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Accelerate Growth

There are many ways to collaborate with SAP. Explore opportunities to build relationships, integrate your product, build a product, or become a partner.

Partner with SAP

Expand your network, integrate your product, and sell alongside SAP and our global partner ecosystem.

Run on SAP

Transform how your startup runs with software solutions from SAP.

Partner with SAP

SAP.iO Foundries

Our zero-cost accelerators are the fastest way to launch your relationship with SAP. We provide you with unparalleled access, curated mentorship and technical guidance. Work with our team to build relationships, integrate your product, and go-to-market with SAP’s 400,000+ customers.

SAP BTP Startup Program

SAP BTP Startup Program “Data-to-Value Track” helps startups become data providers on the data marketplace for SAP Datasphere by leveraging SAP Business Technology Platform.

Run on SAP

GROW with SAP for scaleups

Help future-proof your growth. Structure your business with best practices, automate transactions, and scale your operations.

SAP Hypergrowth Catalyst Program

A specialized offering with a dedicated team to help the most promising startups in Middle and Eastern Europe leverage the power of SAP solutions to realize their vision.


SAP Community

The SAP Community is an inclusive and receptive environment where all individuals are welcome to seek help and exchange knowledge.


Discover and consume digital content packages with APIs and pre-packaged integrations from SAP and select partners.

SAP Learning Hub

Design, integrate and market solutions with SAP. With SAP’s partner economy opportunity projected to double by 2024, there is really no better time to become an SAP partner. You can join PartnerEdge on your own or during an accelerator program.

SAP PartnerEdge

Learn in your own way, in your own time, with 24×7 access to social and collaborative learning from SAP that is relevant to your role and skill level.