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Four Companies Collaborate to Support DX in Manufacturing

Fujitsu, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., SAP Japan Co., Ltd. and Skillnote Corporation plan to collaborate on the development of platform services supporting digital transformation (DX) in the manufacturing industry, with a focus on the manufacturing of aircraft, railways, ships and large machinery.

Finding ways to respond flexibly to rapid changes in the global economy, including a dramatic reduction in the working age population in many developed countries, represents an ongoing challenge for the manufacturing industry.

To this end, the demand for measures to ensure business continuity throughout the supply chain and to standardize and systemize technologies and skills is gaining increasing importance.

Many on-site production management tasks still rely on manual labor, however, and especially small and medium-sized manufacturers often face barriers to DX adoption, including trouble securing skilled workers and difficulty in calculating the return on investment.

There also remain concerns that the local digitization and systematization of individual companies may create organizational silos that hinder overall optimization of the entire supply chain and operations linked to the engineering chain.

To address these challenges and to provide a basis for efficient, continuous high-quality manufacturing by using common data and information, Fujitsu, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, SAP Japan and Skillnote plan to develop manufacturing platform services “co-created” with users.

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Crosschq Named Best in Class HR Technology for Recruitment

Crosschq, pioneers of the Talent Intelligence Cloud™, which is powering a revolution in data-driven hiring and people analytics, today shared that it was recently named the Best in Class HR Technology for Recruitment in North America by the 2022 HRO Today Association Awards.

For more than 15 years, the HRO Today Association has recognized company and individual accomplishments in human resources, technology, and leadership around the world. This year’s North America and EMEA program garnered hundreds of submissions, with 71 selected as finalists. The awards for these regions were presented during the virtual HRO Today Association Conference, which took place on November 16, 2022. Of those named as finalists, 37 companies and individuals, including Crosschq, took home awards during the ceremony.

Elliot Clark, CEO & Chairman of SharedXpertise, publisher of HRO Today, commented, “With the HRO Today Association Awards, we aim to recognize the companies and individuals advancing the HR function. What Crosschq provides improves upon several of the challenges and pain points that talent teams frequently lament. It emphasizes transparency and collaboration while identifying process inefficiencies and delivers critical insights. Crosschq is truly a best-in-class recruitment solution, and we congratulate them on this win.”

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SAP.iO Foundry New York Kicks Off Web3 in Future of Work Program

October 17, 2022 SAP SE‘s (NYSE: SAP) SAP.iO Foundry New York has launched its latest startup program focused on Web3 in the Future of Work with SAP SuccessFactors. Five startups have been selected by a jury of SAP experts, partners, customers, and venture capital funds to join the program.

The startups selected for the program center on emerging technologies, including blockchain, token economy (NFTs), digital assets (crypto, wallets, identity), artificial intelligence (AI), and metaverse (augmented and virtual reality). Over the next 12 weeks, they will have access to curated mentorship from SAP executives, exposure to SAP® technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers worldwide.

The following startups are participating in the SAP.iO Foundry New York Fall 2022 program:

  1. Beem enables communication using real humans in augmented reality, allowing users to communicate in the most credible and immersive way possible.
  2. BitPay builds enterprise-grade tools to send and receive cryptocurrencies, enabling employees to receive a portion of their pay in crypto.
  3. Gmetri is a no-code browser-based metaverse toolkit, providing the complete web 3.0 infrastructure to create, publish and track your own metaverse.
  4. Talespin is building a spatial computing learning platform to power talent development and skills mobility for the future of work. ­­
  5. Veremark runs faster and smoother background checks with secure, reusable data through blockchain-based verified credentials.

About SAP.iO
SAP.iO delivers new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures. SAP.iO brings together innovators from every region, industry, and line of business to transform how businesses run. Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped 450+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP customers to access innovation. For more information, visit

SAP.iO selects seven startups to join its Future of Work program in Berlin

September 26, 2022SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) is about to launch its next startup program focused on the future of work at SAP.iO Foundry Berlin. After months of scouting and evaluating more than 90 startups from 22 countries with 25 experts from within and outside of SAP, seven startups made it into the program.

