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The outbreak of the global pandemic accelerated the need for contactless solutions to facilitate customer interactions and for QR codes as a connected products gateway. Scantrust, with its proprietary barcode scanning technology, has benefited from this trend resulting in over 100 percent revenue growth since the pandemic began.

Scantrust is a connected products platform for companies that sell physical products in an increasingly connected world. Through its patented processes for using QR codes, the company offers brands solutions to help maintain brand integrity, increase traceability in the supply chain, and create a direct channel for communication with end customers.  Since the company’s founding in 2014, it has consistently developed and advanced a brand protection solution that is poised to be a game-changer in fighting counterfeits.

“We offer several options for brand protection and security using QR codes that intrinsic copy protection while also being scalable to integrate into existing product packaging processes. Using QR codes as an IoT gateway, we enable brand owners to mitigate risk in their supply chains and drive growth through direct end-customer engagement”, explains Scantrust’s CEO and co-founder Nathan J. Anderson.

More than 40 active enterprise customers worldwide are currently using Scantrust’s QR solution, and this number will significantly change in the next few months, as revealed by Nathan. The majority of the customers are multinational global brands with operations in Asia, Europe, the US, and South America and Africa.

Scantrust has also had healthy revenues figures since its launch, consistently realizing 100 percent year-over-year revenue growth, and the first quarter of 2021 saw this trend continue with record quarterly results. Scantrust takes pride in retaining customers and has a good record of client retention. “Interestingly, we did not see a single client churn since the start of the pandemic. On the contrary, in the current environment, where supply chain disruptions have become the norm and counterfeit products have increased across the globe, we have seen our existing customers increase use on our platform and expand the application to more products to reach their customers in challenging times”, says Anderson.

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