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The founders of observed that consumer packaged goods and other industries encountered major blindspots during the Covid-19 pandemic: Rapidly shifting consumer sentiment made it difficult, if not impossible, to plan for demand.

That effect is still being felt today, more than two years after Covid-19 began, as many companies struggle to fulfill customer demand as well as understand and meet shifting preferences.

That lack of visibility led to the formation of, which develops an artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) platform that gathers and crunches vast quantities of data from publicly available sources, enabling customers to query that data for visibility into current and future customer trends.

“This is the reason we started the company during Covid,” says Miroslav Dimitrov, chief operating officer of, based in New York. “We saw massive, super volatile changes from one day to the next and we saw that traditional demand planning and market analysis methods didn’t cut it. They involve massive studies for 6 months, but by the time you implement, you have a year lag. As we saw during the pandemic, this doesn’t make any sense.”

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