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FundPressBusiness Technology Platform
March 23, 2021

Adverity continues to dominate as momentum leader in G2 Spring 2021 Report

Adverity, a leading marketing data intelligence platform, has once again been named as a top-five category leader in ETL Tools and Data Visualization Software in the G2 Spring 2021 Report.…
VideoBusiness Technology Platform
March 16, 2021

Fireside Chat: SAP, BigID, and Manta

How SAP, BigID and Manta deliver data management, data privacy and data lineage. BigID and Manta are two partners of SAP. Watch Here...
FoundriesTel AvivEnergy & Natural ResourcesBusiness Technology Platform
March 14, 2021

Innovative Solutions in the Utilities Industry for a Sustainable Future

SAP’s Commitment to Sustainability Through Utilities Industry Support Over 10 years ago, SAP made sustainability a long-term strategic goal in line with its vision of improving people’s lives and helping…
VideoBusiness Technology Platform
March 10, 2021

Women in Marketing: & Adverity Featured Fireside Chat

Watch this fireside chat that discusses Women in Marketing featuring & Adverity.



Acerta offers a SaaS platform that uses ML to provide real-time malfunction detection and failure prediction.


Virtual analyst that helps to make data-driven decisions maximizing performance


Advanced analytics platform for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and securing public and private blockchain, providing actionable insights into the health of smart contract platforms like Ethereum, NEO, and Hyperledger. Provides operational intelligence for blockchain infrastructure, on-chain decentralized applications, token utilization, and transactions

API Fortress

(Acq. by Sauce Labs) API Fortress is a continuous testing platform for APIs.


Arculus helps multi-variant manufacturers cope with the market’s growing customization demand, whilst being more efficient and cost-effective.


Human Interface Mate that looks over the shoulder of the manufacturing operator


In-store execution using Augmented Reality


Natural language search engine for internal data that translates words into SQL queries

Axiom is a smart work assistant that saves you time by making the complex staightforward. It's automating repetative tasks and can help you with reporting, spread sheets, reminders. It's robotic automation process. 


AI platform for predicting a consumer's purchase behavior


Privacy-aware AI video analytics solutions for physical spaces.

CardUp Pte Ltd

The freedom of card payments, wherever you choose.


CN2 repurposes existing 2D, 3D, and CAD assets into highly impactful and measurable AR content that is used to visualize products in location to support sales, train employees on new equipment, and drive collaboration between designer and engineers.

COI Energy Services

Helps electric utilities and businesses of all sizes identify and manage existing energy resources in order to improve energy performance of buildings and monetize flexible energy resources that can support the electric grid.

Personalized search and product discovery for retail


Data-driven marketers use Datarade to get informed and connect with +400 audience data providers across the globe.


Deepgram provides an API for enterprise automatic speech recognition (ASR) and voice transcriptions.

Droice Labs

Understanding real-world clinical data to help physicians provide better care


Turn paperwork-based processes into responsive digital journeys with eSignatures


Update Real Estate

Evolution Energie

Software editor for energy management in big industrials or big infrastructures


Sell more. Work less. Stay true to your brand.


State-of-the-art artificial intelligence software solutions to the energy industry to predict, optimize and trade energy.


FIDO-based Identity and Authentication-as-a-Service


Hasura is an open-source service that gives you instant production-ready GraphQL APIs on your data sources.