“As organizations navigate the post-pandemic world, the future of work continues to be a top priority,” said Meg Bear, President & Chief Product Officer at SAP SuccessFactors. “To make sure we continue to help customers put people at the center of every aspect of work, we constantly expand our ecosystem with new and exciting startup partners.”

During the program, the startups will receive mentorship from SAP executives and leading industry experts from Capgemini as well as access to SAP® technology, application programming interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers.

“Business today are looking for innovative solutions that help shape their future of work strategies. This includes solving complex business challenges around cloud, digital and platforms,” said Martin Schmidt, Head of People & Technology Consulting at Capgemini in Germany. “Understanding the skills that are needed to drive this transformation is crucial for them to stay ahead of the curve. We’re excited to work with the selected startups to foster innovation and deliver sustainable value to our joint clients.”

The selected startups represent and deliver innovation in four different categories: Talent Management, Core HR & Payroll, Human Experience Management and Workforce Planning & Analytics. The following are joining the program:

  1. Cobrainer addresses the war for talent from within by automatically profiling employees’ skills and ambitions and providing personalized internal growth recommendations in seconds.
  2. Fifty bridges the intention-action gap in trainings and business transformations. Fifty’s eDoing platform enables rapid and measurable adoption of new behaviors. It combines nudge and artificial intelligence for use at scale.
  3. gradar is the job grading system for the modern workplace. It’s the complete solution to design and manage a job architecture helping businesses perform consistent job evaluation that establishes fair and transparent pay structures.
  4. Onwards HR is a risk mitigation platform that streamlines employee separations and provides advanced analytics to help organizations support their DEI and talent strategies.
  5. Rolebot is the world’s first AI-powered ‘job board in reverse’ for top-tier passive talent, surfacing the other 75% of the skilled workforce who never apply. Its customers provenly land diverse, fresh talent in half the time and exceed their DEI goals.
  6. shyftplan is an AI-based solution for shift scheduling and focused on manufacturing customers. One of the key capabilities in shyftplan is the automation of the scheduling process. The solution is scalable to thousands of employees, even for complex cases.
  7. Workmotion enables companies to grow and expand their teams without regard to national borders. It digitizes and simplifies time-consuming onboarding processes, helping companies create employment contracts instantly and onboard talent from all over the world quickly, easily and with compliance.

With this announcement, SAP.iO Foundry Berlin goes into the next phase and is calling innovative businesses who run on SAP SuccessFactors and want to be the frontrunners in adopting and bringing new value to their workforce, leaders and HR teams.

SAP customers who want to support this cohort can expect to dive right into curated innovation and design thinking workshops, close collaboration on use case definitions, proof of concepts, and ready-to-implement integrations on SAP solutions at the end of the program.

If you want to learn more about how you can get involved and benefit from this cohort, check out the SAP.iO Foundry Berlin website.

If you want to dive deeper, get in touch with the team.

About SAP.iO
SAP.iO delivers new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures. SAP.iO brings together innovators from every region, industry, and line of business to transform how businesses run. Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped 450+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP customers to access innovation. For more information, visit



Skillnote Goes Global with Manufacturing Skills Management on SAP Store

When you fire up your laptop or switch on your car, you probably don’t think much about the manufacturing involved in these great inventions of modern life or the human skills required to produce them. Sure, automation and robotics and all manner of technology are employed; but it’s people with specialized capabilities that are the brains behind it. This is the domain of Skillnote, a popular app on SAP Store that helps manufacturers manage employee skills, qualifications, and certifications. Why is this such a big deal? In short, because precise skills and training management are necessary to meet customer requirements and international standards for quality assurance. That’s how manufacturers ensure that your indispensable devices work reliably as finely tuned machines.

