform & Wise Systems Recognized as Leaders in Last Mile Operations in Retail by CB Insights

Rising shipping costs combined with shoppers’ expectations of fast and free delivery are impacting retailers’ profitability. This Market Map looks at the companies helping retail leaders — like Walmart and American Eagle — optimize their last-mile operations.

The last mile is the most expensive leg of the supply chain, making up more than half of total shipping costs. Record high inflation, rising fuel costs, and a lasting labor shortage are now making it even more difficult for retailers to protect their margins while avoiding passing these costs onto consumers.

This is an even greater challenge as customers have grown accustomed to the free and fast shipping options used by the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba to lure shoppers.

To stay competitive without sacrificing their margins, smaller retailers are turning to tech solutions that can improve delivery economics. These solutions help optimize various aspects of the last-mile journey whether retailers decide to outsource deliveries, invest in their own fleet, or strengthen omnichannel capabilities.

Using CB Insights data, we identified 218 last-mile tech companies addressing 12 technology priorities for retailers, from delivery management platforms to buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) enablement.

We are proud that two of our SAP.iO Foundry startups are included in the report. Parcel Perform was named a leader in E-Commerce Fulfillment & Logistics and Wise Systems was named leader in Route Optimization by CB Insights.

How Consumer Products Companies Can Meet the Moment with Cloud Innovations on SAP Store

Volatility in the cost of materials and shifting buyer needs are nothing new for consumer products companies, but current conditions are exacerbating these perennial challenges. Competitive pressures are familiar to everyone in the industry. But as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, that competition has extended to human resources, with unemployment at the lowest level in decades causing unprecedented challenges in hiring and employee retention. Sales growth and market expansion require smart technology investments and innovation to maximize brand-building strategies, optimize pricing, fine-tune offers and channel programs, and support efficient financial and hiring processes.
Supporting Reimagined Business Models with Co-Innovation
SAP has supported the consumer products industry for almost five decades, providing fundamental solutions enabling a single view of the business from finance to the customer experience. In short, SAP solutions focus on helping manage intelligent processes in a digital world.
Now, SAP’s industry cloud is opening the doors for a new level of co-innovation with customers and partners, enabling next practices and new business models that can help you capture opportunities and take the next step toward becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. Launched in 2020 and building momentum ever since, industry cloud is essentially an innovation space where customers and partners are building and integrating cloud solutions to address specific industry needs. With SAP Business Technology Platform as the foundation, the solutions work with and extend our intelligent suite and business network solutions. This makes for smoother processes and simplified IT.
Addressing Specific Challenges in Consumer Products with SAP and Partner Solutions
A wide range of industry cloud solutions from SAP and partners are available on SAP Store, where you can try, buy, and be up and running faster than ever before possible. And you can be confident in partner solutions that are rigorously validated by SAP for quality and interoperability, with a similar look and feel for usability and fast adoption. Here are just a few examples of industry cloud solutions for consumer products that you can find on SAP Store.
Optimized Dynamic Pricing by Pricef(x) AG. This SAP Endorsed App is a tailored solution that allows you to respond quickly to fast-changing market conditions. Through integration with the SAP CPQ and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions, it calculates prices in real time, based on a predefined set of business rules and price-optimization algorithms using machine learning techniques.
Text Recruiting Automation and Conversational AI by Paradox, Inc. Developed through the SAP.iO Foundries program, this app integrates with SAP SuccessFactors solutions and supports more than 100 countries and more than 30 languages. Decrease time to hire and boost conversion rates by automating tasks involved in employment applications, including candidate screening, interview scheduling, and response with simple, fast mobile text or chat.
INTURN 360 – Excess Inventory Optimization by INTURN. By streamlining workflows, this enterprise platform improves efficiency in managing slow-moving and excess inventory across departments, providing a system of record. It consolidates complex inventory files and makes sense of large data sets to provide full real-time visibility into inventory status for better inventory control.
CPG Suite – Offer Innovation by Eversight, Inc. Integrated with the SAP Trade Promotion Management application, CPG Suite helps you manage your promotional strategy and empowers the field to plan more effectively. Update your strategy continuously using A/B tests and post-event analysis and share results immediately with the field, while giving central teams deep visibility into planning processes.
Retail Suite Programmatic TPRs by Eversight, Inc. This solution supercharges promotion performance by automating testing with real shoppers. It integrates with the SAP Customer Activity Repository application to collect performance data on offers across stores via dynamic, AI-powered optimization. Continuously test hundreds of different offers to assess efficiency and drive sales growth.
Smart Retail Execution by TeamCore Solutions. Sales and supply representatives can get alerts about which products aren’t selling and what actions they can take – immediately. This app uses machine learning to power intelligent workflow automation to generate prioritized tasks for field team execution, with accurate forecasts and meaningful insights based on sales opportunities.
SAP Variant Optimization and Pricing. Sales teams, customers, and channel partners can configure and price your products accurately and efficiently with this solution from the SAP Commerce Cloud portfolio. Use variant configurations to define product models in a bill of materials with classes, characteristics, and dependencies between the characteristic values.


