Foundry San Francisco

Looking for B2B Entrepreneurs and Startups – Apply to SAP.iO Foundry program in San Francisco on the Intelligent Enterprise!

Our no-equity ask program provides access to SAP APIs, SAP technologies, and opportunities for exposure to SAP customers. Admitted teams will have access to workspace for 4 months in San Francisco (South Park). During the cohort, teams will be immersed in a highly curated program working along-side world-class executives and mentors (SAP execs and external mentors) with a focus on the unique challenges of B2B companies including Enterprise Sales Marketing, Funding, Technology Scaling, the Procurement Gauntlet, Pricing Models, and Product Management Essentials.

We're looking for Seed to Series A startups leveraging emerging technologies including AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain to radically impact the future of enterprise business processes and workflows and deliver high-value outcomes for SAP customers.

Our Graduates




Brite Health

Career Link

CareerLark provides an alternative to the traditional annual review process with continuous feedback that helps employees improve in real-time, increasing productivity and engagement.


Health provides uses AI to predict patient flow and streamline patient experience and healthcare operations in hospitals and clinics.


Contract Wrangler


Control tackles aggregated payment and transaction analytics in real- time without coding across multiple payment gateways (positioned as “Mint for SMBs)”.


ML-based analysis of manager-report multichannel communications (e.g., email, slack, chat) to drive coaching of managers and improve organizational engagement and and health


Hexa aims to build financial infrastructure for emerging economies that need digital payment solutions (positioned as an Alipay for emerging country economies).


Instapio transforms signal metadata from smart devices into location based consumer intelligence from the physical world.


InteriMarket is a Talent Management Platform helping employers hire, evaluate, and retain great talent in the growing gig economy.


Platform using ML that connects experts throughout the supply chain and distribution network and captures new, customer-winning knowledge and actionable insights to empowers companies’ frontline sales and service teams


Automated, ML-enabled platform for assessing developer / coding skills


Simularity is an enterprise-grade predictive analytics software company, applying AI and machine learning on edge devices in IoT.


Enterprise blockchain platform providing logistics transaction management and product traceability.