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Launching our next SAP.iO SF XM Cohort

SAP is a company that has always been very customer centric and embraced a Listen — Learn — Act approach. In the same spirit we are excited to announce our next SAP.iO SF Foundry program. The upcoming SAP.iO San Francisco cohort will be focused on Experience Management, in close collaboration with SAP Business Units, including SAP Customer Experience and Qualtrics.

We are excited to collaborate with cutting edge startup innovation and improve the experience for SAP’s customers, partners and end users. We are looking forward to welcoming the following startups to be a part of the next SAP.iO SF Foundry —

  • Askdata: Powerful Natural Language engine turns text questions into queries that search across enterprise data for the best answer.
  • Breinify: Makes any marketing system smarter by adding individualized & time driven predictions to drive spur-of-the-moment purchases.
  • Constructor: AI-first Commerce search and discovery solution that learns from usage to increase personalization and conversion rates.
  • Findmine: Increases Commerce basket sizes by using ML to generate and display product collections that can be used together.
  • Idiomatic: Easily identify top product and service issues by analyzing large amounts of customer interactions with AI/ML
  • Setsail: Accelerate pipeline and flexibly drive strategic priorities using SetSail’s weekly sales incentive system
  • Wisy: Gathers unique market insights for brands and retailers while increasing consumer engagement via mobile games.

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Revuze and Gaprise Partner Bring Self-service CX to Brands in Japan

With increased demand to predict products success in the market and to understand markets needs and sentiment, Japan-based Brands can now have an opportunity to learn from their consumers and improve their Products competitive edge.

Revuze enables brands to quickly understand their product and customer satisfaction issues, and to automatically score and rank their brand’s performance relative to its competitors and to the market.

Revuze uses AI, powered by Natural-language programming (NLP) and machine learning, to empower Brands that previously have relied on manually intensive solutions, such as text analytics, social listening and monitoring with a simple online service. Without the need to pre-define a single keyword, rule, topic or sentiment value – Insight Analysts can access the most nuanced information available. The data is delivered, via a single screen, about consumers and their needs, across thousands of internal and external data sources, on any given product Category.

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SAP.iO Foundry Berlin: Accelerator für innovative Startups

Stellen Sie sich doch unseren Lesern kurz vor

Ich bin Astrid Freier und leite seit Mai dieses Jahres den Accelerator SAP.iO Foundry  in Berlin. Es ist für mich ein Traumjob, da ich seit Jahren im Berliner Ökosystem zu Hause bin und hier nun wirkungsvoll die Brücke zwischen innovativen Startups, SAP und seinen Kunden schlagen kann. Mir macht es dabei sehr viel Spaß, mit diversen Teams zusammenarbeiten und meine verschiedenen Verbindungen aus Japan, USA etc. einzubringen.

Stellen Sie uns und unseren Lesern SAP.iO Foundry Berlin kurz vor!

Mit SAP.iO Foundry bieten wir innovativen Startups zweimal pro Jahr gründerfreundliche und equity-freie Programme. Kern dieser sind der Zugang zu unseren mehr als 400.000 Kunden und zu unseren Technologien, um die Lösungen der Startups mit SAP-Produkten zu verknüpfen. Uns ist dabei sehr wichtig, dass wir Gründerinnen und Gründer unterrepräsentierter Gruppen zu fördern. Gerade haben wir sechs großartige Startups im Programm, die von Frauen oder Angehörigen von Minderheiten mitgegründet wurden. Schon jetzt scouten wir für das nächste Programm nach innovativen Lösungen im Bereich Governance, Finance, Risk und Compliance, das am 30. September 2019 startet.


Recruiters And Job Candidates Love Talking With This AI Assistant

As competition for top talent in every industry heats up, an award-winning AI assistant named Olivia is stepping in to help recruiters and job candidates speed past antiquated hiring norms. The brainchild of Aaron Matos, co-founder and CEO of Paradox, Olivia is entirely mobile and relies on text messaging to compress the timespan between screening qualified people and hiring dates. “The assistant’s job is to get work done, and that’s what Olivia focuses on,” said Matos. “This frees up the recruiter’s time for more valuable responsibilities, like talking face-to-face with qualified candidates.”

