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Miroslav Dimitrov

Head of Foundry Berlin

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PressBerlinConsumer Industries
May 11, 2021

DataRobot Acquires Zepl to Enhance Enterprise AI Platform Capabilities for Advanced Data Scientists

DataRobot, the leader in enterprise AI, today announced the acquisition of Zepl, a cloud data science and analytics platform. The acquisition — unveiled today at DataRobot’s virtual conference, AI Experience Worldwide — will…
PressBerlinMunichConsumer Industries
April 23, 2021

Sustainable Business Is Better Business for All

Sustainability is the business challenge of our lifetimes. Customers are increasingly educated and demand products and services that minimize negative environmental impact. Investors are integrating climate risk in their portfolio…
FoundriesArticleBerlinConsumer Industries
April 21, 2021

With Stylumia, Real-Time Data Intelligence Powers Competitive Retail Advantage

Consumer fashion may be among the most unpredictable markets on the planet, but one startup in India has created a demand sensing platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) that combines…
FoundriesBlogBerlinBusiness Technology Platform
April 13, 2021

With Data And Analytics, Consumer Products Companies Seize New ‘Moment Of Opportunity’

Since 2015 and the rise of e-commerce hyper scalers,  we have witnessed a fundamental shift in consumer behavior, one that has dramatically accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to…

Berlin Graduates


Acerta offers a SaaS platform that uses ML to provide real-time malfunction detection and failure prediction.


Micro-climate intelligence for fresh produce supply chain


Predict customers' payment issues and prioritize collection efforts with AI


Arculus helps multi-variant manufacturers cope with the market’s growing customization demand, whilst being more efficient and cost-effective.


Human Interface Mate that looks over the shoulder of the manufacturing operator


An inclusive, do-it-yourself, SaaS-based, authoring tool for creating AR content

Axiom is a smart work assistant that saves you time by making the complex staightforward. It's automating repetative tasks and can help you with reporting, spread sheets, reminders. It's robotic automation process. 


AI and NLP engine that collects and analyzes user reviews and feedback from customers to improve product discovery and conversion, as well as synthesizing user feedback for product development


Privacy-aware AI video analytics solutions for physical spaces.


Clarisights is the marketing intelligence and data exploration platform for high performance marketers, so they can effortlessly consolidate their data and find insights in realtime, taking full control of their marketing decisions.


Data-driven marketers use Datarade to get informed and connect with +400 audience data providers across the globe.


Your digital partner for data-based market decisions and brand management.


The future of transportation.

Green Deck

API-based dynamic pricing and product recommendation engine that leverages ML to help companies drive higher conversion and revenue


Software that makes it simple for companies to adopt and run successful OKR programs, effectively translating strategy into execution and measuring execution against strategy


FIDO-based Identity and Authentication-as-a-Service


Helping enterprises in emerging markets develop their workforces at scale


Transforming the management of Business Risk into Value


A gamified platform to engage talent and speed up the time to fill in recruiting


Kono is a conversational platform where scheduling becomes simple and easy. Powered by AI, Kono manages your calendar and finds the right time for your meetings.


Keep infrastructure operational with cost-effective insights from space


Candidate Sourcing Network

Neuron Soundware

NeuronSW has developed a diagnostic technology which uses sound to detect broken machines. It combines neuron networks (AI) and purposely built IoT devices.

Machine intelligence to identify and leverage microtrends ahead of time.

Patient calling into hospital or medical practice with symptoms; based on these symptoms,and patient history, the system automatically schedules a meeting with a specific provider and for a tailored duration - optimizing patient experience as well as throughput


The German capital offers a vibrant ecosystem for startups, academia, talents, and all businesses carrying innovation in its DNA. Our flagship accelerator is located in the heart of Mitte.

Address: Rosenthaler Str. 30, 10178 Berlin, Germany