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Are you a part of SAP.iO’s startup portfolio? Maximize your partnership with SAP using these 3 tips from our latest conversation with Max Schmitt, Partner Manager at parcelLab.

It takes two. For SAP, partnerships and cultivating an impressive open innovative ecosystem are crucial to its success. For startups looking to partner with SAP, who find that a technical integration with SAP is critical in their strategic roadmap, joining SAP.iO Foundries is certainly the fastest way to get a foot in the door. After the 3-month Foundry program where the SAP.iO team is a hand to hold, what happens next? What makes up the secret sauce to SAP partner success post-Foundry?

We spoke to Max Schmitt, Partner Manager at parcelLab, a leading Operations Experience Management platform and SAP.iO startup, to find out.

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