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Ivaldi is part of a profile series featuring startups participating in the Innovation Path at Cloud Wars Expo, that took place June 28-30 in San Francisco. Ivaldi is a software supplier that aims to streamline the spare parts market for heavy industry by sending digital files, not parts, from place to place in response to customer requirements, so they can be produced on demand.

The company says its value proposition in migrating heavy industry to digital is threefold:

  • It’s cheaper to build spare parts in exact quantities in response to customer orders than it is to maintain inventory.
  • It’s more efficient to build as needed, reducing lead times.
  • There’s less carbon emission in building products on-demand, closer to the end customer, than to ship large quantities from place to place.

“Doing on-demand production of spare parts can reduce the carbon footprint of some parts by 90% compared to ordering from a centralized warehouse across the world.”
Alaina Piland, CFO of Ivaldi

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