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GenLots uses machine learning SaaS to optimize supply planning, saving up to 30% on inventory values and 50% on inbound logistics costs. The startup has received investment from the global accelerator Plug and Play.


With the launch of its Safety Stock Optimizer in 2020, GenLots’s founder and Co-CEO Simon Schenker introduced the first platform fully dedicated to supply planning aiming to transform existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that have barely changed in the past 30 years.

The Geneva-based startup combines a new costing model and proprietary reinforcement learning algorithm, which builds optimal supply strategies, breaking down the financial impact of planning decisions in real-time and drawing simulations on purchasing parameters and more. With their approach, GenLots achieves up to 50% reduction in inbound deliveries (which positively impacts the CO2 footprint), up to 30% reduction in inventory, and leverages discounts negotiated by procurement departments. These results become visible within three months as GenLots is served by rapid integration – as SAP Silver Partner. Furthermore, GenLots enhances the experience for supply planners and their colleagues in related departments and helps create a standard throughout the company.

Players in consumer goods, pharma, chemicals and industrial goods use the platform. Among them are large companies like Barry Callebaut, a global leader in chocolate production, Huber + Suhner, a major Swiss manufacturing company and pharma company Merck.

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