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SAP Kicks Off First SAP.iO Foundry in Asia

SAP announced the launch of the first SAP.iO Foundry in Asia: SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo. Over the next 12 weeks, SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo will accelerate five business-to-business (B2B) Japanese technology startups, providing them access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technology and application programmable interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers. Unique to SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo, the cohort also will have access to the newly opened SAP Leonardo Experience Center and Inspired.Lab.

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Software giant SAP launches the first SAP.iO Tokyo cohort to accelerate B2B Japanese tech startups

Back in January, we wrote about SAP when the German software giant and maker of enterprise software announced the launch of its SAP.iO No Boundaries initiative to fund and incubate startups led by women and minorities. Now is expanding into Asia. SAP announced the launch of its first SAP.iO Foundry in Asia called SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo. Over the next 12 weeks, SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo will accelerate five business-to-business (B2B) Japanese technology startups, providing them access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP® technology and application programmable interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers. Unique to SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo, the cohort also will have access to the newly opened SAP Leonardo Experience Center and Inspired.Lab.

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SAP’s new incubator taps the potential of women and minority founders

For the past three months, Purushothaman and her co-founders at Hardskills — an online platform that helps companies train their workforce in behavioral skills—have been one of six startups in SAP’s new B2B diversity accelerator in Berlin. The German giant, a market leader in enterprise application software, launched the SAP.iO No Boundaries initiative in January, with the goal of incubating underrepresented entrepreneurs to drive inclusive entrepreneurship and level the playing field. It plans to boost 200 such startups by 2023.

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Customers Have Strong Feelings About Toothpaste. This Start Up Uses AI To Help Companies Understand Those Sentiments

For shoppers aged 30-64 years old, 73 percent have posted online product reviews. This can have a huge financial impact: 94% of shoppers say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business. The problem for product manufacturers and retailers is how to quickly make sense of consumer sentiments across multiple online forums – not to mention data from internal sources like call centers, stores or surveys. With all that unstructured data and no way to make sense of it, companies struggle to understand their customers, competitors and markets. Currently, most organizations rely on data scientists and analysts, but this manual process is slow and expensive.

New York City-based startup, Revuze, has found a way to automate this process using its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to analyze customer opinions from different channels and data stores, tracking their perception of specific products and markets. The company believes it’s closing the last gap in customer experience with its solution which is already used by giants like Dolby, Pampers, Oral-B, Zara, Gillette and Barbie.

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La troisième promotion de SAP.iO Foundry Paris met à l’honneur des startups de la GreenTech

SAP.iO Foundry Paris, l’accélérateur de startups B2B Tech de SAP France annonce le lancement de sa troisième promotion le 8 octobre 2019. Après la supply chain et le retail, cette nouvelle cohorte regroupe des startups spécialisées dans les GreenTech B2B. Les startups sélectionnées pour cette troisième promotion auront toutes pour point commun de proposer aux entreprises des technologies pour réduire leur empreinte environnementale et rentrer dans l’économie circulaire. Les jeunes pousses concernées devront œuvrer dans les domaines suivants :

  • Mobilité durable
  • Gestion des déchets et recyclage
  • Gestion durable de l’eau
  • Efficacité énergétique
  • Efficacité matérielle
  • Villes intelligentes

Cette troisième promotion, composée de 6 à 10 startups, sera accompagnée pendant 10 semaines et à raison de 3 jours par semaine par des mentors SAP France issus du comité exécutif ainsi que d’une une cinquantaine de coachs de SAP ou issus de l’écosystème startups qui tiendront des workshops sur différentes thématiques.

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H&M, Microsoft, PVH Corp Collaborate in Circular Fashion Initiative

H&M, Target, PVH Corp, Microsoft, Waste Management and others have collaborated on CircularID, an initiative designed to promote circularity by creating a new standard for communicating information about fashion products. The project would provide access to information such as materials, origin, authenticity, price, style and recycling instructions that stay with goods throughout their life.

CircularID™ is a Digital Identity standard that enables products to consistently communicate and share information about themselves essential for identification and management of the products and materials in the circular economy.

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AI-Based Career Mentoring for the Masses

Personalized career development is no longer a perk for the privileged few at the top. An intelligent mentoring app called Ellen matches mentors and mentees from all levels of the organization. Launched by San Francisco-based, the Ellen app is popular with a growing number of major companies worldwide, including in the U.S. and Asia. was among the HR startups that recently participated in the SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco.

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