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Remote And Hybrid Workers Have Higher Degree Of Psychological Safety At Work Than On-Site Employees, Says New MeQuilibrium Study

Remote employees have enjoyed better work-life balance, no commute, and the ability to work anywhere, however, a new meQuilibrium survey of 3,900 employees sheds new light on why people are reluctant to return to office — remote and hybrid employees have a higher degree of psychological safety at work than on-site employees. On-site employees said they are 66% more likely to feel like mistakes are held against them, they are 57% more likely to say that people are rejected for being different, and 36% more likely to find it difficult to ask teammates for help.

There is a real difference in psychological safety among work settings,” said Brad Smith, PhD., Chief Science Officer, meQuilibrium. “In many remote-for-the-first-time environments where everybody is the same size square on the video call, it’s often easier to speak up and be heard.”

The survey found that those working on-site are less likely to feel at ease discussing difficult topics, less likely to feel safe taking risks and less likely to feel that the team respects and values each other. Nearly half (44.5%) of the employees surveyed said they would quit if there was a requirement to work on site without a remote or hybrid option.

A lack of psychological safety at work can have repercussions on a business. Teams where members don’t feel comfortable taking a risk to raise a new idea or suggest a new approach will have difficulty innovating. In order for organizations to be successful, its people need to feel comfortable speaking up, asking questions, and disagreeing with team members and managers.

Considering psychological safety across different levels of resilience, the study found that 60% of employees with low resilience and low psychological safety feel burned out and 34% are thinking about quitting their job. Just 5% of highly resilient employees who feel psychologically safe reported feeling burned out and just 3% were thinking about quitting.

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Crosschq Named a Finalist in the 2022 SaaS Awards

 Crosschq, pioneers of the Talent Intelligence Cloud™, which is powering a revolution in data-driven hiring and people analytics, today shared it has been declared a finalist in the international business software program, The SaaS Awards. A partner of the popular Cloud Awards, the SaaS Awards strives to represent software from around the world across a number of categories. Crosschq has been recognized in the Best SaaS Product for Recruitment category.

A data-driven recruiting platform, Crosschq helps take the guesswork out of hiring, delivering valuable candidate insights and advanced analytics. The company’s suite of products supports streamlined processes, enhanced outcomes and improved quality of hire while integrating easily and securely into existing workflows.

James Williams, Head of Operations for the SaaS Awards, shared, “This year, the SaaS Awards received a very strong shortlist. All chosen finalists demonstrated a remarkable commitment to innovation. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many innovative solutions on the shortlist, but Crosschq proved to the judging panel it was a clear choice to make it to the next stage, with every possibility of being selected as the ultimate category winner.”

Crosschq CEO Mike Fitzsimmons commented, “Given the challenges associated with hiring and the number of companies looking to solve these problems, it’s a tremendous honor to stand out as a SaaS Award finalist and speaks directly to what differentiates Crosschq. We’re not just another solution provider; we’re changing how companies think about recruiting and making a measurable impact for our customers.”

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Paradox Named Human Resource Executive Top Product of the Year For Third Time in Four Years

Paradox, the conversational recruiting software company helping companies like Unilever, McDonald’s, and General Motors get hiring work done faster by automating repetitive tasks, was today named HR Executive Top Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive.

This is the company’s third HRE Top Product honor since its first entry in 2019 — and this year was presented for Traitify by Paradox’s Animated Assessment, a revolutionary personality assessment built around custom, relatable images that have been intentionally and scientifically crafted to produce more accurate assessment results.

In 2019, Paradox won HRE’s top award for its Hire product — which is fundamentally changing high-volume hiring through fast, mobile-first experiences that automate up to 90% of the process for field hiring managers. And in 2021, the company won for Experience Assistant — which transforms how people engage with career sites, instantly turning them into dynamic, hyper-personalized experiences that evolve with every interaction.

“We’ve always believed that if you get the people thing right, you can build teams that change the world — and in many organizations, assessments play a key role in that mission,” said Paradox CEO Aaron Matos. “I’m proud to work with a team that cares so deeply about building the next generation of recruiting technology. This is just another step in the journey to help our clients transform how they build great teams.”

