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Singapore Graduates


Conversational AI for first round tech interviews


Digitizing and Simplifying Goods Transfer Process.


Smarter Credit Decisions with AI

H3 Dynamics

We turn the physical world into safety inspection reports as a service.


HyBird is automating inspections for high-consequence assets.


Everlasting Legacy

Memorence AI

AI Learning Platform for Enterprise Visual Quality Inspection.


Compliance Automated


The Science of People

Size n Fit

Find clothes that fit


A Customer Retention Platform Helping Brands Double their Profit Per Customer


Transport management system transforming logistics ops from endless to effortless.


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July 19, 2020 in Foundries, Singapore, Portfolio News, COVID-19

Mobile Robotics Startup Powers Warehouse Productivity Safely

When Rahul Nambiar, co-founder and CEO of Botsync, transformed his passion for robotics into autonomous mobile robots with three other co-founders, little did they imagine their efforts will become key…
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July 17, 2020 in Foundries, Blog, Singapore, COVID-19

Supporting Innovations to Reduce Risk for Critical Infrastructure Essential Workers

Across the world, individuals, communities, and businesses are struggling with changing regulations imposed to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. From lockdowns followed by the easing of those measures to renewed restrictions…
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March 26, 2020 in Foundries, Press Coverage, Singapore, Portfolio News

SAP.iO Foundry Singapore Launches Industry 4.0 Startup Acceleration Program

kicked off a new SAP.iO Foundry Singapore program, with five international startups that will help SAP customers become Industry 4.0 businesses and go beyond digital manufacturing to seamlessly connect all…
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