Revuze and Gaprise Partner Bring Self-service CX to Brands in Japan

With increased demand to predict products success in the market and to understand markets needs and sentiment, Japan-based Brands can now have an opportunity to learn from their consumers and improve their Products competitive edge.

Revuze enables brands to quickly understand their product and customer satisfaction issues, and to automatically score and rank their brand’s performance relative to its competitors and to the market.

Revuze uses AI, powered by Natural-language programming (NLP) and machine learning, to empower Brands that previously have relied on manually intensive solutions, such as text analytics, social listening and monitoring with a simple online service. Without the need to pre-define a single keyword, rule, topic or sentiment value – Insight Analysts can access the most nuanced information available. The data is delivered, via a single screen, about consumers and their needs, across thousands of internal and external data sources, on any given product Category.

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Jung, weiß, männlich war gestern: Warum SAP bei der Startup-Förderung einen anderen Weg geht

Das Scheinwerferlicht fällt auf Rania Redas dunkelbraunes Haar, als sie die Bühne betritt, um vor knapp 400 Leuten ihr Augmented-Reality-Startup zu präsentieren. Ihr Herz rast. Auch nach 22 Jahren im Startup-Geschäft und mehr als 70 Pitches spürt sie noch den Adrenalinrausch, sagt sie. Die Zuschauer merken davon jedoch nichts: Jeder Satz sitzt perfekt, die Gesten sind routiniert. Die ägyptische Softwareentwicklerin ist eine von sechs Gründern, die an diesem Abend beim Abschlussevent von SAPs Startup-Förderprogramm „No Boundaries“ in Berlin auf der Bühne stehen.

SAP wagt mit dem Programm derzeit etwas, was in der Branche Pioniercharakter hat: eine inklusive Startup-Förderung. Mit „No Boundaries“ hat sich der deutsche Softwarekonzern das Ziel gesetzt, mindestens 40 Prozent seines Investmentfonds SAP.iO in Startups zu stecken, die von Angehörigen von Minderheiten geführt werden. Weltweit wolle man auf diese Weise bis 2025 mehr als 200 Startups an acht Standorten fördern.


Recruiters And Job Candidates Love Talking With This AI Assistant

As competition for top talent in every industry heats up, an award-winning AI assistant named Olivia is stepping in to help recruiters and job candidates speed past antiquated hiring norms. The brainchild of Aaron Matos, co-founder and CEO of Paradox, Olivia is entirely mobile and relies on text messaging to compress the timespan between screening qualified people and hiring dates. “The assistant’s job is to get work done, and that’s what Olivia focuses on,” said Matos. “This frees up the recruiter’s time for more valuable responsibilities, like talking face-to-face with qualified candidates.”

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SAP’s new incubator taps the potential of women and minority founders

For the past three months, Purushothaman and her co-founders at Hardskills — an online platform that helps companies train their workforce in behavioral skills—have been one of six startups in SAP’s new B2B diversity accelerator in Berlin. The German giant, a market leader in enterprise application software, launched the SAP.iO No Boundaries initiative in January, with the goal of incubating underrepresented entrepreneurs to drive inclusive entrepreneurship and level the playing field. It plans to boost 200 such startups by 2023.

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David and Goliath: Large firms working with tiny startups

Big multinationals are increasingly bringing startups in-house or supporting them. Now software giant SAP plans to help out 200 startups founded by women and members of underrepresented minorities worldwide by 2023. SAP.iO Foundries is a worldwide network of startup projects. It has programs in Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Munich and Singapore. After selecting them through an application process, SAP supports young entrepreneurs with know-how and logistics.

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H&M, Microsoft, PVH Corp Collaborate in Circular Fashion Initiative

H&M, Target, PVH Corp, Microsoft, Waste Management and others have collaborated on CircularID, an initiative designed to promote circularity by creating a new standard for communicating information about fashion products. The project would provide access to information such as materials, origin, authenticity, price, style and recycling instructions that stay with goods throughout their life.

CircularID™ is a Digital Identity standard that enables products to consistently communicate and share information about themselves essential for identification and management of the products and materials in the circular economy.

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AI-Based Career Mentoring for the Masses

Personalized career development is no longer a perk for the privileged few at the top. An intelligent mentoring app called Ellen matches mentors and mentees from all levels of the organization. Launched by San Francisco-based, the Ellen app is popular with a growing number of major companies worldwide, including in the U.S. and Asia. was among the HR startups that recently participated in the SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco.

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AI-Based Career Mentoring For The Masses: When People Talk, Innovation Happens

Personalized career development is no longer a perk for the privileged few at the top. An intelligent mentoring app called Ellen is matching mentors and mentees from all levels of the organization. Launched by San Francisco-based, Ellen is popular with a growing number of major companies worldwide, including the United States and Asia. Unlike traditional manual mentorship tools, the machine learning algorithm generates better matches at a massive scale by factoring in numerous, individualized parameters.

For companies, mentoring can boost succession planning, diversity and inclusion efforts, and employee retention. Employees at one organization were 25 percent more likely to strongly recommend working at their company after six months of participating in the program. Another customer identified a multimillion-dollar business opportunity after Ellen linked a mentee in product development with the director of sales.

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SAP.iO Continues to Extend Resources and Investment to Startups

In 2017, SAP.iO, an open innovation model enabling visionary startups to use the power of SAP data, APIs, platform technologies and new business models, launched its two components, the SAP.iO Fund, and SAP.iO Foundries. The SAP.iO Fund invests in external, early-stage enterprise software startups that enable SAP customers to realize the new, highly incremental value to investments in SAP solutions. The SAP.iO Foundries are SAP’s global network of top-tier startup programs, including accelerators that enable startups to build innovative software that delivers value for SAP customers.

