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Vanessa Liu

VP, Foundries NA

Sallie Jian

Program Manager

Akshata Philar

Community Manager

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We are accelerating 8 social impact enterprise technology startups focused on sustainability & HR tech.

Our Graduates


Advanced analytics platform for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and securing public and private blockchain, providing actionable insights into the health of smart contract platforms like Ethereum, NEO, and Hyperledger. Provides operational intelligence for blockchain infrastructure, on-chain decentralized applications, token utilization, and transactions


People are more than their job description


Professional coaching whenever your employees need it


CariClub is the world’s only premium network connecting young professionals to leadership roles on nonprofit boards. Their unique platform offers opportunities to improve employee engagement and retention through associate board service.


CN2 repurposes existing 2D, 3D, and CAD assets into highly impactful and measurable AR content that is used to visualize products in location to support sales, train employees on new equipment, and drive collaboration between designer and engineers.

Cogniac Corporation

AI-based deep learning software solution to automate visual inspection tasks.

COI Energy Services

An end-to-end solution for businesses to earn revenue from their energy assets by temporarily or permanently flexing the usage


Connecting AI/Data-Driven Companies to Premium Autism Workforce


AI software company that reads text from any online or proprietary source and extracts what matters to business professionals into actionable intelligence based on minimal training of the AI. Compliance officers, marketers, asset managers, and others can transform vast streams of text into actionable intelligence.

Droice Labs

Understanding real-world clinical data to help physicians provide better care

EON Group

EON is a technology company pioneering the future of end-to-end connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT). EON works with brands, retailers and stakeholders throughout the value chain and leadership across connectivity and circularity to power end-to-end connectivity across the fashion, apparel and retail industry.


Advanced process intelligence platform powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence


Digital automation and workers for the accounting enterprise


Goodr’s sustainable food waste management platform leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger, providing an end-to-end solution for businesses seeking to earn money from their edible food waste by donating it to local nonprofit organizations.


(Acq. by Klarna)
Shop virtually with customers by text, chat and video.


AI and NLP platform to improve clinical validations and reviews in the claims/revenue cycle - enhancing efficiency; reducing fraud, errors and wastage.

Ivaldi Group

Transforming the world’s inventory by sending files not parts.


SaaS platform for marketing teams to connect data, people, and processes in one location resulting in smarter content and more efficient marketing programs.


Ultrasonic data-over-sound technology that enables wireless proximity verification & contactless transactions.


Increase revenue and decrease customer service costs with an automated CX


Digital solution powered by neuroscience & AI that builds employee resilience


Omnichannel digital solutions & in-store data collection for physical retail


Digital + Human platform redefining the medication experience


Narrativ transforms static links in online editorial content into dynamic product links unlocking access for a network of advertisers, publishers, and consumers effectively democratizing the $60B commerce content market.


ML based threat prediction and risk remediation solutions to help businesses prevent security breaches utilizing active exploit intelligence, passive analysis, and contextual enrichment that enables security teams to visually forecast threat risk and dramatically reduce the time to remediation of critical security vulnerabilities.

OpenMessage, INC

SMS conversations sent straight to customers’ audiences, powered both by knowledge-based natural language generation and overall dialog interconnectivity.


Next-gen consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with Millennial & Gen-Z audiences through an interactive and gamified mobile app that rewards users.


Mobile wallet marketing automation platform


On-demand adaptive workforce marketplace, matching people and teams to the right work

Queen of Raw

Automate buying and Selling excess inventory with sustainability benefits


(Acq. by Fiserv)
A location engagement platform that delivers hyperlocal digital experiences

Rex Ag Labs

Rex is creating the world’s largest database on animals that maps genetics to health, disease, feed, production, and medical interactions.


Improve utilization of surplus, physical assets for a more sustainable future

SilverCloud Health

(Acq. by Amwell)
Clinically validated digital therapeutic mental health platform.


StellarEmploy makes hiring quality workers at scale easy. Built for companies with large workforces, their platform embeds performance data and customized algorithms to attract the right candidates.


AI and image recognition engine that monitors competitor's assortments, pricing and promotion movements, and collects millions of social media and e-commerce data points daily to enable retailers to make faster pricing, promo and assortment decisions, take products to market faster, and price more competitively.


Software platform that connects mills, manufacturers, and vendors with apparel retailers, brands, and designers to source raw materials and create traceability and transparency in the global fashion supply chain drastically reducing time to market of "on-trend" products.


Full-featured, automated, scalable inbox and CRM for managing volumes of text

Time Study

Enterprise time intelligence platform that uses machine intelligence to transform time data into insights on how time is spent and its impact on workforce effectiveness, operational efficiency and compliance.


End to end support for project cost estimating and proposal pricing


Easily create 3D web and AR experiences at scale

Wise Systems

Autonomous dispatch and routing for today's dynamic world.


Revolutionizing communication through video

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