SAP.iO Hosts Investing x Women with Stanford Women’s Network of New York

On Thursday, February 27, Joanna Maryewska, Principal at SAP.iO Fund hosted an event with Stanford Women’s Network of New York launching an initiative “Investing x Women” at SAP.iO Foundry New York.

After an introduction to SAP.iO Foundries’ mission, the event kicked off with a discussion on diversity on startup boards and why it increasingly matters to founders. Joanna was joined by Alexa von Tobel (Founder and Managing Partner at Inspired Capital), Rebecca Kaden (Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures), Jemma Wolfe (Head of Launch with GS). As only ~2% of VC funding went to female-only founding teams and ~10% to mixed gender teams, the discussion involved discussing ways to approach challenges and common biases – at the industry, organizational and individual level. As research points out – the best way to drive change is by addressing the structural and process-based factors. Therefore the discussion focused on actions to increase the number of women in VC with the goal of bringing more role models, and harnessing the power of professional networks.

Investor panel was followed by a conversation led by Alison Wyatt (Co-Founder and CEO of Female Founder Collective – network built by Ali and Rebecca Minkoff). Three members of FFC joined the discussion on Women collaboration networks: True value beyond the buzz. The guests (Gina Hadley – The Second Shift, Jennifer Justice – The Justice Department, Tina Wells – Buzz Marketing Group) shared their advice on how to make the most out of the professional networks, and how FFC has been supporting them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.  

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The event concluded with Joanna and other board members of Stanford Women’s Network inviting the attendees to continue being involved throughout the next events and small group dinners planned as part of the Investing x Women initiative. 

Unleashing the power of Europe’s women entrepreneurs: Six ideas to drive big change

Focusing on gender diversity and developing entrepreneurial talent are among the top 10 priority areas identified in Innovate Europe: Competing for Global Innovation Leadership, a report published by Digital Europe, an initiative of the World Economic Forum to promote a pan-European approach to innovation.

At a workshop in Berlin in September 2019, over 30 European founders, investors and corporate leaders (both men and women) came together to explore the underlying underrepresentation of women as entrepreneurs and investors in Europe. The workshop was hosted jointly by the World Economic Forum and SAP. The workshop began with a panel representing the founder, investor, corporate and government perspectives, followed by a design-thinking activity in which participants were split into five idea teams, each challenged to develop one new solution leveraging their existing resources and expertise. After the workshop, the five teams continued collaboration via an online platform to further elaborate their ideas and document the first steps needed for implementation.

This paper builds on the workshop results and summarizes the big ideas that will be further explored for implementation.

Read the full report here

SAP partenaire de l’association Les Déterminés pour soutenir l’entrepreneuriat dans les quartiers populaires et milieux ruraux

SAP France annonce que son accélérateur SAP.iO Foundry Paris accompagne la 12ème promotion de l’association Les Déterminés dont la mission consiste à développer l’entrepreneuriat dans les quartiers populaires et les milieux ruraux. Dans le cadre de ce partenariat, SAP.iO Foundry Paris s’engage à mettre à disposition ses locaux et l’expertise de ses collaborateurs pour accompagner les 20 entrepreneurs de sa nouvelle promotion, sélectionnés sur plus de 470 candidats.

Par cette collaboration, SAP entend contribuer au développement de la diversité dans l’entrepreneuriat et donner la possibilité à ses équipes de participer et s’engager dans une action avec un impact sociétal en ligne avec ses valeurs et l’initiative NoBoundaries de SAP.iO

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Die Beschleunigerin

Alexa Gorman sucht für SAP die besten Software-Start-ups – und achtet dabei besonders auf diverse Teams.

Alexa Gorman weiß, was ein gutes Start-up ausmacht, trotzdem wollte sie selbst nie gründen. Das liegt daran, dass sie seit 20 Jahren einen Job bei SAP hat, der ihr “super viel Spaß macht”. Und davor war die Start-up-Welt noch eine andere. “Damals gab es keine Gründerkultur, keine Acceleratoren, kein Ökosystem”, sagt die 46-Jährige. Heute gibt es sie, die Inkubatoren und Acceleratoren – zu Deutsch: Beschleuniger, die Jungunternehmern helfen, zu starten und zu wachsen. Einer davon ist SAP.iO. Gorman ist Leiterin der Foundries, der lokalen Ableger, in Europa und Israel. 141 Start-ups haben die weltweit acht Foundries seit der Gründung 2017 gefördert. Die durchlaufen ein dreimonatiges Programm und dürfen am Ende ihre Software über eine SAP-Plattform anbieten. So bekommen die Start-ups Zugang zu SAP-Kunden und das Software-Unternehmen ein breiteres Angebot und eine Provision.


