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Early-stage B2B software startups focused on deep tech.

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October 2018

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November 2018

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Tel Aviv Graduates


Databand makes the day-to-day work of ML expert frictionless by creating a platform for all the roles to collaborate. Its machine learning orchestration service streamlines integration experimentation and productization, offering out-of-the-box support for popular engines, tools, and clouds.


Fleeq lets anyone create explanatory videos in minutes, and then share, track and localize and discuss/feedback on them in seconds. Its unique and proprietary format combines the agility of creating a powerpoint deck and the value of rich media video format.


Biometric-like identity for any IoT device, enabling multi-factor authentication for any IoT transaction.


Encryption platform to enable processing data without seeing it, making the cloud blind to data and encryption keys while maintaining full functionality


Lance enables freelancers across their many financial milestones with business setup, taxes and licensing, multilateral accounting, income optimization, and  more.


Multi-user AR experiences on top of a SLAM engine, e.g., user view the same digital object in the same exact physical location, making the digital object part of the physical world and enables social interaction


AI-powered knowledge discovery service for employees and teams to allow an organization discover, manage and mine its knowledge

Visual Estate

Turn any floor plan into an immersive VR experience instantly and automatically, decorated and furnished, with an additional aspect of experience analytics for the real estate developer.


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