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Acerta offers a SaaS platform that uses ML to provide real-time malfunction detection and failure prediction.


Conversational AI for first round tech interviews


Smart with Data - Analytics & intelligence platform for marketing and e-commerce


Micro-climate intelligence for fresh produce supply chain


A super powerful virtual analyst that helps MARKETING/ SALES/ TRADE managers in CPG make better data-driven decisions in order to maximize performance.


Predictive cash and risk management


Next-gen contract AI: connecting legal ops with business objectives


Best-of-breed business messaging platform for the entire customer journey


Advanced analytics platform for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and securing public and private blockchain, providing actionable insights into the health of smart contract platforms like Ethereum, NEO, and Hyperledger. Provides operational intelligence for blockchain infrastructure, on-chain decentralized applications, token utilization, and transactions


Platform for internal workforce load balancing, reallocation, and cost optimization that allows companies to redistribute personnel between locations (e.g., for short-term secondments) and reduce the need for temporary labor.

API Fortress

API Fortress is a continuous testing platform for APIs.


Arculus helps multi-variant manufacturers cope with the market’s growing customization demand, whilst being more efficient and cost-effective.


Arkite created the Human Interface Mate (HIM), a „virtual guardian angel“ that guides manufacturing operators, warning them when a wrong operation is in progress and navigating towards standardized work.


In-store execution using Augmented Reality


Data Experience made frictionless


Production & Services perfectly informed through augmented reality


An inclusive, do-it-yourself, SaaS-based, authoring tool for creating AR content


Contextual NLP to enable rapid, error-free voice interactivity with systems of record driving dramatic efficiencies, in areas such as in warehousing, inventory management, and field service

Axiom is a smart work assistant that saves you time by making the complex staightforward. It's automating repetative tasks and can help you with reporting, spread sheets, reminders. It's robotic automation process. 


Bacarai is creating the first central marketplace for group airfare.


AI and NLP engine that collects and analyzes user reviews and feedback from customers to improve product discovery and conversion, as well as synthesizing user feedback for product development


ML based-correlation engine to automate data discovery and administer policies for GRC and EIM.


Augmented Intelligence & People Analytics to Mitigate Unconscious Bias​.


Digitizing and Simplifying Goods Transfer Process.


Platform connecting employees to on-demand professional coaching in key moments, to foster a culture that attracts and retains talent.


Lightweight AI platform for predicting and acting on an individual’s highly dynamic interests

Brennus Analytics

Brennus Analytics has developed a distinctive AI-Powered Pricing Solution for B2B and e-commerce companies.

Brilliant Hire

Brilliant Hire offers skills-based job applicant screening assessed by a network of experts, providing faster and greater insights without bias.

Brite Health

AI Technology for Patient Engagement & Compliance ​ in Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials and Commercialization​.


CariClub is the world’s only premium network connecting young professionals to leadership roles on nonprofit boards. Their unique platform offers opportunities to improve employee engagement and retention through associate board service.


Powered by artificial intelligence and our proprietary database of half a billion professionals, Censia intelligently matches enterprises with the most in-demand professionals with radical efficiency.


Centrifuge is a protocol to power global trade and commerce on top of a public blockchain.


Your companion solution for route optimization, based on top-notch technologies.


Clarisights is the marketing intelligence and data exploration platform for high performance marketers, so they can effortlessly consolidate their data and find insights in realtime, taking full control of their marketing decisions.


Cloud platform that mines, simulates, and predicts global trade logistics in real-time allowing companies to have an accurate real time view of goods in transit, predict adverse events, and better service customers.


Asynchronous video communication for sales and service cloud


CN2 repurposes existing 2D, 3D, and CAD assets into highly impactful and measurable AR content that is used to visualize products in location to support sales, train employees on new equipment, and drive collaboration between designer and engineers.


Machine learning platform for computer vision-based insights

COI Energy Services

COI Energy Services helps electric utilities and businesses of all sizes identify and manage existing energy resources in order to improve energy performance of buildings and monetize flexible energy resources that can support the electric grid.

Personalized search and product discovery for retail

Contract Wrangler

Attorney-trained machine learning to uncover hidden business insights in contracts.