In an article announcing this year’s winners, judges from Human Resource Executive noted: “Candidate and employee assessments don’t have to be a burden. Paradox has done the nearly impossible by creating an innovative assessment program that is more engaging, perceptive and frankly looks like a dating app. The software provides reports to both hiring managers and candidates based on research culled from more than 5,000 study participants, including a match score for each candidate using Paradox’s underlying Ideal Candidate Profile.”

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Plum Named a Top HR Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive®

Revolutionary talent assessment platform Plum today announced the selection of Plum Leadership Potential as a Top HR Product of 2022 by Human Resource Executive® magazine and the HR Technology Conference & Exposition®.

Every year, the editors of Human Resource Executive and program chair of the HR Technology Conference review Top HR Products of the Year submissions with the goal of highlighting new solutions that improve and enhance the work of HR leaders in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Submissions were judged on product innovation, value added to the HR function, intuitiveness for the user and the ability to deliver on what they promise. Winners represent six critical HR competencies, with Plum selected in the Talent Management category.

“For more than three decades, Human Resource Executive has recognized the groundbreaking technologies that offer real value to HR leaders. This year, our judges reviewed many innovative solutions, with the difficult task of selecting only a handful of winners,” said Elizabeth Clarke, executive editor of Human Resource Executive. “Plum stood out for its Leadership Potential offering, which brings a new approach to talent management and makes it easy for employers to identify their next generation of leaders.”

Plum Leadership Potential enables organizations to identify high-potential talent using proven science combined with scalable technology. Leveraging the results of Plum’s single assessment, organizations gain the ability to measure leadership potential in every employee instantly. This ensures all members of the workforce get considered equitably for their aptitude. Using objective criteria, Plum Leadership Potential helps organizations strip away bias and build more diverse leadership pipelines. By surfacing employees with leadership potential – regardless of race, gender or background – employers can engage, develop and retain future leaders who will be critical to their organization’s success moving forward.

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Talent Development Platform GrowthSpace Announces $25 Million in Series B Funding

GrowthSpace, the world’s first outcome-focused talent development platform, today announced $25 million in Series B funding led by Zeev Ventures. Existing investors M12 (Microsoft’s venture fund) and Vertex Ventures participated in this round, which brings the total amount raised to $44 million.

“We’re thrilled with the Series B investment led by Oren Zeev, that enables us to continue partnering with hundreds of forward-thinking companies looking to strengthen investments in the future of their employees, who will be able to drive business KPIs and impact performance through our outcome focused talent development platform,” stated Omer Glass, CEO and Cofounder of GrowthSpace. “The demand for our solutions is strong as we achieved a 5x ARR growth in the last 12 months. Additionally, we have built a network of 1,500 experts in over 50 countries, and look forward to expanding our reach and impact even further.”

The funds will be used to scale global operations to help meet the rapidly accelerating demand of the G2 category leader. The GrowthSpace talent development platform connects employees to relevant experts at scale, solving a major challenge in a $360* billion+ market.  As a market leader in supporting employee professional growth, Growthspace platform understands the challenge of an individual or a group and leverages sophisticated algorithms to match them with a proven, relevant expert for a development sprint. This can then be implemented dynamically and at scale, across an entire organization.

The platform can be implemented modularly to address specific requirements or set up as a comprehensive solution, enabling companies to plan and execute various talent development programs. Customers can utilize individual and group coaching, mentoring (internal & external), training, workshops, and lectures. GrowthSpace enables HR and organizational development executives to dynamically allocate resources and funds between different types of programs based on corporate goals and people requirements. This enables a centralized wallet powering a decentralized system that can be driven by each individual and team.

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Mentor Spaces Makes DEI Personal: SAP.iO Foundries Sustainability Spotlight

Chris Motley wasn’t set up to succeed. Born to an eighth grader on Chicago’s south side, the African-American boy was bright but given few advantages by society. Until, that is, a family friend mentioned to his mother the nonprofit A Better Chance, which aims to help gifted children of color get great educations. That was the break that led to opportunity. Before long, the teenaged Motley—a star student—found himself telling his story to donors at a Manhattan dinner at Cipriani that was presided over by 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley.

