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Sebastien Giber

Director, Foundry Paris

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Brennus Analytics

Brennus Analytics has developed a distinctive AI-Powered Pricing Solution for B2B and e-commerce companies.


The first open end-to-end marketplace for the circular battery economy


Citodi is an artificial intelligence system dedicated to real-time route optimization that takes into consideration all events happening during the day. Our algorithms optimize the efficiency of a fleet between 15 to 40% depending of the size of the fleet and number of interventions.


Energiency runs data science & AI algorithms that learn from data and identify real time energy savings in the process of big manufacturing companies, generating from 5 to 15% energy savings and manufacturing excellence without capex.

Evolution Energie

Evolution Energie is a software editor for energy management for big industrials or big infrastructures.

Harold Waste

One stop solution to help recyclers adapt to new market


Innovative trends forecasting solution for brands.


Hiboo is a web application that helps the construction industry to re-invent the way operations are managed based on the data collected on connected assets

Indigo Connected Retail

Indigo Connected Retail is enabling the digital transformation of brick & mortar retail on an industrial scale.

iNex Circular

Inex locates waste deposits and simulates secondary material exchanges between companies.


Solution boosts comparable store efficiency (offer relevancy and easy shopping experience), supplies Retailers with sharp accurate information and enable real omnichannel conversion.


Hardware agnostic computer vision platform for autonomous shelf scanning AI-based planogram generation using shelf visual information and sales data to optimize product placement.

Retail Reload

Retail Reload enables store-based Retailers to enter the age of digitalized omnichannel stock.

A SaaS platform to manage all the reverse logistics of retailers in an omnichannel strategy.


Scortex enables manufacturing companies to take control of their quality.


Stockly allows e-commerce websites to keep selling when out-of-stock, and the product is shipped by another merchant of Stockly's network, who still has it in stock.


We provide an unique Plug&Play software for internal audit and finance teams, based on machine learning, that helps companies of any size to control automatically their accounting and operational data, without any set up.


TokyWoky builds passionate customer communities directly in online stores so they can be used to build a differentiating customer experience.


Traceability solutions that enable data driven circular economy strategies.


Ubleam provides the most intuitive solution for product services and maintenance using augmented reality.


Uzer develops digital solutions to improve waste recycling performance through consumer awareness and motivation.


Wakeo consolidates all transport providers into one digital platform.


Address: 3 Rue Moncey, 75009 Paris, France

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March 24, 2020 in Foundries, Paris, Press Coverage

SAP.iO Foundry Paris dévoile sa promotion de 8 startups ”Spécial RH”

Pour sa nouvelle édition baptisée “Future of Work“, SAP.iO Foundry Paris a sélectionné huit startups oeuvrant dans les Ressources Humaines (HR Tech). Les solutions des jeunes pousses retenues devaient compléter…
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March 24, 2020 in Foundries, Paris, Press Release, Portfolio News

HR Tech : SAP.iO Foundry Paris accompagne 8 startups

SAP va soutenir la phase d’accélération de 8 jeunes pousses actives dans les technologies RH, de 360Learning à Workelo. Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. Après la…
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March 24, 2020 in Foundries, Paris, Press Release, Portfolio News

SAP Kicks Off SAP.iO Foundry Paris for HR Tech Startups

PARIS — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced that SAP.iO Foundry Paris today kicked off its new accelerator program focused on human resources (HR) technology and the future of work. Over…
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