Crosschq provides a platform for creating and sharing employee references.


ML-based analysis of manager-report multichannel communications (e.g., email, slack, chat) to drive coaching of managers and improve organizational engagement and and health


(Acq. By Stage Fund)
Cyber-deception offering that attracts attackers away from high value data / assets, with “zero false positives” at very low noise.


Great leadership starts with great relationships. Dabra helps build strong work relationships though effective, personalized meetings: Run efficient meetings while understanding teams better to effectively engage them.


Daivergent allows companies to fulfill their data requests at scale by matching them to the best-suited workforce: adults with autism. Their software enables autistic talent to enter the remote workforce for the first time.


Data-driven marketers use Datarade to get informed and connect with +400 audience data providers across the globe.


Applying ML to understand business semantics that simplifies automation of business decisions.


Deepgram provides an API for enterprise automatic speech recognition (ASR) and voice transcriptions.


Real-time feedback tool designed to boost appreciation at work and reinforce organizational mission and values. Integrated into tools people use at work (Slack, Microsoft Teams and more), it helps celebrate when employees go above and beyond and enables managers to view detailed culture reports while spreading positivity at work.


AI software company that reads text from any online or proprietary source and extracts what matters to business professionals into actionable intelligence based on minimal training of the AI. Compliance officers, marketers, asset managers, and others can transform vast streams of text into actionable intelligence.


Boosting conversion with AI-enhanced user experience

Droice Labs

AI platform on real-world clinical data for clinical research, care management & billing for providers, payers, and life sciences.


EasySend's no-code, cloud-based platform empowers citizen developers at financial enterprises to convert paper, PDFs, and manual processes into smart, fully-branded eForms with eSignatures. With EasySend's platform, users can launch secure, enterprise-grade digital products in hours, improve customer experience, cut operational costs, and drive revenue growth.


Staffing projects, HR Decisions, Certifications / Authorizations: eLamp enables companies to make the best decisions using untapped data.


Energiency runs data science & AI algorithms that learn from data and identify real time energy savings in the process of big manufacturing companies, generating from 5 to 15% energy savings and manufacturing excellence without capex.

EON Group

EON is a technology company pioneering the future of end-to-end connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT). EON works with brands, retailers and stakeholders throughout the value chain and leadership across connectivity and circularity to power end-to-end connectivity across the fashion, apparel and retail industry.


Update Real Estate

Evolution Energie

Evolution Energie is a software editor for energy management for big industrials or big infrastructures.


Configure your products in 3D and AR


Sell more. Work less. Stay true to your brand.


Engage and activate your employees to boost referral hires.


FlexPay by SAP empowers employees to use accumulated but unpaid earnings with minimal effort or expense for employers.


Smarter Credit Decisions with AI


The future of transportation.


The best Frontend Management Platform for the API-driven world.


Understand how your customer segments interact with your content


Mobile microlearning and engagement solution designed for business impact by revolutionizing corporate education through transformational learning — available anytime, anywhere. Its bite-sized social learning and gamification encourage active engagement and inspire behavior change.


Goodr’s sustainable food waste management platform leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger, providing an end-to-end solution for businesses seeking to earn money from their edible food waste by donating it to local nonprofit organizations.

Green Deck

API-based dynamic pricing and product recommendation engine that leverages ML to help companies drive higher conversion and revenue


Intelligent logistics solutions for warehouse control systems for AGV


GrowthSpace is an online 1x1 coaching platform that makes high-quality coaching accessible for every employee in the organization.


Software that makes it simple for companies to adopt and run successful OKR programs, effectively translating strategy into execution and measuring execution against strategy


The world’s most advanced real-time situational awareness and data analytics platform for industrial workforces

H3 Dynamics

We turn the physical world into safety inspection reports as a service.


Integrated logistics solution to optimize transportation


FIDO-based Identity and Authentication-as-a-Service


Critical behavioral skills training for high performance teams

Harold Waste

One stop solution to help recyclers adapt to new market


Hasura is an open-source service that gives you instant production-ready GraphQL APIs on your data sources.


Innovative trends forecasting solution for brands.


