Foundry Berlin

The European flagship SAP.iO Foundry in Berlin is focused on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and is one of the first dedicated enterprise solution and machine learning accelerators in Europe.

We run two programs out of the Berlin Foundry. Our no-equity ask Industry 4.0 program provides access to SAP APIs, SAP technologies, and exposure to SAP‘s leading manufacturing customers. Our main program is in partnership with Techstars and focuses on Machine learning Enterprise solutions across all sectors.

As the startup capital of Europe, Berlin houses SAP’s Innovation Center and five dedicated SAP-locations, giving our startups direct access to and deep mentorship from our AI and Machine learning specialists/experts as well as unmatched immersion in the thriving internal and external ecosystem. Many of our mentors, including SAP‘s Chief Innovation Officer are all located within the Foundry’s vicinity. Customer visits, corporate co-innovation partners, as well as major network players, are all part of our strategy to accelerate our startups’ growth.

We're looking for Seed to Series A startups leveraging emerging technologies including AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain to radically impact the future of enterprise business processes and workflows and deliver high-value outcomes for SAP customers.

Our Graduates


AI and NLP engine that collects and analyzes user reviews and feedback from customers to improve product discovery and conversion, as well as synthesizing user feedback for product development

Green Deck

API-based dynamic pricing and product recommendation engine that leverages ML to help companies drive higher conversion and revenue


Software that makes it simple for companies to adopt and run successful OKR programs, effectively translating strategy into execution and measuring execution against strategy

Patient calling into hospital or medical practice with symptoms; based on these symptoms,and patient history, the system automatically schedules a meeting with a specific provider and for a tailored duration - optimizing patient experience as well as throughput


Application that combines big data analysis with scientific testing to profile and optimize selection of candidates for teams

Combines emotion recognition AI with human panels across the world to help content creators test videos with target audiences in real-time and at scale.


Deep-learning technology trained on millions of videos to accurately recognize automate tagging / attribution of audio and video content, making it machine readable and actionable (


A web-based software to model required process changes and cost impacts of incorporating more sustainable materials in manufacturing (e.g., change in input chemicals, eliminating previously required, costly pilot processes

Wise Athena

AI-powered solution to optimize product pricing for brick-and-mortar sales based on first- and third-party data (pricing, promotion) and competitive insights

AI-layer leveraging advanced NLP to provide customer service agents the best answers to inbound customer queries, increasing agent effectiveness, reply rates, and customer satisfaction

If you’re an innovative startup, corporate, business, or mind, then join us!

We‘re currently looking for mentors, SAP fellows, associates and entrepreneurs-in-residence.