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Philippe Souidi

Head of SAP.iO Foundry Munich

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FoundriesBlogMunichConsumer Industries
January 7, 2021

Every Return Saved Is a Win for Consumers, Brands, and the Planet

If the CEO of Presize has his way, clothing returns will be a relic of the past, and online retail brands will not sacrifice business for the sake of the environment. The…
November 1, 2020

With a SAP collaboration and a round A underway, Pico comes out punching from Covid-19 crisis

The Israeli startup is currently working with over 60 sports teams globally from some of the biggest leagues in the world and was selected to take part in SAP's first-ever…
FoundriesMunichPortfolio News
October 13, 2020

“” secures the mega-deal

With their start-up “” Tomislav Tomov (28) and Leon Szeli (26) want to change online clothing shipping. Because clothes that are ordered online cannot be tried on beforehand, there are tons…
FoundriesPress ReleaseMunichPortfolio NewsService Industries
September 18, 2020

SAP.iO Co-Leads Innovation with Munich’s SAP Garden

SAP announced its first-ever fan experience–focused startup accelerator program. From the latest SAP.iO Foundry location in Munich, eight startups have been chosen to participate in the upcoming fall cohort held in…

Munich Graduates


Improve your e-commerce website CX with a best-of-breed hybrid messaging widget

Ariadne Maps GmbH

Enabling physical business owners to manage their business as if it was a website.


Increase conversion rates with emotional interface adaptation


3D visualization technology for e-commerce stores for a 360° shopping experience


The best Frontend Management Platform for the API-driven world


A mixed reality sports & gaming platform built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games.


Insider Navigation

AR indoor positioning and navigation plus merging physical venue with digital data.


Visual search platform creating a smooth path between what we see and the information we need


Technology for post-purchase communication for an optimal shopping experience


Pico turns engaged, anonymous online fans into identifiable customer profiles to support true business

Smartphone Body Scanning Software enabling fashion companies to fit their customers with the perfect size


IoT solutions for unique customer experiences


Let your customers tell your story.


Provide experience & increase conversions on a visual storytelling channel


AI-powered emotion analytics for everyone - we make emotion AI accessible!


AI-powered technology analyzes product images and text, and automates product data enrichment


One system – unlimited possibilities


Collect first-party audience data with interactive mobile ads.


Humanize your digital customer experience


The capital of Bavaria is one of Europe’s leading technology clusters with its unique ecosystem of global players, startups, research, and talents. Our accelerator is located in the heart of the Nymphenburg neighborhood.