Skip to main content, a global leader in Conversational AI, announced it has been named a Leader in the Opus Research 2023 Conversational AI Intelliview Report. The report highlights the strength of’s product completeness and flexibility, as well as its strategic potential mentioning that it “exceeds criteria and offers demonstrable advantages” in terms of its features, integration, and company vision.

The report evaluates 16 providers based on their core technologies and their competencies to provide long-term support. It assesses their success rates in leveraging natural language processing (NLP), AI, and analytics to support use cases that improve customer experience, employee productivity, and prospects for increased revenue. Opus Research has recognized for its highly effective combination of machine learning and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models to improve customer support and employee engagement. It also highlights the company’s generative AI capabilities, coupled with a multi-Large Language Model (LLM) architecture trained on over 12 billion annual conversations, that enable to provide “human-like personalized interactions in over 135 languages.”

Businesses of all sizes are under increasing pressure to leverage advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI resources,” said Derek Top, Senior Analyst and Research Director with Opus Research. “In our evaluation, emerged as a surprise leader with innovations in combining machine learning, natural language understanding, and emerging LLM technologies to deliver human-like experiences for superior customer support.”

According to the report, key benefits offered by to enterprises include:

  • Increased automation: Bots can handle up to 90 percent of routine customer and employee queries to reduce costs
  • Higher CSAT: Personalized, instant, and consistent experiences to boost satisfaction
  • Faster resolution: 24/7 automation with handoffs to humans for complex issues
  • Improved productivity: Bots act as a virtual assistant to employees
  • Reduced costs: Lower operational costs by up to 60 percent by deflecting contacts
  • Faster deployment: Pre-built components and integrations accelerate rollout
  • Better insights: Conversation analytics reveal opportunities to improve CX

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