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Caitlin MacGregor from Plum Featured on The RecruitingDaily Podcast

Caitlin MacGregor from Plum talks about the talent shortage on the latest episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast.

Plum is a SaaS platform that leverages industrial, organizational psychology to assess people’s innate talents and understand what drives them and gives them a sense of self worth, and what drains them and leads to burnout. The platform can quantify people’s innate talents, like their ability to innovate, communicate, and work well with others.

They work with mid-size to enterprise companies, to help them in everything from hiring through onboarding, as well as employee development, internal mobility, workforce planning, succession planning, leadership potential, and taking this data across the employee lifecycle.

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Optimising Cash, Costs, And Service In Supply Planning – With Genlots Simon Schenker

Supply chain planning can often seem like a lot of trade-offs. Genlots is a company using Reinforcement Learning to optimise the triangle of cash, (inventory working capital and so on), costs, (prices,  delivery, transportation, etc.), and service (customer service, or the service that you give to your production).

Tom Raftery, Global VP & Global IoT Evangelist @ SAP, invited Simon Schenker, Founder, and Co-CEO at Genlots to talk about their solution in supply planning, as well as their partnership with SAP.iO.

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The Podcast: Making Manufacturing Connections With David Klein of Inspectorio

It’s safe to say that for most consumers, any thought of “manufacturing” lives and dies on whatever store shelf they decide to grab their shampoo from. But there’s a lot — LOT — more that goes into any good reaching that shelf in the first place. Unfortunately, the process is so complex that a lot of important data gets muddied thanks to the often outdated process used to track it. David Klein, Co-founder and President of Inspectorio, is out to change that.

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Alexa Gorman talks SAP’s open innovation strategy with Christoph Keese from hy – the Axel Springer Consulting Group

SAP is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, but half a century is a long time for any company, especially for a software company. How do you stay up to date? As SVP and Global Head of SAP.iO Foundries & Intrapreneurship at SAP, Alexa Gorman is responsible for addressing these questions.

In the hy Podcast, Alexa talks to about these challenges and how SAP.iO helps innovators inside and outside SAP scale while creating value for customers, startups, employees and SAP.

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Why Renting Is The New Buying – Industry Insights by SAP

In this episode, Tanguy Frécon, Co-Founder & Chairman at Lizee shares how Lizee helps brands and retailers reach both their growth and sustainability goals by expanding their rental business and extending the use of their products.

Consumers want to engage with brands that are sustainable — but there can be no sustainability without profitability. Lizee, one of the startups in the Sustainable Futures program, enables brands to produce fewer, more durable, more sustainable goods and reach even more customers without sacrificing revenue. Tanguy Frécon, Co-Founder & Chairman at Lizee, speaks with host Tom Raftery about the real and potential benefits to retailers as they shift from a linear to circular retail economy.

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The Use Case Podcast: Storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley

In the Use Case Podcast, episode 114, we have storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley. During this episode, Joanna talks about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing Censia.

Joanna is an expert in all things teams and tech. Her passion for democratizing talent information in order to help organizations hire much better talent more efficiently and lucratively really comes through during the podcast.

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The Business of Marketing Featuring Elias Guerra, CEO of Popwallet

Throughout season 2 of The Business of Marketing podcast, there will be a spotlight featuring a selection of startup companies working with SAP.iO to accelerate their business. This episode, you will hear from Elias Guerra, CEO of Popwallet and participant in Foundries Program, and shares some of the biggest drivers that impacted the growth of his company and the ways that SAP.iO was supportive through this process for growth in the future.


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How SAP.iO Drives Innovation and Growth for Startups and Customers Around the World

Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped more than 300+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP’s customers to access innovation. With over 20 years of experience in business development and strategy in the tech industry, it would be hard to find someone more qualified to lead the company’s early-stage startup acceleration and incubation programs across the world than Alexa Gorman.

