Energy & Natural Resources

Solutions for the mining, oil & gas, mill products, utilities, and chemicals industries.

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Make mining operations more agile and transparent – from the pit to the customer.

Oil & Gas

Simplify and standardize processes to enable innovation.

Mill Products

Enable new sales models, omnichannel engagement, profit-driven supply chains, and streamlined plant operations.


Inspire and shape a digital world by reinventing power generation, transmission, distribution, and retail.


Drive higher value outcomes and new customer experiences through innovative products, services, and business models.


SAP.iO Energenius Podcast

SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv presents: energenius! Get to know the most innovative startups in the utilities industry, how they’re shaping our sustainable future, and what it takes to be an energenius​!

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Recent News

PressTel AvivEnergy & Natural Resources
April 8, 2021

Ynni Energy Engagement & Personalised Services from NET2GRID Now Available on SAP® Store

NET2GRID announced that its Ynni Energy Engagement & Personalised Services solution is now available on SAP® Store. Built on SAP Business Technology Platform, the solution delivers energy insight and user…
FoundriesTel AvivEnergy & Natural ResourcesBusiness Technology Platform
March 14, 2021

Innovative Solutions in the Utilities Industry for a Sustainable Future

SAP’s Commitment to Sustainability Through Utilities Industry Support Over 10 years ago, SAP made sustainability a long-term strategic goal in line with its vision of improving people’s lives and helping…
FoundriesTel AvivEnergy & Natural ResourcesERP & Finance
March 11, 2021

Getting Energized to Level the Playing Field

A conversation with Amanda Niklaus, PPA Transaction Manager in the renewable industry. The Road Less Traveled What initially drew you to the energy industry? During my Master’s studies, there was…
FoundriesArticleInterviewEnergy & Natural Resources
February 9, 2021

SAP Startup Spotlight: Future Grid

SAP invests in a lot of promising startups, and it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all of them. E-3 Magazine has selected the most interesting companies to showcase in…



Empowering companies to make better sourcing decisions.


Natural language search engine for internal data that translates words into SQL queries


Machine learning platform for computer vision-based insights

Cogniac Corporation

AI-based deep learning software solution to automate visual inspection tasks.

COI Energy Services

Helps electric utilities and businesses of all sizes identify and manage existing energy resources in order to improve energy performance of buildings and monetize flexible energy resources that can support the electric grid.


Using AI to create straightforward, impartial, explainable commodity price forecasts.


Capture and interpret skills in real time enabling data driven decisions


Energiency runs data science & AI algorithms that learn from data and identify real time energy savings in the process of big manufacturing companies, generating from 5 to 15% energy savings and manufacturing excellence without capex.

Evolution Energie

Software editor for energy management in big industrials or big infrastructures


Your Supply Chain. Simplified. Synchronized. Reinvented.


State-of-the-art artificial intelligence software solutions to the energy industry to predict, optimize and trade energy.

Future Grid

A safe and reliable renewable enabled grid.


The world’s most advanced real-time situational awareness and data analytics platform for industrial workforces

H3 Dynamics

Interactive defect mapping and rectification solution for building facades


Helping enterprises in emerging markets develop their workforces at scale

Harold Waste

One stop solution to help recyclers adapt to new market


Automated inspections for high-consequence assets.

Insider Navigation

AR indoor positioning and navigation plus merging physical venue with digital data.

Ivaldi Group

Transforming the world’s inventory by sending files not parts.

Lemonbeat GmbH

The intelligent communication backbone for IoT.


Solution for simplifying inspections.


Keep infrastructure operational with cost-effective insights from space


Candidate Sourcing Network


Service delivery platform for utilities to run energy insights from smart meter data to extract new value.

Neuron Soundware

NeuronSW has developed a diagnostic technology which uses sound to detect broken machines. It combines neuron networks (AI) and purposely built IoT devices.