Foundry Paris

The SAP.iO Paris Foundry will launch an Intelligent Enterprise program in October 2018.  This Foundry is looking for innovative startups who will build software delivering unique value to SAP Customers.

By providing access to curated mentorship, access to SAP APIs and technologies, and opportunities for exposure to SAP customers, our no-equity ask program will help startup accelerate their growth, increase domain expertise, and expand their professional networks.

The Intelligent Enterprise program will span October to December 2018, where selected startups will work out of the SAP Multiposting office. With help and guidance from leading executives, mentors, and experts both internal and external to SAP, we will help startups build intelligent enterprise solutions.

We're looking for early-stage startups, redefining enterprise business processes and workflows with innovative AI and ML solutions.

Stay tuned for our first cohort of Paris graduates