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An explosion of data should not scare us. It is an explosion of data processing that might be our doom. MANTA’s CEO Tomas Kratky explains how to deal with growing complexity of our data pipelines in 2021.

Not Knowing Costs Lives and Money

But that somehow seems irrelevant when we look back at 2020. It was definitely not an easy year for anyone. We, both as a community and as individuals, were tested in many different and challenging ways. Many lives were lost and even more lives were drastically impacted by COVID-19. We had to live (and we still live) with a lot of uncertainty all around us. We did not know how dangerous the virus would be, if there would be any long-term effects on our health, if / how easily we could get sick multiple times, and the list goes on. And that kind of “not knowing” sucks. Many of us decided to stay at home, limit our social interactions, and have our groceries delivered for many months to protect ourselves and the ones we love.

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