Hexa is the biggest manufacturer for 3D content creation.


Hiboo is a web application that helps the construction industry to re-invent the way operations are managed based on the data collected on connected assets


AI and NLP platform to improve clinical validations and reviews in the claims/revenue cycle - enhancing efficiency; reducing fraud, errors and wastage.


Hotailors is a B2B corporate travel tool that helps enterprise manage travel for their external workforces.


HyBird is automating inspections for high-consequence assets.


Turning Customer Feedback into Customer Intelligence

Industrial Analytics

Asset Health Monitoring of Rotary Equipment

iNex Circular

Inex locates waste deposits and simulates secondary material exchanges between companies.

Innovia Corporation

Science the growth of human resources and update manufacturing


Digital Solution for Booking & Managing Road Freight Transports in Europe


Tracking Industrial Assets in Motion


Transforming the management of Business Risk into Value


Play your way to a killer job.

Jet-Set Offset

A donation-based carbon offsetting tool for happier, more sustainable business travel. Take climate action now - and every time you fly.


Kono is a conversational platform where scheduling becomes simple and easy. Powered by AI, Kono manages your calendar and finds the right time for your meetings.


Wearables enabling hands-free tasks


SaaS platform for marketing teams to connect data, people, and processes in one location resulting in smarter content and more efficient marketing programs.


Solution for simplifying inspections.


Provides a CX Automation experience across all conversational channels making 24/7 assistance possible for brands.


Infrastructure monitoring from space.


Lumo predicts flight delays using powerful machine learning algorithms to help the entire travel ecosystem proactively manage disruptions.


Everlasting Legacy


Manta is a next generation data lineage platform that understands the journey of data and associated metadata inside an organization, used by CDOs and CFOs for either regulatory reporting purposes or knowledge of system structure for stability, productivity and upgrades purposes


(Acq. By Ciox Health)
NLP and ML technology to collect and consolidate medical records and clinical data to derive analytical insights improving clinical care and the lives of patients.

Memorence AI

AI Learning Platform for Enterprise Visual Quality Inspection.


Digital solution powered by neuroscience and AI that builds resilience for employees. Measurably impacts burnout, absence, productivity, and engagement for global enterprises.


Empowers store associates to sell more effectively in retail stores with its digital platform, improving customer experience and loyalty with an 8% average uplift in sales.


Solution boosts comparable store efficiency (offer relevancy and easy shopping experience), supplies Retailers with sharp accurate information and enable real omnichannel conversion.


Candidate Sourcing Network.


Platform using ML that connects experts throughout the supply chain and distribution network and captures new, customer-winning knowledge and actionable insights to empowers companies’ frontline sales and service teams


Omni-channel Digital + Human platform redefining the medication experience through education, real-time PBM data and pharmacist-led care teams – reduces costs while improving outcomes.


Narrativ transforms static links in online editorial content into dynamic product links unlocking access for a network of advertisers, publishers, and consumers effectively democratizing the $60B commerce content market.


3D Digital Twin of Indoor Spaces

Neuron Soundware

NeuronSW has developed a diagnostic technology which uses sound to detect broken machines. It combines neuron networks (AI) and purposely built IoT devices.

Bot-driven, India-focused contextual conversational commerce platform with comparison shopping capability to enable consumers to purchase goods and services using natural language.


ML based threat prediction and risk remediation solutions to help businesses prevent security breaches utilizing active exploit intelligence, passive analysis, and contextual enrichment that enables security teams to visually forecast threat risk and dramatically reduce the time to remediation of critical security vulnerabilities.


Compliance Automated


Visual search platform creating a smooth path between what we see and the information we need

OpenMessage, INC

SMS conversations sent straight to customers’ audiences, powered both by knowledge-based natural language generation and overall dialog interconnectivity.


Merging words and intonation to extract real-time NPS from every voice-based customer interaction


Outgage is a direct mail platform that bridges the gap between offline and online campaigns.


Assistive intelligence platform that is transforming global talent acquisition and the candidate experience. Its flagship product, Olivia, enables talent acquisition and HR professionals to focus on what they do best, human interaction — while Olivia focuses on experience, automation and intelligence.