Wisy Platforms is building a predictive, decision-analytics retail operations and execution platform to help retailers solve and overcome the product availability challenges that they have lived with until now.

Using Wisy;

  • Employees performing visual inspection of retail shelves experience an improvement in the amount of time they would otherwise spend doing this task. Practically speaking this is a reduction from 20 minutes of work doing manual inspections to no more than 1 or 2 minutes using Wisy’s AI-enabled platform.

  • Retailers, CPG manufacturers and brokers experience a 90% or higher improvement in the accuracy of data about product availability on store shelves, and

  • Retailers, CPG manufacturers and brokers experience revenue gains of between 3% and 10%.

In addition to bringing visibility to Product Availability, Wisy also offers the following:

  • Price checks,

  • Real-time share-of-shelf KPIs,

  • Planogram compliance checks, and

  • Competitive intelligence: Wisy detects known or unknown competitors’ products on the shelves and transforms the data into business intelligence. This is particularly useful for addressing an industry trend where new niche brands gain market share at a much faster rate than established brands. Wisy provides alerts when new competitors come into a category and keeps track of their growth over time and per location.

Wisy is currently working on real-time object tracking using the video mode on mobile phones. This feature makes it easier for users to capture large shelves without the need to take many pictures. Wisy is also developing predictive analytics to optimize product assortment and basket analysis.

The platform enables CPG retailers, manufacturers, suppliers,wholesalers and brokers to make better strategic, tactical, and operational decisions by decreasing the complexity of the systems they have to interact with while introducing simplicity and convenience into their workflows. Employees just have to be able to take pictures or videos of retail store shelves using any mid-range smartphone.

Wisy’s breakthrough is in its ability to instantaneously run all its analytics processes and algorithms on an employee’s mobile device without the need for an always-on internet connection.

Incumbent solutions are complex, difficult, slow, cumbersome, and impractical for the fast pace at which retail execution must move. Most incumbent solutions require a high speed internet connection in order to produce results.

Wisy is lightweight, portable, simple, fast, and affordable. Anyone who can use a smartphone camera can be trained to use Wisy to perform retail operations tasks. The platform works for large multinational CPGs and retail chains, and for smaller CPGs, retail stores and brokers. It works on a stand-alone basis. But, it can also be with retail execution systems, ERP systems, retail data clouds, retail analytics systems and so on. It can be integrated into a retailer, manufacturer or broker’s existing systems – for example, customers of SAP can find Wisy in the SAP App Center.

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Computer vision start-up Everyangle raises €2.7m

Everyangle, a start-up that provides bricks and mortar retailers and hospitality venues with the same sort of insights available to online businesses, has raised €2.7 million to accelerate its expansion into international markets.

Founded by David Owens in 2019, the company, whose partners include Mulberry, helps retailers and other offline businesses to better understand what their customers are doing in-store. It also helps them to reduce loss through fraud and theft, and to optimise operations using computer vision technology.

Offline businesses have fallen behind their online counterparts in terms of analytics that can help them understand customer behaviour. Everyangle’s platform addresses this by using computer vision and machine learning to analyse CCTV footage for events of interest, without the need for human review.

Among the analytics it provides is information on customer footfall, demographics, sales conversion and customer theft and staff fraud.

Based in Ireland and with plans to increase headcount over the next 24 months, the company is looking to double staff numbers with hires in areas that include roles in machine learning, data science, software engineering, product management and sales.

“Our platform is becoming ever-more critical to ensuring retailers, hospitality venues and convenience service stations can leverage at scale all of their video data to improve the in-store customer experience, reduce theft and fraud, and deliver real operational cost savings,“ Owens said.

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EcoCart drives $14.5M of new funding into its sustainable shopping experience

With all the plastic and paper covering the things we buy, more and more consumers are seeking out companies that operate more sustainably.

