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MANTA, a unified data lineage platform provider, has announced the close of a $13 million Series A1 funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners, accompanied by SAP.iO fund, German VC fund Senovo, and Czech VC fund Credo Ventures to redefine data management with automation.

MANTA’s platform pioneers the data management market, providing users with a fully automated lineage solution that helps them understand journeys and dependencies between data assets across the company’s entire system. Thanks to automation, the platform augments an organization’s data management and gives its users immediate and in-depth visibility into the state of their environment by drawing a clear, yet detailed, map of all of their data flows and connections. This enables users to assign context to the assets that they are working with, accelerate development, speed up modernization processes, ensure data quality and security, and boost governance efforts. The detailed and accurate visual presentation of the sources that data comes from, where it is flowing in the environment, and what happens to it along the way is being generated by connecting to the technology sources, downloading the programming code from there, and analyzing it in an automated way.

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