Since its launch, SAP.iO Fund and Foundries have driven early stage startup innovation helping its customers win in their markets. To date, SAP.iO has over 125 startups in more than 8 locations across 25+ industries. Last year, SAP.iO Foundry launched a demo event for nine female-led startups in New York.

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Gentry Women in Tech Conference 2019

On June 20th, SAP.iO & SAP presented the Gentry Women in Tech Conference 2019, themed: INVESTING IN FUTURE LEADERS in Palo Alto. It brought together some of Silicon Valley’s leading VCs, C-Suite Executives, Founders, and Entrepreneurs. The conference spotlighted innovative and creative ways women in technology are forging their careers and fostering up-and-coming women in the tech space. The packed agenda was kicked off by Judith Williams, Head of People Sustainability and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer @SAP and emceed by Diane Dwyer, Emmy-Award winning journalist. Anita Sands, Board Member @Symantec, Service Now, and Pure Storage gave an impressive speech on what “being a women in tech” means and how important it is to ensure more equality by shaping a diverse future in tech. She also encouraged the audience to focus on the 5 “A”s (ASK, ADVERTISE, AMPLIFY, ADVOCATE and ASSERT), in other words and bottom line: “If you don’t ask you don’t get and who gets the credit does matter”.  

Next was a great fireside chat with Anna Brockway, President and Co-Founder @ Charish and an insightful panel with another group of inspiring leaders including Jennifer Pardini (Moderator), Sr. Editor @ Gentry, Keri Yen NG, former VP Quality/Regulatory/Clinical @Willow, Meredith Hoffer, Director of Marketing @Google Search, Robyn Sue Fisher, Founder & Chief Brrrista @ Smitten Ice Cream and Sarah Schaaf, Attorney and Founder @Headnote. Main takeaway was to “drop the rubber balls and keep on juggling the glass ones”.

The afternoon continued with a discussion on THE POWER OF NEGOTIATION with Rachel Forin, PhD, CEO @Terapore as well as Derek Blazensky, Partner @ The Pareto Group, followed by the BUILDING A PERSONAL BOARD panel moderated by Sherri Douville CEO @Medigram including Kara Egan, Principal @ Emergence Capital, Vanila Singh, MD, CMO @ The US Dept of HHS, and Elizabeth Vilardo, MD, CEO of Foundations @ Sutter Health Bay Area. THE MALE ALLIES panel including Steve Sordello, CFO @ LinkedIn, Don Heider, Executive Director @ Markkula Center for Applied Ethics @ Santa Clara University and Mylea Charvat, PhD Founder + CEO @ Savonix  moderated by Kristi Markkula Bowers, CEO @ Flyx Systems highlighted the importance of male allies and how to work hand in hand with men as mentors, collaborators and sponsors. 

The event concluded with a rooftop cocktail party after two fireside chats with Linda Yates, CEO Mach49 in conversation with Linda Grasso, Host @ SheSez Podcast, editor In Chief @ Ventura Boulevard and Michelle Zatlyn, COO + Co-Founder @ Cloudfare in conversation with Judith Williams, Head of People Sustainability and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer @SAP. The conference celebrated the second annual gentry women in tech issue brimming with carefully curated interviews with some of technology’s most fascinating rising stars.

La deuxième promotion de SAP.iO Foundry Paris mentorée par quatre grands groupes

Un véritable tremplin commercial : voilà l’idée derrière la deuxième saison de la SAP.iO Foundry Paris, qui a débuté le 4 avril dernier. Huit startups spécialistes du retail et de l’expérience client se sont lancées dans une intense préparation de dix semaines dans le but de se faire une place dans la galaxie de services associés à l’écosystème de solutions de gestion d’entreprise SAP. “Nous souhaitons leur donner toutes les cartes pour qu’elles se développent sur le marché de SAP”, appuie Sébastien Gibier, directeur de SAP.iO Foundry Paris.


Capital Database for Women Entrepreneurs

We all know the numbers by now: women CEOs get only about 2.3 percent of all venture capital. At Inc., we want to change that equation. There are now dozens of venture funds seeking out women-led businesses, one of those is SAP.iO. The only problem? There’s never been an easy way to figure out who these VCs are and what they’re looking for. With the Fundery, you can discover who’s looking to invest in female CEOs and diverse founding teams, in specific industries, geographical areas, and funding stages.

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Um das eigene Produktangebot zu erweitern, setzt der Walldorfer Software-Entwickler auf Kontakte zu Start-ups. So organisieren mehrere internationale Förderprogramme des Konzerns jeweils für drei Monate Workshops und Mentoren-Treffen für junge internationale Unternehmen, die sich mit Software- und Tech-Innovationen befassen. Seit einer Woche arbeitet die sogenannte in Berlin mit sechs Start-ups, die speziell für Vielseitigkeit im Gründerteam stehen, wie der Konzern heute bekannt gab.
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SAP to launch its first Asian startup incubator in Japan

SAP, one of the world’s biggest enterprise software companies, is about to launch its first startup accelerator in Asia and has picked Japan for its first foothold in the region. While many large corporations see uprising startups as threats, SAP is developing a unique model that works for customers, the startups and itself.

The Japan accelerator will start in July. The application process for the Japanese program has closed, and there are more than 50 applications, from which SAP will select six to eight startups for the program.

Ram Jambunathan, managing director at SAP.iO, the Germany-based technology company’s business unit focused on incubating innovation, recently talked to the Nikkei Asian Review about what startups they seek in Japan and SAP’s ambitious game plan in Asia.

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