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SAP.iO and Culture Shift Labs Fireside Chat with Dr. Mae Jemison

Culture Shifting: A Weekend of Technology, Innovation & Social Impact is an invitation only event that takes place annually in Silicon Valley (CA), and Silicon Alley (NYC). It unites 300+ leaders that attend with each other and companies that care about growth and innovation through diversity and inclusion. Their goal is to celebrate accomplished individuals, highlight them and enable deals and collaborations among our guests.

SAP parie sur les start-up pour continuer à innover

Comment faire de ses concurrents potentiels, des alliés? L’Allemand SAP a trouvé la solution avec son fonds d’investissement et ses accélérateurs de start-up. Mardi soir, il a inauguré l’adresse parisienne de SAP.iO Foundry . Situé dans le IXe arrondissement, il a pour vocation d’accueillir une cinquantaine de start-up en cinq ans. Il s’inscrit dans le cadre de dépenses et d’investissement en France de deux milliards d’euros sur cinq ans, annoncés lors du sommet Choose France, en janvier dernier. L’accélérateur parisien est le cinquième du groupe, qui en a déjà ouvert à San Fransisco, New York, Berlin et Tel-Aviv. SAP prévoit d’étendre ce concept à l’Asie dans les prochains mois.

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L’accélérateur de startups SAP.iO Foundry ouvre ses portes à Paris

Près de cinquante startups françaises bénéficieront de l’accompagnement de SAP.iO Foundry à Paris. Ce réseau mondial d’accélérateur de startups aide les startups B2B à créer des solutions innovants et complémentaires en bénéficiant du meilleur de SAP tels que le mentoring, l’accès aux clients, aux technologies et aux API des plateformes SAP. Le premier programme d’accélération sera dédié au thème « Intelligente Enterprise » avec un focus « Supply-Chain ». SAP.iO Foundry Paris s’inscrit dans le cadre des annonces de dépenses et d’investissements de SAP faites par Bill McDermott, CEO de SAP, à Emmanuel Macron lors du sommet « ChooseFrance ».

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Lufthansa and SAP select the nine finalists for the world’s first Aviation Blockchain Challenge

Blockchain is a relatively new technology with enormous potential in various areas of aviation. Even though there is currently no market-ready blockchain application that permanently changes the value chain of airlines, the topic is gaining momentum and numerous players are increasingly testing new solutions in this area. This is also reflected in the enthusiastic response to the world’s first Aviation Blockchain Challenge, which the Lufthansa Innovation Hub and SAP.iO Foundry jointly announced in July. Over the six-week submission period, teams from 56 countries submitted a total of 312 blockchain ideas.

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Dublin Startup secures spot in Berlin Accelerator

Dublin-based software company BeeInstant is one of 10 startups from around the world chosen this week to participate in the Foundry startup programme in Berlin. The SAP and Techstars programme lasts for 12 weeks and provides financial investment and mentorship for the participating startups. Several similar programmes are run in various locations worldwide; the Berlin initiative focuses on startups in the machine learning and artificial intelligence sectors.

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Principled Leadership

Over the course of the last two years, our team has grown from eight people to more than one hundred twenty. It’s been a sight to behold. But growth also brings its own challenges. Two years ago, we were in the trenches together day after day. We were close to the problems. The field of battle was concentrated. Today, the theater has sprawled. We have distinctly different businesses, different foci, and different skills. We have matured as an organization. And that maturity creates distance between each of our leaders and those on the front lines.

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