Consumer Industries

Solutions for the wholesale distribution, consumer products, retail, and life sciences industries.

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Wholesale Distribution

Expand beyond traditional industry boundaries and become a proactive, insight-driven distributor.

Consumer Products

Deliver outcomes tailored to individual consumers, based on a deep understanding of their wants and needs.


Reach more customers and deliver individualized experiences your customers can trust.

Life Sciences

Improve patient outcomes, safety, and quality of care by collaborating across the digital health sciences network.


SAP.iO Moments of Opportunity

This white paper covers insights on shifting consumer values, discusses how SAP is fostering innovation through the SAP.iO Foundries, and highlights the seven innovative startups from SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv that are helping SAP’s Consumer Products companies engage with and serve consumers in moments of opportunity.

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Recent News

ArticleBerlinConsumer Industries
April 1, 2021

Fashion Tech India: Real-Time AI Data Drives Competitive Retail Advantage

Consumer fashion may be among the most unpredictable markets on the planet, but one startup in India has created an AI-based demand sensing platform that combines the brilliance of data…
BlogConsumer Industries
March 11, 2021

SAP.iO: Why 3 is Key to SAP’s Startup Wins

Written by Alexa Gorman SVP, SAP.iO Foundries & Intrapreneurship at SAP Recently I had the opportunity to speak at the NVT Houseparty with Mark Osborn, Global VP of Business Development and Strategy for SAP Consumer Industries, about how SAP.iO delivers on…
FoundriesConsumer Industries
February 16, 2021

How to Genetically Sequence the Life Cycle of a Trend

Hindsight may be 20/20, but with artificial intelligence (AI)-fueled technology you just might be able to see into the future before anyone else. NWO is a U.S.-based startup piloting a predictive trends…
FoundriesVideoTel AvivConsumer Industries
February 15, 2021

Engaging Consumers With The Latest Shelf Innovations

In this 30-minute session, Industry experts at SAP, NielsenIQ, ARpalus, and SRP share the latest trends and insights in the consumer industries, and the innovative solutions changing how retailers and…



Immersive commerce platform.


Analytics & intelligence platform for marketing and ecommerce


Micro-climate intelligence for fresh produce supply chain


Virtual analyst that helps to make data-driven decisions maximizing performance


Cross border financial infrastructure and applications.


Improve your e-commerce website CX with a best-of-breed hybrid messaging widget


Real-time workforce optimization platform for large organizations


Empowering companies to make better sourcing decisions.

Ariadne Maps GmbH

Enabling physical business owners to manage their business as if it was a website.


In-store execution using Augmented Reality


Natural language search engine for internal data that translates words into SQL queries


An inclusive, do-it-yourself, SaaS-based, authoring tool for creating AR content


Contextual NLP to enable rapid, error-free voice interactivity with systems of record driving dramatic efficiencies, in areas such as in warehousing, inventory management, and field service


AI and NLP engine that collects and analyzes user reviews and feedback from customers to improve product discovery and conversion, as well as synthesizing user feedback for product development


Transforming enterprise protection and privacy of personal data


Augmented Intelligence & People Analytics to Mitigate Unconscious Bias​.


Autonomous Mobile Robots for heavy load movement in dense & dynamic environments

Brennus Analytics

Brennus Analytics has developed a distinctive AI-Powered Pricing Solution for B2B and e-commerce companies.


Privacy-aware AI video analytics solutions for physical spaces.

CardUp Pte Ltd

The freedom of card payments, wherever you choose.


The most intelligent way to hire using AI to match talent to opportunities


Centrifuge is a protocol to power global trade and commerce on top of a public blockchain.


All-in-one communication platform to deliver personalized experience.


Global visibility for all international shipments to improve customer experience


Coaching delivered through the tools employees use everyday.