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Work Matters is a podcast about improving work related experiences that affect happiness, success and engagement both on the job and at home.

Happiness in life depends primarily on three things: our health, our social relationships, and our experiences or the activities we engage in each day. For most of us, this third factor is largely about work. When it comes to living a fulfilling life, work matters! Work impacts our happiness directly by affecting our enjoyment and sense of fulfillment, and indirectly through its impact on our health and relationships. This podcast examines how different aspects of work affect our lives. Each episode we explore a specific topic related to the experience of work with a focus on understanding why it matters and how to make it better. ​

Mental Health Matters

Caring for our mental health is essential to maintaining happiness, motivation, and drive both at work and at home. Regina Athié tells us how we can implement small changes to our everyday lives to improve our overall mental health.

Managing stress by learning to be resilient

Work is often a major source of stress. Even if we cannot eliminate causes of stress, we can learn to manage them. We talk about how to be resilient with Dr. Andrew Shatte’, Chief Science Officer at meQuilibrium a company dedicated to employee wellbeing.

Using e-mail, instant messaging and texting to build work relationships

The way we use e-mail, texting and other electronic communication tools influences how others perceive us at work. We talk with Joe Freed the founder of Cultivate, a company dedicated to improving the quality of electronic communication.