B2B Growth Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Asia’s startup ecosystem had been on the ascendance over the past few years. According to a study backed by Vertex Venture Holdings and Preqin, Asia could overtake North America as the epi-center for venture capital funding next year. Asia VC funds had USD 323 billion worth of assets under management (AUM) at the end of last year vs North American VC funds which had USD 397 billion. With more unicorns in China than the US, it is not surprising that the bulk of the Asian funds are focused on China. However, Southeast Asia already have USD 28 billion AUM and attracting Chinese and Japanese investors to the region.

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Asia set to eclipse US as world’s venture capital powerhouse

Southeast Asia also enjoys strong government backing for entrepreneurship, backed by a rising, affluent, middle class, said Scott Russell, president for Asia Pacific Japan at German software provider SAP, whose SAP.iO Foundry fund based in Singapore is in the process of accelerating seven early-stage startups. “We see innovative and ambitious startups developing across the region,” said Russell. “This is driving deal flow and overall interest from venture capitalists to invest.”

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AI-based chatbot Niki to add seven more Indian languages

Artificial Intelligence start-up Niki is all set to diversify into seven other Indian languages after having tasted success in the Hindi language app-based internet commerce by creating a virtual agent for online voice-based transactions for consumers who are hassled by the barriers like using the keyboard in English or Indian languages.

Niki has already created a user base of 18 lakh consumers in Hindi language and the start up firm has reached an annual turnover of Rs 300 crore.

IIT Kharagpur alumnus and CEO of Niki Sachin Jaiswal told The Pioneer, “What we are trying to do is to unlock internet commerce for the next billion users in India by developing a virtual agent for them. In India, 95 per cent of the people don’t know how to use an app because most of the apps are in English language. Typing through keyboard in vernacular language is complicated and one should have a basic understanding of computer terminologies to process the instructions through the apps.”

Niki has developed a solution by developing apps in Indian languages that operate through voice-based commands to remove the sore points of the consumers.”

The Niki app will help the users for services like online recharge, bill payments of various utilities like power, phone or gas and also facilitate in booking travel tickets by just issuing commands through voice especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

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HEINEKEN announces winners of its HR-tech competition

The Dutch brewing company HEINEKEN concluded its first-ever HR tech-focused competition called HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse last Friday.

The winner of the Recruitment category was SAP, a team consisting of platforms Eightfold.ai, Sonru, and Plum. The final winner for the Wild Card category was Pulsifi, a Singapore-based company that uses data analytics for HR management. Pulsifi’s platform combines organizational psychology and artificial intelligence to help companies hire, retain, and develop talents.

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SAP.iO provides SAP an opportunity to partner instead of acquire

Rather than acquire every company it believes could benefit its customers, SAP is doing something else — partnering with them.

About 18 months ago, SAP contacted Caitlin MacGregor about her startup, Plum.io. It wanted to invest in her psychometric assessment firm. This outreach is part of SAP’s strategy to partner with companies and avoid acquisitions.

McGregor said the effort by SAP “has made us more credible.” Plum gained business from enterprises. Systems integrators, including Deloitte Consulting, are also expanding the company’s reach. “We’ve definitely been able to increase our growth,” she said.

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Mehr Startups von Frauen!

SAP.iO ist SAP‘s strategische Geschäftseinheit, die mit dem SAP.iO Fund und den SAP.iO Foundries innovative Start-ups im B2B Techsektor durch Investitionen und Accelerationsprogramme unterstützt. Mit SAP.iO No Boundaries haben wir uns entschieden, bis zu 40 Prozent des investierbaren Kapitals aus dem SAP.iO Fund für die Förderung von inklusivem Unternehmertum einzusetzen. Durch den Ausbau und verstärkte Aktivitäten bei unserem Programm SAP.iO Foundries wollen wir in den nächsten fünf Jahren mindestens 200 Start-ups weltweit unterstützen. Der SAP. iO Fund und die SAP.iO Foundry Programme zur Förderung von inklusivem Unternehmertum spiegeln die Vision der SAP wieder, die Abläufe der weltweiten Wirtschaft und das Leben von Menschen zu verbessern.


SAP Politikbrief Startups Journel

The SAP Government Relations team publishes a quarterly info-journal (SAP Politikbrief) for German political and public administration representatives incl. important decision makers from German executive and legislative bodies, such as the Chancellery, Federal and Regional Ministries and Parliaments, municipalities as well as scientists and academics. The Q3 Politikbrief is dedicated to startups. The journal is published in German and English, online and in print.

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How to Build an Entrepreneurial University

Building a robust relationship between stakeholders from the get-go is essential. Relationships require a foundation of trust and an understanding of the interests of each party – and nurturing these relationships throughout the partnership is equally critical. As leadership change takes place at different rates in academia, start-ups and large corporations, it can be challenging to re-establish trust and re-align on the goals in the face of change. It’s important to have a strategic consensus to sustain the essence of mutual goals and reinforce the relationship to maintain a solid relationship throughout their partnership.

“In particular, aligning on expectations from each stakeholder – academia, start-ups, and corporations – is a key to establishing trust and long-term success,” said Ram Jambunathan, Managing Director, SAP.iO. “Academia is often focused on pushing the boundaries forward through proof-of-concept demonstrations, while corporates may be looking for something incremental that can align to existing offerings, mature development processes or sales motions. And in between are start-ups coming from universities that are in the process of establishing product-market fit.”

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Predicting Job Success and Preparing Enterprises for the Future of Work

Plum company logo

Everywhere I turn, I hear concerns about technology and workforce automation causing job losses. For employers, however, it seems that the real worry lies not in eliminating but retaining their workforce.

How can they prepare their existing talent pool – and their organizations – to thrive in the new economy? How can they deal with the impending mass migration of jobs toward those requiring new skills?

Those are the fundamental questions that emerged from my discussion with Emily Lambert, Content Marketing specialist at Plum, Inc. Plum offers a solution, also called Plum, that is now available on SAP App Center. It uses the precepts of industrial and organizational psychology combined with – you guessed it – artificial intelligence (AI) to help organizations hire, grow, and retain top talent.

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Heuritech raises $4.4 million for AI that uncovers what’s hot in fashion and beauty

With social media and data transforming commerce, Paris-based Heuritech has raised $4.4 million to help clients in fashion and beauty stay abreast of rapidly changing tastes.

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000278 EndHTML:000176866 StartFragment:000176452 EndFragment:000176794 StartSelection:000176452 EndSelection:000176794 SourceURL:https://venturebeat.com/2019/09/03/heuritech-raises-4-4-million-for-ai-to-discover-whats-hot-in-fashion-and-beauty/ Heuritech raises $4.4 million for AI that uncovers what’s hot in fashion and beauty | VentureBeat

The company uses algorithms and computer vision to scan and analyze large volumes of images and text across the internet to understand trends as they emerge, mutate, and then vanish. With social media accelerating the rise and fall of mini-fads, companies are struggling to stay current in industries where falling behind can be fatal.

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So will SAP die Vielfalt in der Gründerszene fördern

Düsseldorf Rania Reda hat bereits mehrere Start-ups gegründet, groß gemacht und verkauft. Derzeit baut sie mit Augmania eine Plattform auf, die die Erstellung von Inhalten für Augmented Reality deutlich erleichtern soll.
Trotz ihrer Erfahrung tut sich die 46-jährige Gründerin schwer, im Silicon Valley von den namhaften Risikokapitalgebern eine Finanzierungsrunde zu bekommen – und das, so ist sie überzeugt, liegt weder an ihrer Geschäftsidee noch an ihrer Präsentation.