The SAP.iO Fund invests in external, early-stage enterprise software startups that enable SAP customers to realize new, highly incremental value to investments in SAP solutions.

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Platform for internal workforce load balancing, reallocation, and cost optimization that allows companies to redistribute personnel between locations (e.g., for short-term secondments) and reduce the need for temporary labor.


Low-cost, advanced machine vision systems enables the real-time tracking and monitoring of assets while generating valuable mapping data to optimize business processes.


Contextual NLP to enable rapid, error-free voice interactivity with systems of record driving dramatic efficiencies, in areas such as in warehousing, inventory management, and field service


ML based-correlation engine to automate data discovery and administer policies for GRC and EIM.


Cloud platform that mines, simulates, and predicts global trade logistics in real-time allowing companies to have an accurate real time view of goods in transit, predict adverse events, and better service customers.


ML-based analysis of manager-report multichannel communications (e.g., email, slack, chat) to drive coaching of managers and improve organizational engagement and and health


Cyber-deception offering that attracts attackers away from high value data / assets, with “zero false positives” at very low noise.


Applying ML to understand business semantics that simplifies automation of business decisions.


NLP and ML technology to collect and consolidate medical records and clinical data to derive analytical insights improving clinical care and the lives of patients.

Bot-driven, India-focused contextual conversational commerce platform with comparison shopping capability to enable consumers to purchase goods and services using natural language.


Merging words and intonation to extract real-time NPS from every voice-based customer interaction


Automated cleansing, enrichment, and classification of direct material data to ensure procurement buyers are selecting the right parts to optimize cost and part availability.

ML-powered application combining psychometric analysis of applicants + job role profiles to improve applicant-job fit / hire quality, to reduce recruiting cost and churn


AI powered performance and risk intelligence solution addressing money laundering and fraud in the banking system built on SAP HANA.


Cross-marketplace analytics that enables online marketplaces, stores, sellers and brands to see their products’ sales performance across different e-commerce sites.


The world’s first open platform for trade finance, pioneering the way in the dawn of the ‘internet of trade’.

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