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Podcast: Digitizing your inventory with 3D printing – a chat with Ivaldi CEO Espen Sivertsen

I’m a big fan of 3D Printing, and have been ever since seeing the Replicator on Star Trek! So, when I heard that one of the Ivaldi, one of the startup companies in the New York Foundry was in the 3D Printing space, I was very keen to chat with them.

Espen Sivertsen, the CEO of Ivaldi, graciously agreed to come on the show and we had a fantastic chat about how Ivaldi is helping organisations digitise their inventory (and we got to hear from his 3 year old daughter!).

If you have any comments/suggestions or questions for the podcast – feel free to leave me a voice message over on my SpeakPipe page or just send it to me as a direct message on Twitter/LinkedIn. Audio messages will get played (unless you specifically ask me not to).

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Supply Chain Revolution Podcast

Imagine a world where supply chains are flipped upside down, a world where we send files, not parts? A world that empowers the end consumer to produce what is needed on-demand through cloud based technology, including recycling on site in a circular transition?

I recently chatted with CEO of Ivaldi Group, Espen Sivertsen, to talk about the future of digital supply chains using digital distribution, on-demand additive manufacturing, industrial sustainability, and the power of diversity in technology. Espen is currently part of the SAP.iO Foundry bootcamp and shares observations he’s gathered from Silicon Valley and beyond, that diversity fuels innovation (read that again). The segments Ivaldi serves in digital distribution include maritime, industrial, mining, energy (gas turbines and power plants), and automotive.

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#ZukunftsReady No. 3: Alexa Gorman

Alexa Gorman ist seit 1999 bei SAP und arbeitet dort seit Jahren eng mit Startups zusammen. Ihre Sicht auf das Startup-Ökosystem in Deutschland, den Ansatz von SAP, der „Next Partner Generation“ und welche Gedanken sich Corporates machen sollten, um erfolgreich mit Startups zusammenarbeiten, hört ihr in diesem Podcast.

LabsTalk – Storifyme with Nemanja Popovic

In this episode, we chat with a startup  founder in SAP.iO Foundry Munich’s Spring 2020 cohort. Nemanja Popovic, CEO of StorifyMe, explains how his company helps businesses engage on social media, shares insights on content technology trends, and tells us about his experiences going from corporate developer to innovation entrepreneur.

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