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In the bestselling novel Lessons in Chemistry, set in California circa 1961, the protagonist is a female scientist who faces down disrespect, denigration, and downright discrimination to pursue her passion and put her talents to work. That level of bigotry might be shocking in most societies today. But the goal of reaching gender parity continues to elude us, as illustrated in the new article “Bridging the Digital Gap for Women in Tech,” published to observe this month’s International Women’s Month.

International Women’s Month provides the occasion to take stock of how far we have come and how far we have to go in creating opportunities for women’s advancement in the workplace. And it’s the perfect time to recognize several pioneering women in technology who are defying stereotypes and making enormous contributions in their fields. While women still comprise less than 30% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), these trailblazing entrepreneurs, leaders, and employers are serving as role models to inspire a new generation.

At SAP, we are proud to showcase the products and services of their companies on our digital marketplace, SAP Store. We are also pleased to shine a light on SAP’s commitment to helping women break gender barriers through SAP.iO, the strategic business unit that incubates, accelerates, and scales startup innovation. In fact, the No Boundaries initiative was established with the express purpose of ensuring that innovators from all backgrounds are empowered to start up with SAP. This program is the first comprehensive inclusive entrepreneurship initiative in the business software industry.

Now let’s get acquainted with six of these visionary women.

Lisa Skeete Tatum, Founder & CEO, Landit
If anyone knows the challenges that women and people of color encounter in technology, it’s Lisa Skeete Tatum. Her company, Landit, is dedicated to increasing the success of women and diverse groups in the workplace – and assisting companies in hiring and retaining them. Landit’s solution, Personal Career Pathing, offers a personalized playbook that helps people advance and navigate their careers. Employers are using it to deliver an action-based strategy that increases engagement, upward mobility, retention, and overall performance. Lisa attributes her own success to her board of directors, a family who believed in her, and to being her own best advocate. Personal Career Pathing is available on SAP Store.
Rashi Gupta, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Rezo.AI
Solving business problems using statistics and machine learning: that’s the primary passion of Dr. Rashi Gupta. A mathematician at heart, she earned a PhD in biometry from the University of Helsinki in Finland, where she discovered great support for women in technology. Returning home to India, she found a way to apply her skills in data mining and complex data sets. Realizing that the most rewarding way to do that would be to start her own company, she co-founded Rezo.AI in 2017. Rezo.AI is an AI-powered cloud solution that transforms the customer experience, improves agent productivity, and operationalizes real-time intelligence. Rezo.AI is available on SAP Store.
Paula Paw, Co-CEO, VersaFleet
A graduate of National University of Singapore with a bachelor’s degree in arts and social sciences, Paula Paw quickly found a job in sales and marketing at VersaFleet – a young company with a young team. Within just a few years, she become co-CEO, a fast-track career path that she attributes to an attitude of determination, a willingness to fail before getting it right, and listening empathetically. VersaFleet software optimizes route plans and fully digitalizes supply chains, providing technology for all transporters in any industry, in any market. VersaFleet Last-mile Transport Management Software is available on SAP Store.
Michelle Bacharach, Founder and CEO, FindMine
Her own experience as a consumer led Michelle Bacharach to invent an AI-powered technology that creates complete outfits around retailers’ products. “Complete the Look” is designed to inspire and inform shoppers, in-store associates, and retail buyers to use and pair products across e-commerce, email, marketing channels, and in store. And they tend to spend more! Michelle had always pictured herself starting her own business, and experience at a tech startup and in corporate strategy and product management gave her the background and the impetus she needed to launch FindMine. The FindMine solution is available on SAP Store.
Neha Singh, Founder, Obsess
A graduate degree in computer science from MIT enabled Neha Singh to develop the right skills to pursue a career leading engineering and product teams, which took her to Google, Vogue, and a luxury e-commerce startup. She’s combined technology expertise with a passion for fashion to create an e-commerce platform designed to make online shopping fun. Obsess Virtual Store Platform leaves the tired old thumbnail grid behind with immersive 3D virtual stores that create an interactive, engaging experience. It replicates an actual store with the sights, sounds, and social experience of real-life shopping. Obsess Virtual Store Platform is available on SAP Store.
Chandralika Hazarika, Co-Founder, Bigthinkx
Bigthinx is a perfect example of a startup that took wing at SAP.iO. Its inspiring innovator is Chandralika Hazarika, who applied 15 years’ tenure in branding and marketing – and experience with her own fashion brand, Velvet Piano – to focus on building digitally empowered brands. An architect by education, she always wanted to do something on the creative side of the business with people. Bigthinx builds software for online fashion retailers, using AI, mobile body scanning, virtual try-ons, and digital twins. The technology creates a 3D body scan for instant apparel size and fit predictions to see how it would look and fit in reality. Check out Lyflike Apparel Fit and Size Predictor by Bigthinx on SAP Store.

Why not discover these solutions and more innovations on SAP Store? It could inspire your own big ideas.