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Everyangle, a start-up that provides bricks and mortar retailers and hospitality venues with the same sort of insights available to online businesses, has raised €2.7 million to accelerate its expansion into international markets.

Founded by David Owens in 2019, the company, whose partners include Mulberry, helps retailers and other offline businesses to better understand what their customers are doing in-store. It also helps them to reduce loss through fraud and theft, and to optimise operations using computer vision technology.

Offline businesses have fallen behind their online counterparts in terms of analytics that can help them understand customer behaviour. Everyangle’s platform addresses this by using computer vision and machine learning to analyse CCTV footage for events of interest, without the need for human review.

Among the analytics it provides is information on customer footfall, demographics, sales conversion and customer theft and staff fraud.

Based in Ireland and with plans to increase headcount over the next 24 months, the company is looking to double staff numbers with hires in areas that include roles in machine learning, data science, software engineering, product management and sales.

“Our platform is becoming ever-more critical to ensuring retailers, hospitality venues and convenience service stations can leverage at scale all of their video data to improve the in-store customer experience, reduce theft and fraud, and deliver real operational cost savings,“ Owens said.

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