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Geek+, the global leader in autonomous mobile robots, has been awarded the 2022 European Product Design Award in the Industrial Robot category for its innovative PopPick solution.

Geek+ co-founder and VP of Picking and Smart Warehouse Products, Kai Liu, said: “The PopPick solution represents the evolution of the goods-to-person technology that Geek+ has worked so hard to become the leader in. We are extremely proud to have been recognized with this award. Occasions such as this are a validation that we are meeting the high goals we set for ourselves.”

Geek+ has established itself as the most innovative automation solutions provider, with goods-to-person technologies forming the backbone of its success. PopPick, launched in early 2022, is already being deployed in warehouses in Asia and the United States. The PopPick system comprises picking robots carrying movable shelves from storage locations to PopPick workstations where intelligent robotic arms present totes or boxes to the operator. The system can increase picking speed to up to 650 totes per hour, improve warehouse storage density by 50%, and double throughput capacity.

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