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AI-LINK, a new digital infrastruture provider focused on industrial sites, recently announced the closing of a new strategic funding round led by AsiaInfo with participation from Singtel Innov8. The funds raised will be mainly used for product innovation and technology iteration, as well as rapid promotion and commercial deployment of new digital solutions to improve AI-LINK’s global business landscape.

As the idea of sustainable development being widely embraced, performing digital transition has been a popular strategy applied by major countries all over the world to seize the opportunity of technology revolution and industrial transformation. It is even more impressive that in the process of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) development, the full connection, integration and processing of production factors led by the deep integration of OICT (Operational Information Communication Technology) has made remarkable results in sustainable development, reducing carbon emissions as well as improving quality and efficiency, which has become a consensus among communication software industry and telecom operators worldwide.

AI-LINK focuses on 5G edge intelligence and OICT convergence in industrial sites, providing end-to-end Local 5G products, lightweight industrial edge intelligence centers and open application management platforms to meet industrial customers’ needs of one-stop, low-cost and scenario-based solutions. AI-LINK is committed to building new ICT infrastructure for industrial sites as well as empowering the digital development of industry.

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