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Why emerging tech is relevant to enterprise

Tech Crunch is kicking off a conference in San Francisco September 5 and will include interviews with enterprise software leaders, rising founders and VC’s ahead of the game. Yahoo Finance’s Zack Guzman and Sibile Marcellus discuss with SAPIO Senior VP and Managing DIrector, Ram Jambunathan, and “Wall Street Journal” Wealth Reporter, Veronica Dagher.


So will SAP die Vielfalt in der Gründerszene fördern

Düsseldorf Rania Reda hat bereits mehrere Start-ups gegründet, groß gemacht und verkauft. Derzeit baut sie mit Augmania eine Plattform auf, die die Erstellung von Inhalten für Augmented Reality deutlich erleichtern soll.
Trotz ihrer Erfahrung tut sich die 46-jährige Gründerin schwer, im Silicon Valley von den namhaften Risikokapitalgebern eine Finanzierungsrunde zu bekommen – und das, so ist sie überzeugt, liegt weder an ihrer Geschäftsidee noch an ihrer Präsentation.


Augmania’s SAP.iO Journey in Berlin

Dear diar….Sorry got caught away here! In a way, though, this blogpost will be akin to a diary entry. It’s an open expression of our thoughts at Augmania throughout every stage of our SAP.iO Foundry program odyssey. 

Oh yes, earlier this year, the good people of SAP invited us to participate in their ultra-ambitious accelerator program. Launched by SAP in 2017, SAP.iO aims to bolster multiple entrepreneurial ecosystems around the globe. That’s through supporting and investing in early-stage startups working in SaaS. 

A major focus of SAP.iO is the aforementioned Foundry program which we received an invitation for. Generally, the program is about 12 weeks and has taken place in entrepreneurial hubs, from New York to Tokyo. Mentorship sessions, engaging workshops, and funding opportunities are just a few perks of a Foundry program.

However, our invitation was for a rather unique SAP.iO Foundry program. In fact, it was a program with heaps of added pressure. 

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Exclusive: Maggie Buggie, SVP and Global Head of Innovation Services and Solutions, SAP SE

This year, we’re celebrating the 30thanniversary of SAP in APJ and I’m so excited by what the future holds for our customers, as the pace of innovation continues. I’m so inspired by the pace of innovation within our own organisation in the region. For instance: the first SAP.iO Foundry in Asia was launched in August in Tokyo, followed by SAP’s first start-up accelerator in Singapore, SAP.iO Foundry Singapore. SAP ANZ hosted its first innovation experience event, e’ffect in August and the first partner-run SAP AppHaus in the region was launched in Australia earlier this year.

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Accélération de startups : Le Village by CA, Microsoft et SAP lancent un appel à candidatures dédié aux femmes entrepreneures

Le Village by CA Paris lance un appel à candidatures dédié aux femmes entrepreneures en partenariat avec Microsoft, SAP via son programme SAP.iO No Boundaries, et avec le soutien de Capgemini pour la sélection des startups. Cet appel est soutenu par sept réseaux féminins : Girls In Tech, Femmes Business Angels, Professional Women’s Network Paris, #JamaisSansElles, IWF France, StartHer et Rezoé.

AI-based chatbot Raises Funding

Founded in May 2015 by IIT Kharagpur graduates Sachin Jaiswal, Keshav Prawasi, Shishir Modi, and Nitin Babel, is a vernacular conversational platform where users can simply talk to ‘Niki’ in order to pay their monthly bills, book bus or movie tickets, browse plans, prepaid recharges, find local deals and much more, while its personalisation helps one choose the option best suited for them.

Backed by Ratan Tata, Unilazer Ventures, and SAP.iO among other investors, with over 4.5 million users (80 percent of whom are living in Tier II, Tier III India), hit a GMV run rate of about $30 million and a revenue run rate of over $1 million in FY18. After adding Hindi language capabilities, it also witnessed 300x growth in Hindi GMV since October 2018, annualised at $40 million.

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Revuze Attracts Investment From the SAP.iO Fund

Revuze, the SaaS provider of the first self-service consumer product feedback analytics solution, announced today that the SAP.iO Fund made an investment in the company, as part of a funding round that included existing and new investors.  The SAP.iO Fund joins other well-known investors in Revuze, including Nielsen, NPD, TIC Group and Prytek.

The funding comes on the heels of fast international adoption of the Revuze solution across multiple industries and geographies, from China to US and Europe.

Revuze’s artificial intelligence solution is the first in the market to transform how brands consume customer experience (CX) insights. While other solutions are typically requiring experts and manual labor to deliver insights, while being limited to specific feedback channels like Social Media or Surveys, Revuze allows any role in the organization to gain deep insights from any data sources and without any manual labor or experts involved. With Revuze organizations distribute decision making, making better decisions, faster across the board.

