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The Mom Project, a leading digital talent and community platform serving more than one million moms and 3,000+ companies, and RISE, its 501(c) 3 upskilling program for women and moms of color, released its annual RISE 2022 Impact Report highlighting that the program has delivered more than $17 million in first-year aggregate total salary increase for its graduates. According to the report, RISE graduates have increased their annual salary on average by $9,564, translating to almost $1.1 million in potential economic earning impact over one’s lifetime. The program also includes mentorship, a tech-enabled community, and networking opportunities for its participants.

“Today’s job market increasingly places a premium on highly sought after technical skills. Recent research shows that up to 80% of employers prioritize skills over degrees, with many transitioning to a skills-first hiring strategy. Despite that, upskilling remains largely inaccessible to many professionals, especially women and moms of color,” said Chandra Sanders, vice president, RISE. “We are extremely proud of the significant impact RISE has had on our graduates to date. Most of our graduates have pivoted to different careers, significantly improving their earning potential with quality economic opportunities as well as experiencing increased support at work, flexibility, and improved access to remote work options.”

In 2022, RISE expanded its program reach by more than 200%. The program has processed more than 8,400 applications and awarded 4,500 scholarships with the goal to reach 10,000 scholarships by the end of 2023. In addition, RISE added new program offerings, including digital marketing, e-commerce, and customer success certifications, and developed a state-of-the-art machine learning matching strategy to strengthen its mentorship program for candidates.

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