SAP Showed up in Style at Austin Startup Week 2019

SAP stepped up its presence in Austin, Texas for Austin Startup Week (#ASW19), the largest innovation event in the city after SXSW.

As title sponsor of the event, SAP reinforced its commitment to expand its innovation footprint in Austin. Together, with its customers and partners, SAP presented its brand promise to thousands of local startups, entrepreneurs, and community members.

Vanessa Liu, VP of SAP.iO Foundries North America, gave a spirited keynote speech on how the entrepreneur and tech communities can continue promoting women.

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Mehr Startups von Frauen!

SAP.iO ist SAP‘s strategische Geschäftseinheit, die mit dem SAP.iO Fund und den SAP.iO Foundries innovative Start-ups im B2B Techsektor durch Investitionen und Accelerationsprogramme unterstützt. Mit SAP.iO No Boundaries haben wir uns entschieden, bis zu 40 Prozent des investierbaren Kapitals aus dem SAP.iO Fund für die Förderung von inklusivem Unternehmertum einzusetzen. Durch den Ausbau und verstärkte Aktivitäten bei unserem Programm SAP.iO Foundries wollen wir in den nächsten fünf Jahren mindestens 200 Start-ups weltweit unterstützen. Der SAP. iO Fund und die SAP.iO Foundry Programme zur Förderung von inklusivem Unternehmertum spiegeln die Vision der SAP wieder, die Abläufe der weltweiten Wirtschaft und das Leben von Menschen zu verbessern.


Women in Tech Summit at Austin Startup Week

Vanessa Liu, SAP.iO Foundries North America, gave the keynote address to kick off the Women in Tech Summit at Capital Factory for Austin Startup Week, one of the largest technology, innovation, and business events in Austin where SAP served as the title sponsor. The Women in Tech summit was a day full of programming to help inspire, engage and elevate female entrepreneurs and tech professionals.

Livestream coverage: (starting at 21:17 for Vanessa)

Link to official Austin Startup Week 2019 schedule for SAP’s Sessions

So will SAP die Vielfalt in der Gründerszene fördern

Düsseldorf Rania Reda hat bereits mehrere Start-ups gegründet, groß gemacht und verkauft. Derzeit baut sie mit Augmania eine Plattform auf, die die Erstellung von Inhalten für Augmented Reality deutlich erleichtern soll.
Trotz ihrer Erfahrung tut sich die 46-jährige Gründerin schwer, im Silicon Valley von den namhaften Risikokapitalgebern eine Finanzierungsrunde zu bekommen – und das, so ist sie überzeugt, liegt weder an ihrer Geschäftsidee noch an ihrer Präsentation.


Accélération de startups : Le Village by CA, Microsoft et SAP lancent un appel à candidatures dédié aux femmes entrepreneures

Le Village by CA Paris lance un appel à candidatures dédié aux femmes entrepreneures en partenariat avec Microsoft, SAP via son programme SAP.iO No Boundaries, et avec le soutien de Capgemini pour la sélection des startups. Cet appel est soutenu par sept réseaux féminins : Girls In Tech, Femmes Business Angels, Professional Women’s Network Paris, #JamaisSansElles, IWF France, StartHer et Rezoé.

Startups by Women Get Spotlight in SAP.iO No Boundaries

People mingling in conversation

Startups by women took merely 2.2 % of venture capital in 2017 according to data from PitchBook Data Inc., a financial data and software company headquartered in Seattle. It was also found that less than 13% of venture capital went to US startups with at least one female founder.

Startups by women and minority founders have been the focus of SAP.iO No Boundaries, SAP’s initiative to offer venture capital and incubation to underrepresented entrepreneurs, since its launch at the start of 2019.

Shoba Purushothaman, a founder of multiple startups in the last 18 years, is one of the women leaders that have received support from SAP. Purushothaman and her co-founders at Hardskills, an online platform that helps companies train their workforce in behavioural skills, have been one of six startups in SAP’s new B2B diversity accelerator in Berlin.

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