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Goal is to Get Needed Medical Supplies Where They Need to Be Faster During Coronavirus-Related Supply Chain Challenges

ClearMetal, a leader in Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX) for Supply Chain and Logistics solutions, announced today that it is offering the power of its CDX platform free of charge for the duration of the pandemic crisis to companies tasked with shipping needed healthcare and medical supplies to combat COVID-19. ClearMetal is committed to onboarding companies as quickly as possible so immediate decisions can be made and solutions implemented based on real-time data. To ensure critical healthcare and medical materials are prioritized, companies must qualify for the free offering based on shipment volume.*

“It’s important that all of us, companies and individuals, come together to contribute what we can to help mitigate the challenges this pandemic presents,” said Adam Compain, ClearMetal CEO. “The reason the shipping industry is so affected when ‘black swan’ events such as the coronavirus occurs is that most supply chains are static and not built to dynamically respond nor react quickly to situations like these. Companies tasked with getting critical healthcare materials where they need to go require a better solution and it’s our duty to let them use it for free during this crisis.”

ClearMetal’s data shows that there has been a 20-30 percent increase in delays, 10-15 percent increase in dwell times and 50 to 100 percent increase in rolls since January. The impact of logistics challenges that affect the speed of shipments for essential items in the fight vs COVID-19 brings an enormous financial impact to companies in billions of dollars of lost sales, written-off inventory and more.

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