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As a global leader, SAP’s vision is to help the world run better, and to make a difference by improving lives, even in times of uncertainty. While 2020 has brought a whole new set of challenges, SAP looks to do as promised, bring people together to create solutions and innovations for the betterment of the greater good and create real solutions to the global issues we are confronted by today. With that in mind SAP has launched SAP Purpose Network Live, a virtual platform that brings together the global SAP purpose network to unlock the power of co-innovation at scale so we can empower one another in the face of the disruption and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. The time for these conversations is now.

SAP Purpose Network Live provides a space for collaboration and support of relief efforts for COVID-19 featuring weekly engaging sessions related to our everchanging environment. As a kickoff to this series, they have featured SAP.iO’s Ram Jambunathan, to explore how its startups have answered the call to support relief efforts for COVID-19. SAP.iO is SAP’s strategic business unit focused on accelerating innovations and exploring new business models. Ram discusses building a bridge between relevant start up innovations and customer needs to ensure they get the most value from their investments, and how they can connect and empower their own employees. Today, many employees have made the shift to work at home, this is new to the majority and we are seeing a quick need for readjustment. In this new paradigm, startups have responded to help navigate through our new environment. They are asking the question, how can we help empower managers to build better organizational health, help employees develop new skills, and stay connected?

One of those that answered the call is Joe Freed, Co-founder and CEO for Cultivate AI who participated in the SAP.iO foundry program two years ago. Cultivate helps enterprises empower their leaders with an AI-coaching platform for digital and remote work. When opted in by managers, Cultivate’s AI analyzes managers digital communication with their team – email, chat, and calendar – to provide continuous and actionable leadership insights and coaching to strengthen workplace relationships and improve the employee experience. More relevant today than ever as they help connect all the ways a company communicates for work. With a click of a button managers have the tools to strengthen relationships in this new work from home environment.

How a manager treats their team is a driver of motivation and engagement and has a profound impact. Working in the world of COVID-19, global enterprises are relying more heavily, if not 100%, on digital communications with their teams, and to help make this more seamless, Cultivate will pay the costs of integration and setup fees, and let any SAP enterprise customer use Cultivate for free with no user limits for the rest of 2020.

So-Young Kang, Founder and CEO of Gnowbe, is seeing that COVID-19 has created an urgency to find new digital communication tools, and an new emphasis on how to use those to move to the next level of engagement. Gnowbe is a mobile microlearning and engagement platform designed to provide companies with the data and analytics to manage their business more effectively. Their content authoring platform enables companies to create content on their mobile phone or desktop to provide their employees all they need to know to do their jobs better.

So-Young talks emphasizes the need of physical distancing while staying even more socially connected than ever before. In our new work from home environment, life revolves around video conferencing, and the need to engage in human ways, looking at traditional video conference and reimaging it face-to-face. Gnowbe’s clients are seeing that they can still create an emotional human connection digitally, technology can be more inclusive than face-to-face at times. Gnowbe asked themselves, how can we help, how can we be of use in this ever-changing time? In its effort to provide support, Gnowbe is offering 3 months free for 200 user licenses. No set-up fees. Free administration and curation training.

Difficult times calls for us to look towards the best in all of us, and in doing so we have the opportunity to come out stronger together on the other end. You can hear more of this discussion on how SAP.iO Startups help businesses succeed amid COVID-19 episode 1 here. SAP Purpose Network Live provides a space for collaboration and support of relief efforts for COVID-19. Learn more about SAP’s purpose and promise and response to COVID-19. Please also take a look at other SAP.iO startups that are looking to help their customers in this new environment at