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SAP.iO Fund invests in Isreali big data and consumer analytics startup Revuze

Revuze, a startup that offers a product experience management cloud based solution for consumer brands, announced it has received investment from the SAP.iO Fund made an investment in the company, as part of a funding round that included existing and new investors. The total amount of funding was not disclosed. The funding comes on the heels of fast international adoption of the Revuze solution across multiple industries and geographies, from China to US and Europe.

Revuze was founded in 2013 by Eyal Strassburg, Ido Ramati, and Yair Almagor. It’s the first provider of SaaS based self-service consumer product feedback analytics solution. It was founded with a vision of finding the “wisdom of reviews,” aiding e-Commerce sites by providing stellar insights about products and customers, thus increasing their conversion rate and repeat customers.

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Experience is everything.

Launching our next SAP.iO SF XM Cohort

SAP is a company that has always been very customer centric and embraced a Listen — Learn — Act approach. In the same spirit we are excited to announce our next SAP.iO SF Foundry program. The upcoming SAP.iO San Francisco cohort will be focused on Experience Management, in close collaboration with SAP Business Units, including SAP Customer Experience and Qualtrics.

We are excited to collaborate with cutting edge startup innovation and improve the experience for SAP’s customers, partners and end users. We are looking forward to welcoming the following startups to be a part of the next SAP.iO SF Foundry —

  • Askdata: Powerful Natural Language engine turns text questions into queries that search across enterprise data for the best answer.
  • Breinify: Makes any marketing system smarter by adding individualized & time driven predictions to drive spur-of-the-moment purchases.
  • Constructor: AI-first Commerce search and discovery solution that learns from usage to increase personalization and conversion rates.
  • Findmine: Increases Commerce basket sizes by using ML to generate and display product collections that can be used together.
  • Idiomatic: Easily identify top product and service issues by analyzing large amounts of customer interactions with AI/ML
  • Setsail: Accelerate pipeline and flexibly drive strategic priorities using SetSail’s weekly sales incentive system
  • Wisy: Gathers unique market insights for brands and retailers while increasing consumer engagement via mobile games.

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Meet the 7 Startups Selected for SAP’s First South East Asia Accelerator

Dubbed as SAP.iO Foundry the program aims to accelerate Southeast Asian startups, providing them access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technology and application programmable interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers.

The first cohort will consist of seven early-stage Intelligent Enterprise startups focused on business-to-business (B2B) technology.

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Revuze and Gaprise Partner Bring Self-service CX to Brands in Japan

With increased demand to predict products success in the market and to understand markets needs and sentiment, Japan-based Brands can now have an opportunity to learn from their consumers and improve their Products competitive edge.

Revuze enables brands to quickly understand their product and customer satisfaction issues, and to automatically score and rank their brand’s performance relative to its competitors and to the market.

Revuze uses AI, powered by Natural-language programming (NLP) and machine learning, to empower Brands that previously have relied on manually intensive solutions, such as text analytics, social listening and monitoring with a simple online service. Without the need to pre-define a single keyword, rule, topic or sentiment value – Insight Analysts can access the most nuanced information available. The data is delivered, via a single screen, about consumers and their needs, across thousands of internal and external data sources, on any given product Category.

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Sky is the Limit: Spirit of Innovation in SAP Asia

Blog written by Christian Klein, COO & Executive Board Member of SAP

Tomorrow’s SAP starts today. Having just returned from an amazing trip in Japan, South Korea and China, it’s clear that SAP Asia is embracing the innovation, energy and spirit that will take SAP to great heights in the future.

During the week, I spent time with customers, partners and colleagues, and from each and every one of them, I had the sense of their commitment to innovation, their engagement with technology and the powerful potential that this region holds. I also engaged with the media, who see SAP as leading the move to the intelligent enterprise.

I also met the start-ups and investors forming the first cohort of the SAP.iO Foundry in Tokyo, as well as over 600 employees who attended the All Hands Meeting and a coffee corner in person and online.

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SAP Launches SAP.iO Foundry its Acceleration Program in Singapore

SAP SE recently announced SAP.iO Foundry Singapore, its first acceleration program in Singapore.

SAP.iO Foundry Singapore program acceleration program aims to help the Southeast Asian startups for their growth, giving them the exposure to programmable application interfaces (APIs), SAP technology and curated mentorship along with the chances to team up with SAP customers.

The first cohort will consist of seven early-stage Intelligent Enterprise startups focused on business-to-business (B2B) technology.

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