EcoCart has built an infrastructure for e-commerce companies and works with them to make that shopping experience more transparent and sustainable. Here’s how it works: The three-year-old software company performs product life cycle audits for its customers to help them calculate, analyze and offset their carbon emissions.

Customers can then see how that company is doing in terms of protecting trees and using clean energy sources while companies can offer offsetting initiatives within its shopping experience — for example, providing a way for them to make carbon-neutral purchases or showing the number of trees saved from an order.

“Consumers are looking for ways to shop sustainably, but brands don’t have a great way of being able to communicate that to their customers or execute on that in an inexpensive, easy-to-understand way, and that’s all the things that we help with,” EcoCart co-founder Dane Baker told TechCrunch.

Baker and Peter Twomey started the company about three and a half years ago and launched its product about two years ago. When we last profiled the San Francisco–based company in 2021, it had raised $3 million in seed funding and was working with 500 customers.

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A new marketing metric: ELTV (Extended Lifetime Value) Webcast with Mention Me

In a webinar we recorded in Sep 2022, Lior Weizman of SAP.iO met with Kat Wray, Head of Partnerships at Mention Me (an SAP partner), and Nils Siméon, Key Account Executive at SAP Customer Experience, to discuss how brands should better evaluate the value of their customers and how they can even extend it.

It’s not a secret that brands today are facing real challenges with their customer acquisition. The main reasons as of now are:

1. The sunset of third-party data, with Apple iOS updates and recent regulation changes, is causing brands to take a step back in analyzing their acquisition channels.

2. Customer acquisition costs have increased dramatically and are not sustainable. With no or less past data, marketing channels must work a lot harder to get the same results.

3. On the customer side, there is a growing distrust amongst customers on how brands are using their data to target them.

For these main reasons, brands must diversify the acquisition channels they’re using, and prioritized channels that are trusted, authentic and such that capture first party data can used to scale growth. Referral marketing is a great example for such a channel. This is where customers recommend brands to their friends, and when you think about it, it’s the most trusted acquisition channel. According to Mention Me, referral marketing is now a $1 billion market, and will be a $50 billion market by 2040.

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Global accelerators boost Swiss startups’ growth

From America to Europe: Five Swiss startups have been selected to join global acceleration programs to pursue their growth ambitions. Plug and Play has selected two startups for its food and its insurtech acceleration program. In Europe, ScanTrust, CollectID and Foodetective will get support from European Innovation Council and SAP program respectively.

The global plug and Play Accelerator provides selected startups worldwide with access to leading corporates to help catalyse their innovation, and give them access to financing and its network. The upcoming Plug and Play Silicon Valley Summit from November 15-17 will feature over 250 startups across 17 verticals. Batch 12 of the Food and Beverages vertical includes Cultivated Biosciences, the startup specialising in alternative dairy fat. The company is developing a fermented creamy ingredient from GMO-free yeast which offers the creaminess needed for plant-based dairies such as cheese, milk or ice cream.

Two Swiss startups made it into SAP’s new start-up equity-free accelerator program focused on the “Future of Retail and Consumer Products” at the SAP.iO Foundry Paris, which has already supported 65 companies in developing their solution. Over the next five months, the cohort of 12 international start-ups will get access to personalised mentoring from SAP France executives, exposure to SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers around the world. St.Gallen-based CollectID is dedicated to fighting counterfeits through its encrypted NFC tags, which are embedded in products to guarantee authenticity, improve the phygital experience and establish a direct communication channel between brands. Foodetective is a management platform and infrastructure (API) for the F&B industry. Companies use Foodetective to automate operations, simplify administration, increase online revenues and accelerate new business opportunities.

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SAP.iO Foundry Paris launches new startup program on “Future of Retail and Consumer Products”

September 21, 2022 – SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) has launched a new startup accelerator program focused on the “Future of Retail and Consumer Products” at SAP.iO Foundry Paris. 12 international startups were selected by a jury of SAP experts, partners, customers and investment funds to join the program. These startups were recognized as pioneers in this year’s chosen field, a theme that is more topical than ever with the upheavals in customer habits and the customer journey due to effects of the pandemic and the accelerated digitalization of all businesses.  

SAP.iO Foundry Paris, SAP’s equity-free startup accelerator in France, has already helped more than 65 growth businesses develop their business or their solution. The Foundry’s efforts helped meet France’s overall startup investment goal set at the #ChooseFrance summit, France’s flagship forum for economic attractiveness. 

