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PressArticleSan FranciscoCRM & Customer Experience
April 7, 2021

SetSail Debuts New AI-powered Solutions to Help Sales Teams Unlock More Revenue

SetSail, the AI-powered micro-incentives platform for sales, will unveiled multiple new product features on at the company’s first annual SetSail Voyage virtual conference. New SetSail features include a signal-based coaching…
ArticleParisCRM & Customer Experience
March 30, 2021

Stockly lets e-commerce websites sell out-of-stock items from a shared inventory

Meet Stockly, a French startup that keeps the inventory of various e-commerce websites in sync. When you see an out-of-stock item on an e-commerce website, chances are you leave that website…
FoundriesFunding AnnouncementCRM & Customer Experience
March 2, 2021

WeGift Raises $12M in Series A+ Funding

WeGift, a London, UK-based company providing the infrastructure for the incentives economy, closed a $12m funding round. The round was led by AlbionVC with participation from new investor CommerzVentures, as well…
FundArticleCRM & Customer Experience
February 3, 2021

Automated speech recognition gives CX vendor an edge

Sharpen, a vendor of a cloud-based contact center platform, offers an automated transcription service as part of its software package. It's free, which its customers like, but a few years…



Analytics & intelligence platform for marketing and ecommerce


Improve your e-commerce website CX with a best-of-breed hybrid messaging widget

Ariadne Maps GmbH

Enabling physical business owners to manage their business as if it was a website.


Natural language search engine for internal data that translates words into SQL queries


An inclusive, do-it-yourself, SaaS-based, authoring tool for creating AR content


AI and NLP engine that collects and analyzes user reviews and feedback from customers to improve product discovery and conversion, as well as synthesizing user feedback for product development


AI platform for predicting a consumer's purchase behavior


All-in-one communication platform to deliver personalized experience.


Clarisights is the marketing intelligence and data exploration platform for high performance marketers, so they can effortlessly consolidate their data and find insights in realtime, taking full control of their marketing decisions.


Asynchronous video communication for sales and service cloud

Personalized search and product discovery for retail

Contract Wrangler

Attorney-trained machine learning to uncover hidden business insights in contracts.


Increase conversion rates with emotional interface adaptation


Turn paperwork-based processes into responsive digital journeys with eSignatures


3D visualization technology for e-commerce stores for a 360° shopping experience


Sell more. Work less. Stay true to your brand.


The best Frontend Management Platform for the API-driven world


Understand how your customer segments interact with your content


A mixed reality sports & gaming platform built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games.

Green Deck

API-based dynamic pricing and product recommendation engine that leverages ML to help companies drive higher conversion and revenue


Software that makes it simple for companies to adopt and run successful OKR programs, effectively translating strategy into execution and measuring execution against strategy

Harold Waste

One stop solution to help recyclers adapt to new market


Shop virtually with customers by text, chat and video.


Innovative trends forecasting solution for brands.


Manage your organization's skills and qualifications using the skill matrix