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Access, share and monetize data

SAP BTP Startup Program “Data-to-Value Track” helps startups become data providers on the data marketplace for SAP Datasphere by leveraging SAP Business Technology Platform.

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About the Program

“Data-to-Value Track”, is part of SAP.iO’s SAP BTP Startup program, targeted at supporting startups in leveraging the strengths of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). We help you to turn raw data from your product into business outcomes. The data marketplace for SAP Datasphere is a great opportunity for startups to monetize their data within the SAP ecosystem. Become a data provider: monetize your data and get exposure to more than 440,000 SAP customers.

Program Benefits

440k Data-Savvy SAP Customers

Direct exposure of data products to business users of SAP customers and thus visibility within a very clearly defined target group of potential data buyers.

Data Monetization

Create, share and monetize data from your product.

Free SAP Business Technology Platform Access

Get free access to SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytics Cloud for six months, no brokerage fee in the future.

Integration with a Few Clicks

Model and integrate your data with a few clicks. Customers, who receive the data through the data marketplace, can use it directly within their data warehousing environment and will not require any additional connectivity or transfer.

What’s in it for you?

“The SAP BTP Startup program track “Data to Value” focuses on turning data into value, supporting startups in their journey of becoming data providers and listing their data products on the data marketplace for SAP Datasphere.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) provides strong data management and analytics capabilities to derive insights from data and support clients in effective decision-making: SAP Datasphere, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Intelligence Cloud.

  • Start building at no costs: SAP.iO provides startups with free-of-charge access to an SAP Datasphere tenant, incl. its data management and analytics capabilities. This will allow you to develop, test your data offering and list it on the data marketplace for SAP Datasphere. Please note that license fees will apply once a customer purchases your data.
  • Access tailored learning resources: SAP.iO offers dedicated learning resources that guide you in defining and developing your data offering.
  • Get expert help: SAP.iO business and technical experts provide expert support and best practice advice when defining your data use case and developing your data product to maximize your commercial success.

You’re in good company

Innovation Signal Repository provides data products that help customers identify and leverage microtrends.

Post-sales Operation Experience Data

ParcelLab delivers data products that enable brands, online retailers or distributors (B2C/B2B) to regain control over their end-to-end customer journey.

Supply Chain Visibility Data

Data Products that give shippers, carriers and end-customers instant access to predictive and real-time visibility of all their deliveries.

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Ready to Get Started?


Fill in the application form and describe your data use case

Fill in the application form and describe your data use case and data sets in more detail. You will be invited to present your envisioned data use case in a 30-min call to explore whether your data offering would be a good fit on the data marketplace for SAP Datasphere.

Sign the SAP.iO startup engagement agreement

After your successful application, we provide you with the SAP.iO startup engagement agreement for SAP Datasphere data provider. You will receive the contract via e-mail and are asked to sign it electronically via DocuSign. 

Access your individual SAP Datasphere space

We provide you with a space on the SAP.iO Datasphere tenant that is dedicated just for you to start building your data product. To help SAP customers discover the benefits of your data product, we recommend visualizing your data as dashboards in SAP Analytics Cloud. Access will be granted for free to program participants. 

List your data product on the data marketplace for SAP Datasphere and start monetizing

  • Connect & Prepare Data for Listing 
  • Create Data Provider Profile 
  • Create Data Product Listing 
  • Create Data Release 
  • Create License