“SAP.iO is committed to accelerating startups to help customers run at their best. For this program, our focus is on retail, addressing the traceability and authenticity of products as well as offering consumers an improved and differentiating purchasing experience”, said Odilia von Zitzewitz, Interim Lead at SAP.iO Foundry Paris. “We are very proud to accompany this new class of startups and help them scale their innovations.” 

Over the next five months, the startups will have access to personalized mentoring from SAP France executives, exposure to SAP® technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers around the world. 

The following startups are participating in the latest SAP.iO Foundry Paris program: 

  1. Sorga Technology supports retail brands in their digital innovation by offering a low-energy solution ensuring the transparency and traceability of their products.
  2. Arianee provides businesses with simple solutions for building direct relationships with consumers, respectful of user data and independent of large technology platforms.
  3. CollectID can be used to guarantee product authenticity, improve the physical experience and establish a direct communication channel between brands. The solution guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness of products while bringing brands closer to their customers.
  4. DIAKSE develops and markets a solution for creating virtual showrooms in the metaverse with one objective: to enable brands to better communicate about their products and thus help them increase their sales.
  5. Foodetective is a management platform and infrastructure (API) for the F&B industry. Companies use Foodetective to automate operations, simplify administration, increase online revenues and accelerate new business opportunities.
  6. LIVEBUY GmbH is an online shopping solution for leading retailers that provides both the technology and the right creators to build a successful content platform within online shops.
  7. Priceloop has developed an AI to facilitate and automate the pricing process, offering the best prices taking into account all the essential parameters.
  8. Replika Software is a turnkey social selling solution. It enables brands to activate a network of social sellers with a turnkey business to inspire on social media, sell online and connect with customers.
  9. Shopreme GmbH is developing a technology called “Scan & Go” that brings the benefits of online shopping to real shops including speed, ease of payment, personalized recommendations, shared shopping lists, and more.
  10. SmartPixels provides a 3D product configuration and visualization tool to help fashion and luxury brands create personalized and interactive experiences online and in-store.
  11. SMARTZER LTD’s platform is used by brands to transform their videos and live streams into interactive and actionable experiences, allowing them to get direct ROI from content and measure detailed data from video interactions.
  12. YZR automates and accelerates all of its customers’ text data projects with a powerful solution based on automatic language processing.

If you want to learn more about this program, check out the SAP.iO Foundry Paris website or get in touch with the team.

About SAP.iO
SAP.iO delivers new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures. SAP.iO brings together innovators from every region, industry, and line of business to transform how businesses run. Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped 450+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP customers to access innovation. For more information, visit

FindMine Closes New Venture Round

FindMine, the leader in AI-powered dynamic content creation for brands, announced that it has closed a new venture capital funding round. Led by XSeed Capital and Underscore VC, this investment supplements a previous seed round and brings total capital investment in FindMine to $9.9 million.

Proceeds from the investment will be used to accelerate go-to-market activities and advance development of FindMine’s AI-powered content engine. Driven by predictive intelligence and merchant sales data, FindMine helps brands articulate their unique points of view to increase revenue and inventory performance across multiple sales channels – including e-commerce, email campaigns and targeted messaging, advertising and social media campaigns, and in-store applications such as kiosks, personal shopper programs and sales associates platforms.

By focusing on the content bottleneck, FindMine has created an entirely new category that addresses current shortcomings in the personalization and customer data platform (CDP) markets. The current personalization landscape has done a great job at carving out one-to-one communication channels with consumers based on their personal data. But it puts the onus on the brand to come up with content to share, resulting in the same small amount of assets being sent to every consumer/segment because marketing teams cannot create bespoke editorial content for every consumer. FindMine’s technology allows marketers to showcase unique, curated shoppable assets to every single segment and customer to improve top-line revenue with larger shopping carts and longer, more profitable customer lifecycles. Merchants use FindMine to improve bottom-line profitability and increase gross margins thanks to more effective inventory and logistics management.

“The current personalization process is broken, and one-to-one, persona-based marketing simply does not scale, because the industry forgot about one big piece of the equation: the content. We’re changing the game with AI-powered automation that can create visual, shoppable assets in milliseconds,” commented FindMine CEO Michelle Bacharach. “We’re excited about this investment because it means that we can continue to grow our platform’s ability to create highly-produced and differentiated editorial content out of thin air – empowering brands and retailers to maintain visibility with customers and other key audiences while driving both revenue and loyalty.”

