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Solutions for the aerospace & defense, industrial machinery & components, high tech, and automotive industries.

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Aerospace & Defense

Map the future of your A&D business by transitioning into a data-centric manufacturing organization.

Industrial Machinery & Components

Optimize customer experiences and deliver personalized products and solutions at scale and as a service.

High Tech

Deliver unbounded innovations and build a trusted brand with greater visibility and control.


Deliver personalized mobility at scale and as a service through a customer-centric ecosystem.

Recent News

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January 22, 2021

BigID Data Security Platform is SAP.iO’s First Startup Unicorn

SAP.iO reveals in its 2020 Impact and Insight Report that BigID, one of the its early investments and an SAP Solution Extension Partner, is the first startup unicorn in the SAP.iO portfolio…
FoundriesNew YorkPodcastDiscrete Industries
November 16, 2020

Computer vision in supply chain – a chat with Cogniac

Cogniac is a company that uses convolutional neural networks to quickly and painlessly automate visual inspection tasks in all kinds of scenarios. I invited Cogniac CEO Chuck Myers, and Cogniac…
FoundriesNew YorkPress ReleasePortfolio NewsCOVID-19Discrete Industries
September 22, 2020

SAP.iO Foundry New York Launches Accelerator Program for Women and Diverse Entrepreneurs Focused on Retail, Manufacturing and Automotive Technology

NEW YORK — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) has announced the launch of the SAP.iO Foundry New York Fall 2020 virtual accelerator program with six early-stage enterprise startups led by women and/or diverse entrepreneurs. These startups…



Acerta offers a SaaS platform that uses ML to provide real-time malfunction detection and failure prediction.

Adacotech Incorporated

Visual inspection AI using unique patented technology to achieve 100% accuracy with only 100 data samples.


Immersive commerce platform.


Next-gen contract AI: connecting legal ops with business objectives


People are more than their job description

API Fortress

(Acq. by Sauce Labs) API Fortress is a continuous testing platform for APIs.


Empowering companies to make better sourcing decisions.


Arculus helps multi-variant manufacturers cope with the market’s growing customization demand, whilst being more efficient and cost-effective.


Natural language search engine for internal data that translates words into SQL queries


Production & services perfectly informed through augmented reality


An inclusive, do-it-yourself, SaaS-based, authoring tool for creating AR content


Contextual NLP to enable rapid, error-free voice interactivity with systems of record driving dramatic efficiencies, in areas such as in warehousing, inventory management, and field service


Transforming enterprise protection and privacy of personal data


Augmented Intelligence & People Analytics to Mitigate Unconscious Bias​.


Autonomous Mobile Robots for heavy load movement in dense & dynamic environments

Brennus Analytics

Brennus Analytics has developed a distinctive AI-Powered Pricing Solution for B2B and e-commerce companies.

CardUp Pte Ltd

The freedom of card payments, wherever you choose.


The most intelligent way to hire using AI to match talent to opportunities


Centrifuge is a protocol to power global trade and commerce on top of a public blockchain.


Global visibility for all international shipments to improve customer experience


Asynchronous video communication for sales and service cloud


Coaching delivered through the tools employees use everyday.


CN2 repurposes existing 2D, 3D, and CAD assets into highly impactful and measurable AR content that is used to visualize products in location to support sales, train employees on new equipment, and drive collaboration between designer and engineers.


Machine learning platform for computer vision-based insights

Cogniac Corporation

AI-based deep learning software solution to automate visual inspection tasks.