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Zeal announces its recent investment in Daivergent, a reimbursable technology platform supporting job-seekers with disabilities. Founded in 2017, Daivergent is the first all-virtual job training program that serves as a bridge between 21st-century employers and this high potential but often overlooked and underutilized talent source.

As part of Zeal’s Inclusive Investing approach, we have researched and sought out founders with future of work solutions that have significant impact within historically marginalized communities. Unfortunately, people living with disabilities have not received much attention in the form of scalable software solutions in workforce preparation. The reality is 1 in 5 Americans live with a physical disability or cognitive difference that affects their ability to find work, accounting for a staggering unemployment rate of up to 85%. In spite of the historic level of open positions, job-seekers with disabilities continue to encounter significant barriers in their pursuit of self-sufficiency.

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