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How Zoovu secured Spotlight Status and became the fastest riser in the SAP Store in 2022

It’s hard to look at the last 6 months here at Zoovu and not be incredibly proud of what we’ve built and continue to build, we announced a $169 million Series C round with FTV Capital  to continue establishing ourselves as the go-to solution for Discovery experiences and we’ve continued to strengthen our partnership with SAP.  As of August, Zoovu is featured in the SAP Store as the Spotlight solution for their over 425,000 customers.

As I mentioned in our post about participating in SAP’s SAP.iO program this past spring, I’m a firm believer in the idea “We are Better Together.” When an SAP customer integrates Zoovu, we both benefit from showcasing how solutions work together to provide everything a business needs to thrive and meet their customer needs and expectations. In essence, SAP and Zoovu complement each other and supercharge customer experiences as a unified solution.  For this reason and more (read on to find out), SAP continues to highlight Zoovu as a game changer for their customers to supercharge content discovery with a variety of experiences powered by AI and semantic knowledge.

When I look at the value of Zoovu in the market and specifically for SAP’s customers, it’s a trite but true pandemic lesson: the digitization of sales impacted businesses of all types, those who sell to consumers and those who sell to businesses. For B2B organizations, they were scrambling to adjust to a digital first world and facing the reality of “how do we communicate and sell complex offerings online?” for the first time.

This shift of streamlining operations to drive business cost savings while still making impact requires a solution like Zoovu. By tackling time and money drains on businesses, such as providing continuous enrichment of product content and enabling self-service content discovery experiences, Zoovu is an incredibly powerful platform for any business selling on digital channels. Regardless of selling model, we automate any sales conversation and content discovery at scale.

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Jebbit Releases Sixth Consumer Data Trust Index Revealing Ranking Consumer Trust in World’s Leading Brands

Study Reveals Opportunity for Brands to Improve Consumer Data Privacy Education and Communications; Data Collection Remains at the Core of Consumer Trust

75% of brands report greater difficulty building and maintaining trust with their customers post-pandemic, although online shopping is up 63%

Jebbit, the provider of the world’s leading Zero-Party data platform, announced the release of their annual Consumer Data Trust Index (CDTI), a report surveying consumer trust in 100 of the world’s leading traditional, small, and D2C companies. The survey methodology asks adult consumers in the United States to rate, on a scale of one to 10, their level of trust in brands to use their personal data in exchange for more relevant offers, goods and services, and elicits feedback on how much control consumers want over their data and how it is utilized. The recurring study, first published in 2018, indicates consumers’ distrust in major brands continues to increase as many businesses that once held top spots on the consumer trust index have made major shifts down the ranks.

In 2021, data privacy took center stage with the passage of the Data Protection Act of 2021, Google and Apple’s hallmark operating systems privacy changes, and Google’s announcement of their plans to phase-out the use of third-party cookies. This year’s report revealed 71% of consumers surveyed support federal data privacy legislation, yet 30% were unaware that Apple and Google made data privacy changes at all, indicating there’s a huge opportunity for brands to better educate consumers. In fact, 49% of consumers polled stated that data transparency communications, cookie consent banners, and privacy emails make them trust a brand more. The report supports the rise of first-party data and trends like quiz commerce, which has become the leading strategy for brands across the globe to exchange privacy-safe data in a way that builds, rather than erodes, consumer trust.

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ChatBook, developing chatbot and marketing automation tool, acquired by Monex Group

ChatBook, providing the automated marketing solution under the same name utilizing chatbot, has been acquired by Japan’s leading FinTech conglomerate Monex Group(TSE:8698). Monex acquired all stakes in ChatBook for an undisclosed sum.

Chatbook’s most recent funding was a pre-series A round in December of 2019 (securing 100 million yen, about $920,000 in the exchange rate at the time) where Monex Ventures, the VC arm of Monex Group, participated in the investment. Japanese startup database Initial reported ChatBook was valued at 712 million yen (about $6.6 million) at the time.

Chatbook was co-founded in September of 2016 (named Hect as its start) by Maiko Kojima who formerly worked for Prime Again (now known as Prime) as CFO/COO. The firm has been chosen for various accelerator programs so far; the first batch of the Code Public program in 2016, Accelerate course of FbStart which is a developer support program by Facebook in 2017 and the first batch of AI Accelerator organized by the major job information provider Dip.

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