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Customer study shows organizations can save up to $2.3m in time savings on marketing analytics activities and improved efficiency in data management and operations over three years when using Adverity’s end-to-end marketing data analytics platform.

Adverity, a leading intelligent data and analytics platform, announced the findings of a new study that quantifies the average potential return on investment (ROI) for companies using Adverity’s end-to-end platform at 368% over a three-year period. The Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, commissioned by Adverity and conducted independently by Forrester Consulting, reveals potential impact for companies using Adverity to help improve and speed up the way they make insights-driven marketing decisions.

Forrester Consulting conducted the study with access to a tenured Adverity customer to project a three-year financial analysis based on interviews with the customer decision-maker and examination of costs, benefits, flexibility and risks using the TEI methodology. The customer, a global manufacturer of consumer electricals works across a variety of brands, operates in multiple locations and runs thousands of marketing campaigns across all their global brands annually.

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