“This guy approached me and said, ‘My boss and I are really interested in you working at our company,’” Motley recalls. “I said, ‘Well, what is your company?’” It was no less than Goldman Sachs. What followed was a series of big successes: a degree from Columbia, an MBA from Northwestern, and successful runs as a commodities trader and international businessman. But Motley’s latest venture may be his most challenging and rewarding: Giving other young people their own better chances.

In 2020 Motley launched a virtual mentorship platform, Mentor Spaces. Its aim: To give those traditionally shut out of top employment opportunities a way in, via meaningful conversations that build confidence and social capital. The startup also hopes thereby to help companies deliver on DEI promises. Corporations and universities are responding. UBS and T-Mobile as well as Howard University and Spelman College are among its founding members, and Motley estimates the average ROI for participating businesses is $1.5 million annually. The platform’s community includes young graduates as well as executives, HR professionals, and college administrators. Mentors and mentees are matched by interest, and interact via group sessions, one on one conversations, and threads where members are able to ask questions, advise each other and ultimately hire or get hired. A sample question company executives might receive: “What impresses you the most when you are hiring for your team?”

It’s not hard to see why Mentor Spaces appealed to SAP, whose sustainability mission includes achieving zero inequality in the workplace. It practices a “no boundaries” policy with its accelerator program SAP.iO. According to Kange Kaneene, vice president for SAP.iO Foundries in North and Latin America and the Caribbean, “that means we prioritize companies founded or led by people whose share of venture capital funding in the technology industry is proportionally less than their share of the population.” The accelerator offered Motley a spot in an SAP.iO cohort called “Future of Work,” in San Francisco.

For Motley, the program was valuable not only for the months-long, ahem, mentorship opportunity, but because it’s designed to create a longer-term partnership between SAP and Mentor Spaces. Kaneene explains: “We’re building an ecosystem of startups that extend the value of our solutions to drive sustainable impact.” How that looks in practice: Upon completion of the accelerator, each startup is integrated into an  SAP solution best suited to it, so SAP clients can gain seamless access to the startup’s products or services. The Foundry experience wasn’t always easy, Motley says. “We do what they call Dolphin Tank, which is the nice version of Shark Tank. You have three minutes to pitch to huge SAP clients like PepsiCo, and everyone gives you feedback on what could have been improved. Ours was, ‘It’s great to know what you do. But what would be better is if you gave us a case study. Your whole pitch should be in the form of showing us what you did for a customer.” Today, he says, “That was tremendous feedback. Because our ratio of show versus tell was inverted, and now it’s not.”

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Crosschq Earns Cloud Wars Win at Recent Cloud Expo

Crosschq, pioneers of the Talent Intelligence Cloud™ that is powering a revolution in data-driven hiring and people analytics, won a spot on the Cloud Wars Shortlist with unique cloud-based business solutions. Held June 28-30, 2022, in San Francisco during the Cloud Wars Expo, Crosschq was vying for recognition of its ability to solve today’s most pressing universal business challenges.

Through its unique Quality of Hire platform, Crosschq supports the talent acquisition requirements of more than 450 customers, including Snowflake, Box, HubSpot, Palo Alto Networks, GoPuff, Glassdoor, Upwork, DISH, Roblox, Flexport, Cloudflare, Reddit and more.

During the competition, Crosschq’s VP of Customer Success, Kelsey Peterson, delivered a three-minute pitch of its solutions, which was judged by real-world CXO analysts. Participating companies were evaluated on if they optimized the digital future, reimagined business models and their ability to dazzle customers.

Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO of Crosschq, said, “We’re honored to receive this acknowledgment from the Cloud Wars, especially given the impressive roster of competitors. At Crosschq, we’re committed to ensuring our customers can significantly improve their hiring workflows and results through our cloud-based, data-driven solutions. Having our team’s innovation recognized among the best in the industry is really gratifying.”

