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Manta, a data lineage platform that helps enterprises understand and visualize the flow of information through the organization, has raised $35 million in a series B round of funding.

The raise comes as companies across the industrial spectrum struggle under a growing deluge of data, with countless siloed systems from SaaS applications to data lakes making it difficult to derive any kind of meaningful insights. Manta, for its part, tracks data from its origin through its entire flow to consumption, bringing visibility to the “where,” “how” and “what” of their data assets.

“Data management has undergone a massive transformation in the past decade, with data infrastructure growing in complexity, evolving into data ecosystems with thousands of components aimed at one goal — derive the most value from your data to inform critical business decisions,” Manta founder and CEO Tomas Kratky told VentureBeat.

Manta sits in the middle of every application in an organization’s tech stack, automatically scanning and mapping all data pipelines and data transformations — this will include data sources such as SaaS apps, data warehouses, data integration tools (i.e., ETL and ELT), APIs, Excel documents, databases and more.

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