Make customers happy again.


Pecan is an AI-based predictive analytics platform.


Next-gen consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with Millennial & Gen-Z audiences through an interactive and gamified mobile app that rewards users.


Measure from images - image analysis for better & faster decisions


Powered by AI, Plum provides organizations with the data they need to make predictive and future-ready talent decisions, such as hiring, strategic workforce planning, learning & development, and emerging leader identification.


Popwallet is a mobile wallet marketing automation platform, enabling brands to deliver contactless consumer experiences through mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Patient calling into hospital or medical practice with symptoms; based on these symptoms,and patient history, the system automatically schedules a meeting with a specific provider and for a tailored duration - optimizing patient experience as well as throughput

Smartphone Body Scanning Software enabling fashion companies to fit their customers with the perfect size


Identify, Hire and Retain Top Talent with Pulsifi AI & Predictive Analytics

PXL Vision

The secure gateway to digital identity


Hardware agnostic computer vision platform for autonomous shelf scanning AI-based planogram generation using shelf visual information and sales data to optimize product placement.


Digital twin of plant environments


Automated, ML-enabled platform for assessing developer / coding skills

Queen of Raw

A platform for businesses to buy and sell unused textiles, keeping them out of landfills and turning pollution into profit.

Radius8, Inc.

A location engagement platform that delivers hyperlocal digital experiences which create new commerce opportunities for both in-store and online channels.


Team development platform that improves team performance and dynamics by empowering business leaders with actionable, behavioral science–based insights into the strengths and vulnerabilities of their teams.


RandomCoffee is the first solution enabling companies to connect their coworkers in an automated and targeted way according to their operational goals.


IoT solutions for unique customer experiences


Hands free platform for connected field workers


Personalization and Customer Experience platform for marketers and brands.

Retail Reload

Retail Reload enables store-based Retailers to enter the age of digitalized omnichannel stock.

A SaaS platform to manage all the reverse logistics of retailers in an omnichannel strategy.


Automated AI-powered customer product feedback analysis which scans and analyzes relevant references to market, brand, products and competition

Rex Ag Labs

Rex is creating the world’s largest database on animals that maps genetics to health, disease, feed, production, and medical interactions.


Engage business travelers and bring business trips to life.


Sampler’s direct to consumer product sampling platform helps brands distribute product samples to digitally-targeted consumers.


Build Brand Trust through Transparency.


Scortex enables manufacturing companies to take control of their quality.


The next generation transaction and collaboration workflow management


An innovative way to manage the entire marketing stack.


Deep-learning technology trained on millions of videos to accurately recognize automate tagging / attribution of audio and video content, making it machine readable and actionable (


Specialist digital solutions for measuring, monitoring and managing product safety & quality in logistics chain and food safety and quality in food services and processing


AI-powered incentives that put the wind in your sales


Platform that acts as a communication layer between large industrial companies (shippers), and heavily fragmented road freight carriers (truckers).


Cross-marketplace analytics that enables online marketplaces, stores, sellers and brands to see their products’ sales performance across different e-commerce sites.

SilverCloud Health

Clinically validated digital therapeutic mental health platform – improves outcomes and access to care for providers and employers.

Size n Fit

Find clothes that fit


Slync is revolutionizing multi-party supply chain interaction, automation, and collaboration.


Softcube enables retailers to create effective and high-performing video ads that cover entire product catalogs.


Soley optimizes your product portfolio.

Sounding Board

Leadership development platform that offers scalable, personalized coaching to help enterprises grow their next generation of leaders. It combines best-in-class coaching with enterprise-grade technology and the Sound Coaching methodology to drive positive business outcomes.


Bridging the physical, biological and digital spheres


Let your customers tell your story.


SRP is creating a new retail format by developing a digital/Smart Retail Platform which revolutionizes the relationships between FMCG brands, small retailers and consumers.


StellarEmploy makes hiring quality workers at scale easy. Built for companies with large workforces, their platform embeds performance data and customized algorithms to attract the right candidates.


Stockly allows e-commerce websites to keep selling when out-of-stock, and the product is shipped by another merchant of Stockly's network, who still has it in stock.


