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Funding AnnouncementERP & FinanceSupply Chain Management
July 26, 2021

Investors pour funding into logistics-focused communication system

Workplace collaboration software provider Sedna Systems said Monday it has landed $34 million in funding to grow the reach of its system that is designed to wean distributed organizations off…
Portfolio NewsERP & Finance
July 22, 2021

Cutting carbon with AI: Emitwise CEO on making sustainability profitable

On January 20, on his first day in office, US President Joe Biden signed the country back into the Paris Agreement. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that action on…
BangaloreERP & Finance
July 18, 2021

Tech Behind AR Startup Adloid

2016-founded Gurugram-based Adloid has been powering retailers, including the likes of Tata Motors, Asian Paints and Tanishq, with augmented reality(AR) and deep technology to provide better customer experiences. According to…
PressPortfolio NewsERP & FinanceSustainability
July 5, 2021

Pexapark launches first renewable PPA pricing tool to account for technology and local weather conditions

Provider of software and advisory services for post-subsidy renewable energy sales, Pexapark, has announced it has added a new pioneering feature which accounts for site- and technology-specific production to its…



Immersive commerce platform.


Predict customers' payment issues and prioritize collection efforts with AI


Next-gen contract AI: connecting legal ops with business objectives


Transforming enterprise protection and privacy of personal data


Centrifuge is a protocol to power global trade and commerce on top of a public blockchain.


Step into the Future of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control


Using AI to create straightforward, impartial, explainable commodity price forecasts.


(Acq. By Stage Fund)
Cyber-deception offering that attracts attackers away from high value data / assets, with “zero false positives” at very low noise.


Applying ML to understand business semantics that simplifies automation of business decisions.


AI software company that reads text from any online or proprietary source and extracts what matters to business professionals into actionable intelligence based on minimal training of the AI. Compliance officers, marketers, asset managers, and others can transform vast streams of text into actionable intelligence.

Evolution Energie

Software editor for energy management in big industrials or big infrastructures


Smarter Credit Decisions with AI

Future Grid

A safe and reliable renewable enabled grid.


Digital automation and workers for the accounting enterprise


Goodr’s sustainable food waste management platform leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger, providing an end-to-end solution for businesses seeking to earn money from their edible food waste by donating it to local nonprofit organizations.


Transforming the management of Business Risk into Value

Ivaldi Group

Transforming the world’s inventory by sending files not parts.


ML based threat prediction and risk remediation solutions to help businesses prevent security breaches utilizing active exploit intelligence, passive analysis, and contextual enrichment that enables security teams to visually forecast threat risk and dramatically reduce the time to remediation of critical security vulnerabilities.


Compliance Automated


The operating system for post-subsidy renewable energy sales.


The next generation transaction and collaboration workflow management

Size n Fit

Size and fit recommendation for online apparel and footwear retailers


Optimize your product portfolio with advanced data analytics for engineers


We provide an unique Plug&Play software for internal audit and finance teams, based on machine learning, that helps companies of any size to control automatically their accounting and operational data, without any set up.


Help CPG-FMCG Retail operations to boost sales through AI based methodology.