To officially kick off the second season of The Business of Marketing Podcast, Adweek’s Chief Innovation Officer Toby Daniels sat down with SAP.iO’s SVP, Global Head of Foundries and Intrapreneurship to discuss her career at SAP that spans over two decades, how SAP.IO works with startups to develop marketing strategies to drive business transformation and their commitment to inclusivity by pledging to accelerate 200+ startups from underrepresented founders.

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Bringing Sustainability To The Fashion World

When we think of the world of fashion, sustainability is one of the last words we’d associate with it.

However, Queen of Raw wants to change that. Queen of Raw has built a software platform to help organisations discover, buy, and sell material that would otherwise go to landfill, or be burned. Given that around $120 billion of material is wasted annually, there’s a huge potential for savings.

Listen to this podcast as Stephanie Benedetto and Phil Derasmo, Queen of Raw’s CEO and COO/CTO respectively (and the company co-founders) to come on the podcast to tell me how they’re cleaning up fashion’s supply chain.

Strengthening Inclusivity through AI

Kishau Rogers is the Founder & CEO of Time Study, Inc., a venture-backed startup offering solutions for using machine learning, advanced natural language processing, and data science to automatically tell a story of how enterprise employees spend their time. She has a deep background in computer science, over 25 years of experience building enterprise technology solutions and more than 15 years of entrepreneurial leadership. This episode features discussions of current diversity issues and how Artificial Intelligence can empower underrepresented communities through inclusive algorithms in the future.

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Work Matters Podcast

Work Matters is a podcast about improving work related experiences that affect happiness, success and engagement both on the job and at home.

Happiness in life depends primarily on three things: our health, our social relationships, and our experiences or the activities we engage in each day. For most of us, this third factor is largely about work. When it comes to living a fulfilling life, work matters! Work impacts our happiness directly by affecting our enjoyment and sense of fulfillment, and indirectly through its impact on our health and relationships. This podcast examines how different aspects of work affect our lives. Each episode we explore a specific topic related to the experience of work with a focus on understanding why it matters and how to make it better. ​

Mental Health Matters

Caring for our mental health is essential to maintaining happiness, motivation, and drive both at work and at home. Regina Athié tells us how we can implement small changes to our everyday lives to improve our overall mental health.

Managing stress by learning to be resilient

Work is often a major source of stress. Even if we cannot eliminate causes of stress, we can learn to manage them. We talk about how to be resilient with Dr. Andrew Shatte’, Chief Science Officer at meQuilibrium a company dedicated to employee wellbeing.

Using e-mail, instant messaging and texting to build work relationships

The way we use e-mail, texting and other electronic communication tools influences how others perceive us at work. We talk with Joe Freed the founder of Cultivate, a company dedicated to improving the quality of electronic communication.

Out now: Femventures – a podcast on adventurous women in tech

Femventures is a podcast by SAP.iO that brings you stories of women who are currently shaping the future of the tech industry. You will hear from women at SAP who are the heads of innovation departments, founded their own business or are running start-up accelerators inside the company. Hosts Lisa and Leonie put a spotlight on their experiences in a male-dominated field, and invite you to listen to them as they talk about overcoming challenges, taking risks and embracing failure. This show is an opportunity for people looking for actionable advice and inspiring female role models working in tech. Find us on openSAP, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Our first guest is Vanessa Liu, who dreamt of becoming an astronaut but became a tech entrepreneur instead. Tune in to get her insights on investing in female founders and the importance of role models (like her 79-year-old mom counting Cardi B among her clients).

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Exploring How Diversity Fuels Innovation at the Intersection of Supply Chain, Technology, Sustainability, and Gender Equity with Sallie Jian

In episode 50, you’ll hear insights on top skills needed in the tech world, what’s driving leadership in global supply chains, the common threads of success in scaling innovation, and how to leverage the SDGs in your partnerships and hiring practices.

Listen as Sallie Jian shares why she decided to lead the SAP.iO NY foundry.