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How a company manages its people says a lot about who they are. It can mean the difference between surviving or thriving as a business. Leadership teams are realizing the current workforce has a diversity of talents and that how people work is different than it was only a few years ago. Many companies are looking for solutions to not only manage this change but to position themselves as the best possible solution for their customers.

While 80% of the world’s employees are deskless, only 1% of enterprise software investment is for deskless workforce-focused solutions. Managing these employees involves unique hurdles like communication barriers and limited digital access. Similarly, the role of people managers has evolved significantly in the modern workplace.

In a joint effort between SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv and SAP SuccessFactors, it was revealed that two populations need a great deal of support with innovation — deskless workforces and people managers.

To address these needs, ten startups were selected to solve the unique challenges of deskless workforces and people managers. These startups collaborated with SAP, developing solutions that integrate with SAP products to serve our diverse range of customers. From our work together, we gleaned valuable insights that we have highlighted in a new report.

Get your copy of the latest ‘Empowering Deskless Workforces and Shaping the Future of People Management’ report HERE.