Engage your customers with stories!


AI and image recognition engine that monitors competitor's assortments, pricing and promotion movements, and collects millions of social media and e-commerce data points daily to enable retailers to make faster pricing, promo and assortment decisions, take products to market faster, and price more competitively.


Software platform that connects mills, manufacturers, and vendors with apparel retailers, brands, and designers to source raw materials and create traceability and transparency in the global fashion supply chain drastically reducing time to market of "on-trend" products.


Full-featured, automated, scalable inbox and CRM for managing any volume of text, giving brands a beautiful platform to drive commerce and manage relationships via SMS.


We provide an unique Plug&Play software for internal audit and finance teams, based on machine learning, that helps companies of any size to control automatically their accounting and operational data, without any set up.


A web-based software to model required process changes and cost impacts of incorporating more sustainable materials in manufacturing (e.g., change in input chemicals, eliminating previously required, costly pilot processes


Your real-time visibility platform for intermodal supply chains


A Customer Retention Platform Helping Brands Double their Profit Per Customer

Teal Drones

Advanced enterprise drone platform for automated remote inspection


Application that combines big data analysis with scientific testing to profile and optimize selection of candidates for teams

Time Study

Enterprise time intelligence platform that uses machine intelligence to transform time data into insights on how time is spent and its impact on workforce effectiveness, operational efficiency and compliance.


Timeular is the most simple, effortless and accurate timetracking solution


TokyWoky builds passionate customer communities directly in online stores so they can be used to build a differentiating customer experience.


The world’s first open platform for trade finance, pioneering the way in the dawn of the ‘internet of trade’.


Helping marketers prove and improve the impact of content marketing on sales.


Design Automation & 3D Product Configuration (CAD based)


Traceability solutions that enable data driven circular economy strategies.


Project management software for team travel.


Reinvents debt collection, reduces clients’ write-offs and preserves their customers

TVPage, Inc.

TVPage enables brands to sell online with ambassador storefronts; generating a digital salesforce consisting of both in-store sales associates and external influencers.


Ubleam provides the most intuitive solution for product services and maintenance using augmented reality.

AI-layer leveraging advanced NLP to provide customer service agents the best answers to inbound customer queries, increasing agent effectiveness, reply rates, and customer satisfaction


Uzer develops digital solutions to improve waste recycling performance through consumer awareness and motivation.


We improve onsite search for fashion e-commerce retailers.


​AI to harmonize material master data for spare parts in manufacturing​.


Transport management system transforming logistics ops from endless to effortless.


One system – unlimited possibilities


A 3D-first CMS that optimizes, converts and distributes 3D assets making it easy to deploy 3D web and AR experiences proven to double online sales

By using you can turn your customer discovery data into actionable insights up to 8x faster.


Wakeo consolidates all transport providers into one digital platform.


Unleash your robot´s flexibility.


The first seamless, API-type workflow and real-time global place for buying and selling digital gift cards.


We curate innovative teams of marketing specialists to work with meaningful brands

Wise Athena

AI-powered solution to optimize product pricing for brick-and-mortar sales based on first- and third-party data (pricing, promotion) and competitive insights


Wise, Easy Engagement


Workelo, let's reinvent Onboarding and Offboarding experiences


Smart factory business with the development and sales of high precision


The startup that keeps you healthy and efficient in the digital age.


Data-driven business operations


For our next generations.


Cloud based video technology that delivers embeddable video recording, transcoding, playback and storage along with integrated security and control allowing companies to use video as a easy and viable way to communicate internally and with customers.


Zippin is a cashierless SaaS company.


Software for Industry 4.0 Champions


The first industry standard solution for augmented reality.


Create a digital twin of your sites with Indoor spatial 3D mapping


4tiitoo develops software to increase productivity and ergonomic appeal of computer-based workplaces by enabling application control through user intention by using a combination of eye tracking and artificial intelligence.


Build a strong feedback culture and develop soft skills.


Humanize your digital customer experience


30SecondsToFly automates travel call centers with A.I. to provide higher service level while reducing operational costs


Experience Learning Together