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June 10, 2021

Fintech MatchMove gets US$100m shot in the arm

FINTECH company MatchMove said it is receiving a US$100 million strategic investment from US-headquartered IT services group Nityo Infotech Corp at a US$600 million post-money valuation, which will make Nityo…
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June 1, 2021

How Staple is Helping to Power the First Mile of Data Processing

We talked to Ben Stein, CEO at Staple about converting documents into structured data and here is what he said about it. First of all, how are you and your…
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November 9, 2020

SAP Startup Spotlight: RoadGoat

Kurosh Hashemi is the founder and CEO of RoadGoat. Prior to starting RoadGoat, Kurosh founded and led the Ultraviolet LED Lighting business at Philips Lighting, which was acquired by Apollo Management. Kurosh…
FoundriesArticleSan FranciscoPortfolio NewsNetwork & Spend Management
September 1, 2020

Jet-Set Offset Swaps Your Frequent Flyer Guilt for Sustainable Air Travel

The air travel industry is waking up to a post-pandemic world filled with people who have a heightened awareness of climate change and sustainability. The entrepreneurs behind Jet-Set Offset are turning these…



Cross border financial infrastructure and applications.


Empowering companies to make better sourcing decisions.


Bacarai is creating the first central marketplace for group airfare.


Smarter Credit Decisions with AI


B2B corporate travel tool helping enterprises manage workforce travel

Jet-Set Offset

A donation-based carbon offsetting tool for happier, more sustainable business travel. Take climate action now - and every time you fly.


Lumo predicts flight delays using powerful machine learning algorithms to help the entire travel ecosystem proactively manage disruptions.


Solutions that make it easy to put essential financial services in any app.

Per Angusta

Enable procurement performance management, collaboration and agility


Engage business travelers and bring business trips to life


Accelerate decision-making with automated use case-driven analytics


AI that reads, interprets and extracts structured data from documents at scale, regardless of layout or language.


Software platform that connects mills, manufacturers, and vendors with apparel retailers, brands, and designers to source raw materials and create traceability and transparency in the global fashion supply chain drastically reducing time to market of "on-trend" products.


The world’s first open platform for trade finance, pioneering the way in the dawn of the ‘internet of trade’.


Project management software for team travel


End to end support for project cost estimating and proposal pricing


30SecondsToFly automates travel call centers with A.I. to provide higher service level while reducing operational costs