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Sebastien Giber

Director, Foundry Paris

Upcoming Program Focus

Retail and Consumer Products focused B2B Tech

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Previous Program Focus

The Intelligent Enterprise, focused on Supply Chain and Digital Core



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December 2018

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February 2019

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April 2019

Demo Day

June 2019

Paris Graduates

Brennus Analytics

Brennus Analytics has developed a distinctive AI-Powered Pricing Solution for B2B and e-commerce companies.


Citodi is an artificial intelligence system dedicated to real-time route optimization that takes into consideration all events happening during the day. Our algorithms optimize the efficiency of a fleet between 15 to 40% depending of the size of the fleet and number of interventions.


Energiency runs data science & AI algorithms that learn from data and identify real time energy savings in the process of big manufacturing companies, generating from 5 to 15% energy savings and manufacturing excellence without capex.


Scortex enables manufacturing companies to take control of their quality.


We provide an unique Plug&Play software for internal audit and finance teams, based on machine learning, that helps companies of any size to control automatically their accounting and operational data, without any set up.


Wakeo consolidates all transport providers into one digital platform.


Address: 3 Rue Moncey, 75009 Paris, France

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SAP.iO Foundry Paris Cohort 2018 
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SAP fördert Start-ups von Frauen

Im Kino Babylon findet am Mittwochabend eine besondere Vorführung statt. Zehn Start-ups stellen ihre Geschäftsidee und den Stand der Entwicklung vor. Weview beispielsweise will zum „Youtube für Produktbewertungen“ werden. Die Berliner bieten…
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Introducing the Paris Six: Why An AI Foundry in ‘Paris Is A Good Idea’

When Bill McDermott, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, met with Emmanuel Macron, President of France, at the #ChooseFrance summit earlier this year — the meeting resulted in…
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