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How Landit Aims to Help Women and Diverse Groups Grow Their Careers

Landit is part of a profile series featuring startups participating in the Innovation Path at Cloud Wars Expo, that took place June 28-30 in San Francisco. several companies on the Cloud Wars Expo Innovation Path have developed software to automate and improve employee recruitment and retention. Landit has a system that’s unique for the level of focus it has taken: It’s designed to increase engagement, retention, and mobility for women and diverse talent populations.

According to Lisa Skeete Tatum, the company’s founder and CEO, these groups are underrepresented when it comes to career growth opportunities — specifically, access to those opportunities and the people who can make them available.

“So many organizations are focused on intake but equally, if not more, important is what happens once people get in the door,” Skeete Tatum says. “Do they stay? Thrive? Progress?”

Landit’s objective is to “democratize and drive performance and career success so that work is working for everyone,” she adds.

The company develops SaaS software and offers personalized career coaching services. It offers both to corporate customers and individuals.

Landit is part of the startup accelerator program. It has $19 million in venture capital funding and was launched in 2015. Landit is headquartered in New York; the company does not disclose its number of employees.

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Anthill Helps Firms Embrace and Retain Deskless Workers

Those of us who work in the tech field may have a tendency to think about the global workforce as being similar to us: always connected, equipped with the latest computer, cellphone, and Internet technology, and technologically savvy.

So it may come as an eye-opener, as it did for me, to learn more about the “deskless” workforce – and its scale. A deskless worker is one that doesn’t:

  • Work in an office
  • Have an employer email address
  • Have computer access through an employer
  • Necessarily have a smartphone

The number of workers globally who have the characteristics cited above is 2.7 billion, or 80 percent of the global workforce.

Startup company Anthill aims to help companies manage and retain deskless workers more effectively. Its value proposition: Since companies are already investing in deskless workers with training and other resources, they should proactively engage them and retain these workers as well as they treat their knowledge workers. The company also aims to bring new possibilities (such as growth opportunities) to the deskless workforce.

Anthill’s solution is built on a simple premise: using text messaging (which is available even to those without smartphones) as a means to engage these workers, build more of a relationship with them and, ultimately, retain them.

With $4.4 million in venture capital funding and 23 employees, Chicago-based Anthill is part of the startup accelerator program.

The CEO of Gapsquare, Dr Zara Nanu, receives MBE

Dr Zara Nanu, CEO and Co-Founder of Gapsquare, part of XpertHR, has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list for services to tackling global workplace inequalities and promoting fairness and inclusion.


Zara’s commitment to ensuring diversity and inclusion began in her native Moldova. It was here that she worked to bring an end to exploitative people trafficking rings which forced women into sweatshops. It’s with this same determination that Zara has sought to bring equality to the workplace by founding Gapsquare in 2016; harnessing data and AI technology to help organisations put a stop to biases and prejudicial practices preventing equality.

Gapsquare provides business leaders with actionable insights about their company’s existing pay gaps through their flagship software FairPay® Pro. The organisation has helped over 80 organisations across the UK create fairer workplaces, including working with Wieden + Kennedy, Condé Nast and Accenture.

Zara is taking Gapsquare’s mission to end pay inequality global, working with business leaders to get pay equity on the agenda and implementing the pay technology in the United States.

A leading voice in the campaign for positive change and action, Zara is Chair of the Women in Business Task Group and a member of the Global Future Council on Equity and Social Justice at the World Economic Forum. She has also been recently appointed to the Shinkwin Commission focusing on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Zara Nanu, CEO and Co-founder at Gapsquare, from XpertHR, comments: “From my work in Moldova to using technology to tackle inequality with Gapsquare, I have been focused on creating a better world of work, one that has fairness at its core and is not held back by patriarchal structures. It is an honour to have this work recognised and I am incredibly grateful for the nomination. It’s heartening to see this work, and the values it represents, placed firmly on the national agenda.

“But our work is by no means complete, the impact of the pandemic means that the time it will take to close the global gender gap has increased by a generation from 99.5 years to 135.6 years. That is why I am focused on change at a global level, bringing Gapsquare to the US, and continuing to work with our leaders in the UK to deliver meaningful change for a fairer and more inclusive future of work.

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