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A new report from Mercaux explores the changing role of the store and flags up the importance of capturing customer behaviours, now perceived as just as vital as selling products in bricks and mortar retail.


Research was carried out across 200 retailers (by Censuswide) and 2,000 UK consumers.

“It’s clear from our report that the retail industry is still in its infancy of digital transformation, but I’m buoyed by the progress that has been made in such a short period of time since stores reopened to the public,” says Olga Kotsur, CEO and Co-Founder, Mercaux.

“The role of the store has changed – it is no longer perceived as a simple sales channel, but instead a multi-purpose omnichannel centre.”

“What the findings confirm for me is that retailers have been busy setting the foundations of digital success – particularly during the past 18 months – by upgrading their existing and implementing new age backend systems, such as OMS.”

“They now find themselves at the next stage, on the very cusp of a digital transformation wave, finally allowing us to achieve our connected omnichannel retail aspirations. Exciting times ahead!”

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