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July 7, 2021

CENSIA Raises $21m in Series A Funding to Bring Bias-free Intelligence to Human Capital Management

Censia, a leading provider of Talent Intelligence technology, today announced it has raised $21M in Series A funding in a round led by Marbruck Investments. Marbruck joins existing investors Streamlined…
PodcastHR & People Engagement
June 8, 2021

Strengthening Inclusivity through AI

Kishau Rogers is the Founder & CEO of Time Study, Inc., a venture-backed startup offering solutions for using machine learning, advanced natural language processing, and data science to automatically tell…
Portfolio NewsHR & People Engagement
May 13, 2021

Why Inclusive Entrepreneurship Could Mean More Time For Healthcare Employees To Save Lives

Throughout the pandemic, businesses and individuals have been reminded of the fragility of time and the notion that it can never be recovered. With pre-pandemic routines shifting, organizations and their…
PressPortfolio NewsHR & People Engagement
May 4, 2021

Timeshifter selected as one of Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas

Timeshifter is recognized by Fast Company for its accomplishments in translating sleep and circadian neuroscience into real-world tools with the potential to improve the lives of billions of people. NEW…



Conversational AI for first round tech interviews


Real-time workforce optimization platform for large organizations


People are more than their job description


Augmented Intelligence & People Analytics to Mitigate Unconscious Bias​.


Professional coaching whenever your employees need it

Brennus Analytics

Brennus Analytics has developed a distinctive AI-Powered Pricing Solution for B2B and e-commerce companies.

Brilliant Hire

Brilliant Hire offers skills-based job applicant screening assessed by a network of experts, providing faster and greater insights without bias.


CariClub is the world’s only premium network connecting young professionals to leadership roles on nonprofit boards. Their unique platform offers opportunities to improve employee engagement and retention through associate board service.


The most intelligent way to hire using AI to match talent to opportunities

Blacksquared GmbH /

Gamify Climate Protection and Health Promotion


Coaching delivered through the tools employees use everyday.


Reinvented reference checking, talent sourcing, and new hire analytics


Continuously improve employee mental health anytime, anywhere.


AI-Powered Workforce Analytics and Leadership Development


Great leadership starts with great relationships. Dabra helps build strong work relationships though effective, personalized meetings: Run efficient meetings while understanding teams better to effectively engage them.


Connecting AI/Data-Driven Companies to Premium Autism Workforce


Real-time feedback tool designed to boost appreciation at work


Capture and interpret skills in real time enabling data driven decisions

Emplay Inc.

Self trained “Knowledge assistant” to help employees onboard, ramp, and perform better.


Engage and activate your employees to boost referral hires


FlexPay by SAP empowers employees to use accumulated but unpaid earnings with minimal effort or expense for employers.


People analytics for inclusive employers


Empowering employees to learn faster - all from their phones


GrowthSpace is an online 1x1 coaching platform that makes high-quality coaching accessible for every employee in the organization.


Helping enterprises in emerging markets develop their workforces at scale