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The third SAP Purpose Network webinar launched on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Reflecting on what Earth day stands for we remember what is at stake if we underestimate our interconnectedness. This includes protecting the health of people as well as the planet. The importance of global connection has never been more apparent than now in the era of COVID-19. We see the value of collaboration in order to persist, are reflecting on things above ourselves, raising our heads to look toward the bigger picture. In this time of crisis many companies are looking toward this new future and reevaluating how their business can not only support people but the planet we all live on. We are very fortunate that SAP.iO has the great opportunity to work with people who have done just this.

One such person is Min Chen, CEO of Wisy, who is using her unique background to help make environmental improvement to our planet. Wisy is a software platform for real-time online and offline data collection, using AI driven analytics and behavioral design to empower fast, precise decisions and action across multiple industries, such as construction, smart cities, brands and retail. Recently, Wisy became part of the winning team led by a nonprofit association that takes action and raises awareness about solid waste pollution in the rivers and coasts of Panama. The grant they were awarded helps develop and implement a project that mitigates the problem of plastic in the Matías Hernández river, helping recycle and reduce flow of waste from rivers before they reach the ocean.

Wisy is convinced that technology should be used to solve the great challenges society is facing nowadays. Chen and company have started to use their technology during COVID-19 to help their customers figure out how to get products faster to customers, consumer package companies to improve back end processes to improve delivery time and work out how to coordinate delivery direct to the consumer. Not only are they looking to reduce flow of plastics in rivers, they are helping customers look into ways of reducing the type and amount of packaging they use.

Another champion for the environment is CEO Olivier Gambari, whose company Inex locates surplus resources within a region and offers a material exchanges between companies to reduce waste and recycle materials. Annually the company has collected and repurposed an average of a ½ million tons per year to date, and they are hoping to increase that number to 1 million next year.

In Europe 80% of the waste comes from industrials. 60% of this waste is not recycled due to the lack of information on their location. The lack of knowledge regarding amount of waste used observed lead Inex to create a tool to gain the necessary information to recycle this waste. Based on predictive algorithms, built from their database, Inex produces statistical profiles for each company. Based on a learning base of recycling solutions, the interface offers potential exchanges.

As a result of the current pandemic, the French government reached out to Inex asking if they could find the raw materials necessary to create hand sanitizer. Up to the challenge, Inex adjusted their algorithm to detect these essential ingredients. Creating a map that details information identifying if a source has those raw materials, if they can deliver, if they are in stock, and where they are located. This is important to the current crisis, but also support cracking down on waste as they are finding raw materials used in everyday production not currently in use because the company may not be open for business at this time. A win-win for all.

Joining the fight against CO-2 emissions social entrepreneur Anna Ford of Jet-Set Offset looked for a solution, and not finding one that met her need, created her own. After flying a lot for business and personal travel she began to consider her own carbon footprint, she found a body of research on individual contribution to climate change and what can be done to have the biggest impact as individuals. At the top of list…. stop flying. Looking back on her frequent flyer history, she started to researching carbon offsetting. She realized she wanted to build something on positivity and make a difference by generating nonprofit donations for environmental conscious companies. And she did it, Jet-Set Offset currently partners with 13 nonprofits, and achieved offset donation for over 5 million miles to date.

Jet-Set Offset is a donation-based carbon-offsetting tool for air travel, the site operates as a SaaS fundraising tool for environmental nonprofit organizations and facilitates automatic, mileage-based donations from travelers’ flights. Jet-Set Offset offers a business and consumer-friendly alternative to the traditional carbon marketplace. They have developed an approach to raise awareness of the environmental impact of air travel, support corporate sustainability goals, and inspire eco-conscious travelers and businesses to take action. Travelers and companies can subscribe to Jet-Set Offset and choose to support an environmental nonprofit organization automatically every time they, or their employees fly.

Jet-Set Offset’s nonprofit partners are working towards local climate solutions across the country, operating certified carbon offset and credit projects, as well as advocacy, education, renewable energy, reforestation, and/or conservation programs. Because the lack of travel due to the global pandemic, a lot of these nonprofits are struggling with fundraising. In order to show their support to these companies, Jet-Set offset launched a new program where you are able to go back and donate based on your past 10,000 miles, check out #Offset10MillionMiles. Next time you fly, consider searching for flights on and transparently compare carbon emissions per passenger when you do.

We couldn’t be prouder of these three startups and are so thankful for the opportunity to work with them to make the world run better. Be sure to check out how over 60 of our SAP.iO startups have stepped up to show their support during this time by creating COVID-19 specific offers to help spread the positivity globally.